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Are There Any Movies Like The Conjuring

Movies like the conjuring?

So me and my friends want to watch a scary movie, and the conjuring was really good, movies like that
(We've watched all paranormal activity 1-5, Annabelle, so not those stuff)

A really good one that's worth watching and being scared

Movies like "The Conjuring"?

So all you want is pop ups? No demonic stuff, no psychos, and no ghosts (which all create scary atmospheres)... That's all of the BASIC elements that makes these movies horror movies.

Here are the best films that I think are just pure horror altogether.

The Grudge ...........(No ghosts, no demons, no psychos) <-- Fits your description perfectly
The Ring ...............(Good film) <--- Also fits your description
It ..........................(Psycho demon clown) <--- Scariest one.
The Exorcist ..........(1973 version, has demonic possession, no pop ups)
Psycho................ .(Title says it all)
Insidious ...............(Demonic haunting)
The Shining ...........(Great film, but has ghosts, and a psycho)

Horror movies like the Conjuring?

Looking for movies legitimately scary like the Conjuring. Not necessarily jump scares but actually scary/creepy. And yes I know there is a conjuring 2, I didn't actually think it was scary compared to the first one

Is there any movies scarier then the conjuring?

I really liked "The Conjuring," and I would agree that it's probably one of the scariest movies I've seen as well.

As far as something scarier, it would honestly be hard to say. First of all, being in the movie theater enhances the senses and makes horror films much scarier than they normally would be just sitting at home. The type of horror movie also has a lot to do with whether it's scary. Most horror films these days are full of blood, violence, and gore, and as you saw, there isn't much of any of that in The Conjuring because it's a psychological horror film. A good example of the difference would be "Evil Dead" (the 2013 version). That is also a horror movie, but it is just nonstop blood, gore, and murder, so it's nastier more so than scary. Likewise with the "Saw" movies.

Also, I think the age of the movie has something to do with it. When you see the film when it first comes out, it's much scarier than when you go back in time, because after all, these movies borrow ideas from each and the effects are always changing, so a horror film made in 2013 will most likely be much scarier than one made in 2009. I remember when the 2003 version of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" came out, I literally had nightmares for weeks, but after watching it again recently, there isn't anything at all scary about that movie. I had a dreadful fear of "Candyman" from the 1990s, but that too looks foolish nowadays since technology is advancing the effects in the movies.

If you haven't seen them yet, I'd say "Insidious" and "Paranormal Activity" are very creepy movies as well. The Conjuring takes its style from those films. The original 1973 version of "The Exorcist" is a classic and a MUST see for anyone interested in horror films. You probably won't be scared (after all, it's 40 years old), but it still is a very creepy movie. You have to remember that that was the movie that set the standard for every single horror movie produced since then; people were literally throwing up and passing out in the theaters while watching it!

Which movie is scarier than "The Conjuring"?

This is a hard question. I like horror movies that have a storyline and have more mystery and thought put into it then just a slasher film. I would reccomend the woman in black, a quiet place, and the house at the end of the street. I also really love the scream movies. All of these have a good storyline and have a lot of suspense.

Why do most people like horror movies like The Conjuring and Paranormal Activity?

I think both films created a “horror environment”.Families in the films are being attacked and terrorized by unseen supernatural beingsThere really isn’t a major surprise, the storylines are predictable.There are plenty of quick creeps(eerie music accompanying sudden demonic beings).Both films fall into the “popcorn” film brand, low budget,short on plot,plenty of quick scares. No need to think or put effort into watching,they make for great lazy days viewing,when you want to get away from things/reality.Great marketing and timing,both films came out during the great horror spurt over the last five years.