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Baby Girl Names Which Ones Do You Prefer

What name do you prefer for a baby girl? Ava or Maya?

Ava Rose
Maya Lee

What baby girl name do you prefer: London or Felicity?

Felicity. It sounds a lot more feminine, and as a name it could turn up anywhere, from a law firm to a fashion designer.London is a place name. And it could be classed as a unisex name. Also it’s very hard to imagine a high court judge named London unless it’s their surname.

Baby girl names for my niece?

I didn't get as many answers as I would have liked last time I asked this. My sister is having a baby girl, and she has three names to choose from.
Hannah Marie
Nicolette Shea
Skya Marie
Please tell us which name you like best and why. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
P.S. The middle name for Skya is not definite. They can't decide if they want Skya Marie, Skya Nicolette, or Skya Danielle. Which middle name do you prefer? Do you have any middle name suggestions?

Which name do you prefer?

we are finding out the gender of our baby next week and we have picked out names, but yet unsure of which we like....out of the two choices which do you think sounds better?


Zaleigh Cadence
Abigale Mackenzie


Paxton Jax
Lucky James

Thanks for your imput

Thoughts on these baby girl names.?

What comes to ur head when u here these names and which do you prefer:

Avaline (ayva-line) Ella *******
Carisse (KA-REESE) Nicole *******
Sadie (Say-dee) Lynn *******

Thanks :o)

Which name for a girl do you prefer: Bellamy or Ripley?

For a forename or surname?If it’s for a forename, I don’t prefer either.Both Bellamy and Ripley are surnames, and I’ve never personally met anybody with either as a forename.With Bellamy, just shorten it a bit and call your daughter Bella or Bella May or something like that

Which name do you prefer: Valerie or Vanessa?

I love the name Vanessa although Valerie is very cute.

I am pregnant with just one baby (don't know the sex) but these are the names my husband and I are debating (for the week - lol):

Dakota Ryanne Paige
Paige Olivia
Janna Rae
Lorna Erika Rae
Georgia Rae

Marcus Anthony
Dominic Anthony
William Mason Alexander
Avery Micheal Jesse
Mason William Alexander

(I included the middle names just to give you an idea.. these are the names we choose specific to honour people in our lives.. you may choose to do the same :)

We have a two year old daughter we named Sydney Sandra Lynn - I've loved her name since I was a little girl.

Best of luck to you and your new babies!! Email me any time!!! xo

Do you prefer babies be given gender specific names so you can tell if they are male or female by their name or not and why?

Which culture’s gender-specific names? In a diverse nation such as the USA or Canada, many people have names common among their ethnic group that may be unfamiliar and not “signal” gender to others. Would non-Indians, for example, know whether Dr. Aditya Patel or Sai Das is a him or a her from the name alone? What about Li Wei or Toumi Tanaka?Not sure why my, or anyone else’s, preference is relevant. It’s truly none of my business what parents choose to name their children or what people choose to name themselves. It’s not my comfort that’s important; it’s theirs.Beyond that, there can be baggage attached to gender-specific names — people giving more or less importance to someone based on gender rather than talent or credentials. That’s one reason that blind auditions are held for many classical musicians, and why some authors and writers use initials instead of their first names.Knowing nothing more than someone’s first name, would you be reflexively inclined to favor the opinions or expertise of John or Joan? Would a well-written report suddenly become less impressive if the “Alex” who wrote it turned out to be not Alexander, as you assumed, but Alexandra?So — no, I don’t care whether a name is gender-neutral or gender-specific, or whether I can tell if they are male or female by their name alone. Life is full of little surprises.

Izabella, Azaiah or Ayla names for our baby girl??!which one do you prefer?

We have had forever and still confused!! Choosing a name is super hard.

The middle name Deebson and last name Alwawi

We originally wanted Alba or Nirvana but people found them too weird so we changed the list, we like unusual names but had to kinda give in in the end!!

Please say your honest opinion.

Thanks a ton in advance,