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Best Resume With Lots Of Experience

Sample Resume, NO EXPERIENCE!!!!?

Definintely prepare a resume if just for the experience and having one always impresses places of employment - even if it's just your first job. See for advice, but basically you want this type of format:

Phone Number
EMail Contact Number

Objective: List a job objective (e.g., Seeking entry level position in hotel management)

Education: XXX High School, Graduated June 2008
XXX Community College, Part-time
Major: Hotel Management

Volunteer Experience: List everything and anything you've
done that might be relevant or show how responsible and reliable you are

References: Available upon request (or list them)

Good luck!

What matters more on an application/resume; experience or certifications?

It seems a large amount of IT jobs mention requiring certifications OR equivalent amount of experience. I'm highly skilled in extensive and varied topics in the IT world, but I do not have any 'official' teaching or certifications to list. Because of this, I think I may be passed over because of employers not willing to take a chance.
How can I communicate the fact that I have a lot of IT knowledge, even though I don't have certifications to show it?
If an employer would just give me a chance, I could prove my ability.

What is a good resume for an experienced mechanical engineer?

You may view some samples on my website which will give you an idea on creating a good resume which is domain specific - Get Noticed - Get Hired. Order a stunning resume todayOr you could drop in a mail to if you want some samples which are relevant to your industry and experience levels.Do get in touch with us if you are looking to create an interview winning resume or a matching cover letter or that perfect LinkedIn profile. We are the experts.Best,Deepak Josey+91 9941063601

Is experience in VBA considered a good experience for a software developer resume (in his first job)?

No, unless you are applying for a VBA position.On the positive side, an awful lot of companies still run a lot of their business through interlocking Excel spreadsheet macros - so if you are a VBA whiz, you might get a job helping a company sort out a set of malfunctioning spreadsheets. But the main reason VBA is used in such scenarios is a lot of the code has been written by the business managers - they want to keep control by doing it themselves. This tends to be most common in companies with dysfunctional IT departments, where business managers have given up trying to get good systems out of their IT people, and have taken matters into their own hands. You might also get a job with a company which wants to migrate VBA functionality into another system, by selling your excellent analytical skills. This could be a good stepping stone into other developer skills. However in general VBA is looked down on by most developers. In the 90s and early 2000s VB and VBA were very popular, but since then fashions have changed, and more powerful languages such as C# and Java have taken over. There is one other thing you could try. I landed a developer job in a language for which I had no experience, by admitting straight up I had no commercial experience, but saying "I'm hoping I have learned enough so my skills will be useful to you". The next hour was one of the most detailed technical grilling I have ever received, but I passed, and got the job.