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Att Uverse Dvr Error Message Not Supported Mode

Why does my AT&T U-Verse keep showing the message?

With U-verse TV you can watch and/or record up to 4 channels at once in your house. Up to 2 of those can be in HD. (U-verse has up to 4 TV "streams" at once).

The "interrupted" messages shows up whenever either the U-verse DVR takes up that last available stream to record something, or someone on another TV in your house starts using that stream.

There are 2 things you can do to make this happen less often:

1 - When your done watching TV, put the the U-verse Set Top Box back in "stand-by" mode (blue plasma with the "Press OK to watch U-verse TV" message)... By pressing the power button on your U-verse remote.

This opens that stream up to be used by the DVR or another TV without someone getting an "interrupted" message.

2 - When recording shows you know will not be presented in HD, record them on the SD channel (Mostly below 1000).

While you have 4 streams, only 2 of those can be in HD, this frees up one of those 2 HD streams.

Happy Viewing!

U-verse volume not working?

It sounds like you have the sound on your AT&T UVerse Set Top Box (STB) turned down and/or muted. (The Set Top Box has a sound level/mute option in addition to the one on the TV. This is handy if you are using seprate speakers, but a pain if it gets muted in error.)

The AT&T Remote switches to adjusting the TV sound as soon as you set up the TV button on the remote. But you can re set the remote so that it will control the STB sound again. To do so: A) Press and hold the AT&T key on the remote. B) Without releasing the AT&T Key, press and hold the OK key. C) Release both keys, watch all 4 mode keys (at the top) flash red. D) enter 900 on the number pad. E) AT&T Key will flash 3 times if you were successful.

Once you have re set the remote, use it to turn the Set Top Box sound all the way up... Then set your remote up for your TV again.

For more info on setting up the remote you can visit:

If your STB Sound is ok next make are sure you have everything plugged in tight and in the right place. (press in on each cable to make sure it has good contact). After that contact AT&T and ask for help. (1800ATT2020)

Att uverse dvr error message not supported mode?

Take it back and switch it out.

What is the point of a USB port on a U-verse receiver?

As far as USB and Uverse goes, here's the scoop: The USB slot on a Residential Gateway can be used as a network connection... Though the use case is rare[*].The USB slot on a Set Top Box is currently only available for one use: the installation of a USB Radio Frequency Receiver dongle, which can be paired with the U-verse TV Point Anywhere RF Remote Control. Used in combination, this setup allows one to effectively use the remote to control a unit that is out of line of sight... As is often the case with entertainment cabinets, or other installations which require concealed or inconveniently-placed STBs... Say, alongside a ceiling-mounted home theater projector. Other uses, like adding a hard drive for offloading recorded shows, or simply increasing the maximum possible recording time, are not currently supported in the STB firmware, or the Uverse TOS.  [* It's almost always better to use Cat 5 (or better) Ethernet for such a connection - it supports longer runs, has less overhead with better error correction, and each terminated end has a locking clip to hold it in place. Plus, in many cases, a user would need to install the 2Wire USB Network Driver software on the destination computer. ]

How do I fix the "No internet, secured" WiFi problem in Windows 10?

I've seen that with my own Surface Book and Surface Pro 1. The fix for me was a bit simpler…Make sure the device is completely updated and all updates were successful.Click on the offending WiFi connection (in the System Tray) and click “Forget”. Also, if you have an Ethernet cable plugged in unplug that as well.Wait until it completely disconnects from that Access Point. You should have no connection to the Internet at this point.Put the device in Airplane Mode.Reboot the device. If the device is still in Airplane Mode after rebooting take it out of Airplane Mode.Go back to the WiFi connection (in the System Tray) and connect again. DO NOT enable “Connect Automatically”.If it still says “No Internet, Secured” just wait a few minutes — it should clear up. It actually shouldn't take that long. If you prefer you can now enable “Connect Automatically” for that connection.If this fixes it for you then what has happened is simple: The “backed up” connection information has gotten garbled or corrupted and needed to be reset for that device. This used to happen to me all the time with email accounts when I was heavily involved with the Insider Program.I hope this helps!

How do you reset the DirecTv receiver?

There are 3 ways that a DirecTV receiver can be reset, or " rebooted".1. Every current model has a red reset button. The hr34 and hr44 genie models have it inside the access card door, which is spring loaded. Just press the panel and it should pop open , then press the button to begin the reboot process, which may take up to 6 minutes. The hr54 genie which is the most current model, has the red reset button located on the right hand side as you face the receiver, by the access card slot.. The h44 genie lite and all client models have the reset button on the outside right hand side too.2. Pull the power cord from the back, wait ten seconds , then plug it back in. We technicians call that a " hard reset", and it aso reboots the receiver.3. Press and hold down the blue DirecTV power button in the front of your receiver.Hold it for twenty seconds. This is going to restore your receiver to factory settings, so don't try this unless you don't mind losing any customized things like your playlist, favorites, screen preference, parental locks, etc.I hope this helps !