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Best Place To Get Nintendo Roms

What's the best place to get N64 roms? it has alot of them :)

What are the best sites for downloading Nintendo DS ROMs?

Other answer mention 3DS but you were actually asking for the original Nintendo DS. So for those you can find the ROMs here: NDS / Nintendo DS ROM & ISO DownloadsFor emulators you have two options: DeSmuME is one of the original NDS emulators and still works well, but you also have some new upcoming emulators with more accurate emulation, for example MelonDS is something to watch: melonDS

Where can I get Super Nintendo (super famicom) roms from?

Best place to find every SNES rom is

Where to get nintendo 3DS roms?

While there *is* such a thing as a legitimate ROM...they are not available to members of the General Public.

The *legitimate* ROMs (and the emulator programs that run them) are ONLY available to licensed persons/companies. Short of Nintendo's next console having ports for DS and/or 3DS games, I don't see them handing out emulator programs to anyone not making games for them.

So...any ROM you find (let alone the emulator programs) are likely to be 100% illegal.


Does anyone noe where i can get nintendo 64 roms without ESA protected content?

Where can I get Donkey Kong 64 rom for the Nintendo 64 (N64)?

You can get Donkey Kong 64 rom for the Nintendo 64 here

That is by far the best place on the net for N64 roms.
They don't require you to vote, register or donate to download their roms.
Also, unlike those other sites, this site has no viruses, no spyware and no popups.
Best of all, they have no download limit and the roms download and probably the fastest you'll get.

Where can i download working Nintendo DS roms?

Super is right. is the best site out of the bunch. I suggest you go sign up right now, they're holding a Christmas raffle of points. Anywhere from 1000 to 10000. It ends tomorrow. I've already won 3,500 so far.

What is the best website to find Dolphin Emulator Roms for Nintendo Wii and Gamecube?

You should try for gamecube games. This website has every single gamecube game but you have to download every part of the rom and then extract them all in the same folder at once.
For wii roms try this website: . These are torrents so you will need bitorrent or utorrent.

Is there a safe place to find ROMs now that Emuparadise has stopped the ability to download them?

Any google search for “free gba roms” or “free snes roms” will provide plenty of results, as long as you research the credibility of those sites so you don’t give your computer the zika virus, you should be good to go.That said, a sight I use is The ROM DepotSome sights to avoid:Coolroms (Viruses)Freeroms (Viruses)And Romsmania (Popups)Please don’t be like I was, always make sure you put in some research before downloading things that are not supposed to be free, and make sure you have a good antivirus and a backup of you’re computer somewhere.

Safe places to get NES roms, N64 roms, SEGA roms?


I want to know were there are the safest sites to go to where I do not have to worry about downloading hidden spyware, adware, malware, or viruses attatched to gaming emulators or the roms.

any names of safe places to get emulators and the roms, please let me know.