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Australians What Are You Going To Be Doing This Mother

My father is Australian and my mother is Costa Rican. What am I?

I can’t speak for Costa Rica, but in Australia you have a right to citizenship if a parent is Australian. It’s not automatic: you have to apply for it. There’s currently a process going on to show how this can go wrong: Daniel is proud of his Aboriginal heritage. But the government wants to deport himIf you want Australian citizenship, you should check whether you have it. My daughter was born in Frankfurt/Main in Germany, and getting her citizenship was a mere formality. But it needs to be done.

If a child's father is Indian, the mother is Australian, and he's born in a German ship while it was travelling through England, which country's citizenship would the child get?

Your question involves four countries. Let's discuss them one by one.UK:Technically a ship sailing in British waters is within British territory. But the UK citizenship laws say that a child born in the UK to non-British parents may not automatically receive British Citizenship. British Citizenship at birth is only available to children with a parent who holds British Citizenship or settled status. In this case both parents are not British, so he won't get a British passport.GermanyAccording to the United Nations, a baby born on a flight/ship is a citizen of the country where the airline or the ship is registered. You mentioned a German ship, so I would assume the ship is German registered (not a ship registered in, say, Gibraltar but belonging to a German company). So the principle of jus soli applies and the baby could get a German passport. But non-EU and non-Swiss citizens must usually renounce their old citizenship before being naturalised.IndiaIndian nationality law largely follows the jus sanguinis principle (citizenship by right of blood) so the baby can have an Indian passport because his father is Indian.AustraliaA person born outside Australia on or after 26 January 1949 may be registered as an Australian citizen by descent provided he has an Australian citizen parent at the time of birth. So the baby can also get an Australian passport.Therefore theoretically the baby is entitled to apply for passports from Germany, India or Australia. But India and Germany do not usually allow dual nationality (for details please refer to my reply to Ales Lush's comment). So even though Australia does allow dual nationality, with the other two not allowing such the baby realistically can only choose one of the three.**Thanks to fellow Quora user Ales Lush for pointing out Australia does indeed allow dual nationality now. I therefore have corrected the part of my answer regarding Australian dual nationality laws.**

Australians: do you call your mother "mom" or "mum"?

In Australia it's Mum or Mummy.

No Moms here.

Is it ok to take an australian shepherd puppy away from its mother when its only 5 weeks old?

No! All puppies should stay with their mother until they are AT LEAST 8 weeks old.

Baby's Citizenship. Mother-USA, Father-AUSTRALIA?

Your baby will get American citizenship from you regardless of where it is born. If it is born in Australia, it is automatically an Australian citizen because its father is Australian. If it is born elsewhere, it qualifies for Australian citizenship by descent which must be applied for but there is no question that it will be granted if the father is on the birth certificate.

Sex Laws in QLD, Australia.?

I'm just wondering what kind of law applies if a 16 year old and a 19 year old have heterosexual intercouse, with both parties consenting, and what would happen if the 16 year olds parents found out about it and were not happy, and then tried to have the 19 year old charged for molsestation or something.

Even though the legal age to have sex in the state of Queensland, Australia is 16, I'm pretty sure the 19 year old could be charged with some kind of child molestation thing because the 16 year old is still a minor?

I'm just wondering what the exact laws are on this, because I cant seem to find a definition of the law that is consistent and free of weird loopholes and stuff.

Thanks in Advance :)

American/ Australian Dual Citizenship?

I was born in Australia, My Mother is an American, my father Australian. They married in 1986. My mother moved here in 1984. She never renounced her American Citizenship, even though she has been here for quite some time. I have traveled to America several times with her in the past and never needed a visa. I am planning on going there very soon, will i need to apply for a visa to enter the country without her, would i be considered a dual citizen holder, without her?