Becoming A More Sociable And Open Person

How do you become a more sociable person despite being depressed?

Can answer this because I have been passed through this… Due to some of my personal reasons I was in state of depression. And in this situation you barely like to meet anyone or talk to anyone not even with your family members. And trust me none can get you out of this except YOU, you need to give some extra hard efforts for yourself even if you dont like. For this first remove that element of negativity from youself by;Doing the things which you like the most.Go out alone at your favourite place and spend time with yourself.Introspect yourself.Read as much as inspirational stuff as possible.Stay far away from negative and toxic people during this phase.Start interacting with new people, explore people.Explore new places, meet strangers, make new friends.(even if you dont like, but try)When you try to do all this, you will by default become sociable, and you will start to open up youself to the world, you will be more extroverted, there would be more of acceptance. Because to overcome depression it is really important to connect with the right people.Once you are able to do this you will find a all new version of yourself!! You will feel all good about yourself!! and Will be proud of yourself!!!!

How do I become a super social person that everybody will like to be around me?

Always be kind.People intrinsically value sincerity and being truly kind is a truly sincere act.Learn when to talk and when to listen.People love to feel validated. That can be achieved by truly listening to what they are saying when they are talking and demonstrating that you are doing so by repeating, in general terms, what they are saying every now and then. For example, if someone is venting about their day, say “it sounds like you've had a rough day.” Avoid making judgments unless it is very clear what their stance is and if it is clear then validate it without criticizing the offending party. “It sounds like your co-worker was inconsiderate of your feelings. I'm sorry that happened.” Validation is a key part of effective communication.Smile often.Smiling is immensely powerful. It can be very disarming to a situation and it can sometimes express more or better than words can.Ask open-ended questions about them.People don't always appreciate directness and often do appreciate the ability to explain why they do something or how or even what it means to them. We all yearn to be understood and asking these kinds of questions opens up that bridge. For example, if you're asking about what someone does for a living, ask them about why do they do it, if they enjoy it, how they got started. Of if you're discussing opinions, instead of shutting people down ask why they think that way.These are just a few things that are helpful.

How do I become more social and open to talking to strangers?

This is not exactly a hack or something of the sorts, more like a discreetly passed on trick which hasn’t been explicitly documented.Self consciousness is perhaps the biggest barrier between us and the new people. All other so called low self esteem, introvertedness and shyness are branches stemming from this very trait.I am a self proclaimed introvert who likes to talk to new people(hypocrisy, right?) and also a bit socially shy. The one pre social interaction ritual I have followed since 10th grade is, before going into a room full of new people, I find a corner for myself, close my eyes and tell myself that everybody in that room is my best friend, everybody likes me, and I’ll be very happy to meet them after such a long time.Try to imbibe and actually feel the emotions running through you when you are about to meet your long lost friends and you’ll see all your self consciousness will disappear.GOOD LUCK..!

How do I become more social in college?

I am a 21 year old senior in college. For years, I have had 0 social life. A few friends, hung out every now and then, but that's about it. In college, I have no idea how to keep a conversation going for longer than 2 minutes. Hell, it's hard enough just to start one. I just seem to "blah" when I talk. I never have anything interesting to say. Even if I am talking to someone my own age, I feel like I am just a kid talking to an adult because I feel inferior socially. Also, for a guy, I'm only 5"5', so when talking to people, especially recruiters and girls, I feel like a kid. I don't have one friend in college; they are all from high school. Please help.

How can I become a more open and confident person?

I had the same problem, then I really just stopped caring about what people thought of me. I focused more on getting out of my shell and talking more to other people and making new friends. I mean I just started not caring, and it is hard at first and I keep having thoughts of what people might think of me but then I think that their opinion does NOT matter. No one can tell you who to be and who you can't be. To become a more open and confident person, start speaking up and start talking to people you usually wouldn't talk much to. Try to make relationships with people by talking and hanging out. If you keep putting yourself out there and not letting the people who put you down get to you, you will become more confident and have more friends. Good luckkk:)

How do I become more social and outgoing to strangers?

Find something to very lightly compliment them on. Or similarly make a habit of looking for anything visual you might have in common with them. And either complement it (Lvl 1!), comment how you like it for whatever reason you like it for (Lvl 2!!), or comment on something about it that’s community insider (Lvl 5!!!).Try to make a habit out of it, and do it in a friendly way but make it one off - if they want to follow up they can. But otherwise you’re slowly chipping away at your shyness, or that little mental wall we often have up with strangers.It’s something I’ve considered from afar, but honestly I usually don’t have the energy to do it or consistent interest in it.Also if you can pull it off, try to imagine that you already know them. I can pull that off every now and then and it’s a wild flip. I’ve also accidentally done the reverse, where I’m smiling to myself or at something on my phone, look up and make eye contact with someone in passing, still smiling, and they brighten up and return the smile. I’ve figured its the sincerity of the smile and the fact that it’s “open” and intrinsic smile and not trying to get something out of them, that makes them reciprocate.It’s wild how that switch can flip, unintentionally or no.

What are the practical ways to be a sociable person who can easily open conversations with others?

Practice and experience helps a lot.  Try to have confidence in your abilities and utilize all your life's experiences for possible topics. I run a lodge and therefore have to always be friendly, upbeat and conversational. Some of our guests are great talkers, others not so much, realize that some people are simply not going to volley back and forth with you but still try and look for anything that you have in common to begin a conversation. Most people love to talk about themselves so ask an open ended question instead of closed. For an open ended example you could ask "what do you have planned for the rest of the day? " as opposed to a closed question such as "have you been down to the river ?" Try to avoid jumping in about yourself. Some people just listen enough to formulate what they can't wait to say while the other person is talking. Listen, truly listen to what they are saying, and then acknowledge both verbally and physically with a nod or facial gesture to let them know you  heard what they are saying. Ask follow up questions. The standard question that most people ask is "what do you do for a living?" After you get the answer, follow that up with another not so standard question such as "If you had it to do over, what career would you pick?" Or, How did you get into that? What do you love/hate about your job?" Keep asking questions...DO NOT get into the habit of offering advice, unless you have been asked. Don't try to fix the situation - better to just listen and acknowledge with something like, ...."wow, that sounds really tough" or "interesting!" or any other appropriate remark depending on the topic. I listen to conversations all the time with others and make silent notes to myself to learn what to do and not to do. Try to stay up on at least the basics of current events - don't be that person who has no idea what is going on. When asked about yourself, keep the answer short, sweet, and humorous. Like volley ball, toss it back to the other person and try to balance the conversation to at least 50-50 so no one is monopolizing the conversation. Listen to yourself and keep making sure you are not droning on and on. If your job doesn't afford you group interaction, join a networking club or church group where socializing and networking is a main part of the activities. This will give you a chance to practice your skills. A group of like - minded hobbyists will help you start the process as the subject matter will already be a common interest.

How to be friendly? Sociable?

I have always been a bit shy, I'm not real good at social situations I figure this out. I went to the same school for about 7 years and I was very sociable and talk to everyone. I completely forgot that I had a problem with meeting people. I switch schools for my senior year, and I only had 2 classes in 1 day. So in that hour and a half time. I never really got to know anyone . I've notice is the same when I start a new job. I have no trouble with being respectful in doing what I'm told to do, but people wish I would lighten up it seems. Because they want to be friendly with me but apparently I'm just blank face and I don't joke around. Now that's not me, it seems its always me at first though. In a few months from now my co-workers will joke around with me and we will all be friendly. Most of them will love to talk to me and love for me to talk them back, lol they won't be able to get me to shut up. I know this will happen eventually, and I know I've always been the way I am now, shy quiet and to myself. I have no idea why I am 1 and the other at the same time.
Can someone please explain to me if this is normal and I'm not the only one?
I have no idea why I am this way, how can I be so outgoing and friendly eventually but not at first?
are there any tips to how I can just get over this, or make the time it takes to gey friendly a lot shorter??

Thanks for reading and any tips and advice.

How to be more socialable?

The answer is - practice. Truly.. that's what you have to do. Start small, with people you're comfortable with. I don't mean people you already know.. I mean like little old ladies/men.. the librarian, etc. Try asking random questions, like, do you have the time, etc., and work your way up to conversations. I know that sounds a bit strange, but it's just a way to buff up your conversation skills. Then, try someone who it's harder for you to talk to.. perhaps someone in your class (doesn't matter which gender), or a neighbor.. I promise, promise PROMISE you that the more you do it (starting small, and working your way up), the better you'll be at it, and the more comfortable you'll get. Even get on the phone and ask about things (not crank calls, of course, just ask for information you may not really need). You're totally not bothering anybody, believe me. People like to talk, help others, etc. Anywho, it may seem silly at first, but honestly, if you never step out of your box, you won't get anywhere! :o) ANYbody is capable of being the most social person out there. You just gotta take some extra steps to get there. Good luck! :o)