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Blocking On Facebook And Email Address

Can you block some one's ip address in facebook instead of their name?

In facebook you can find some ones name or email address and block them so they can not see anything you post, you share, and etc. But if that person has multiple accounts, they can easily look you up by logging in with another id. So is there a way to block an ip address in facebook? I guess one could set their privacy settings so only friends can see, but blocking someone sends them another message than just unfriending them.

Thanks in advance.

Sync Facebook friends on your msn? Adding all email addresses from facebook onto you msn contact list...?

you go to the top right hand corner of the windows live messenger screen and there should be a little person and a green + a little down and to the left. click on it. then click on add people from other services.

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Does a blocking someone on Facebook expire?

they must have unblocked you. for your protection facebook keeps the people you block blocked. it never expires.

What does blocking someone on facebook even do?

Your profile is inaccessible to them, they cannot see anything on your profile, and they cannot search for your name because it will not come up. Pictures, status updates, anything and everything. They have no access whatsoever to anything on your profile.
And if a lot of people will block someone.. than facebook will e-mail that person and the account or page will be closed.

My niece blocked me on Facebook ... ?

I can tell it really hurt you that she blocked you. Deleting you then blocking you added insult to injury. And unless it's happened to her before with someone she thought she was close to, she probably doesn't realize it.

There are several possibilities:
1. She wants to live it up, party and perhaps have some flings while in Europe and doesn't want to broadcast it to certain people. Perhaps she doesn't want to risk you losing respect for her. But her former classmates are her peers and wouldn't look down on such behavior; they might even be envious.

2. Her relatives over there influenced her decision to block you. I don't want to make you paranoid or anything, but if this is the case, she may add you again (or accept your request to add her) once she returns.

3. Maybe she's not as grateful to you as she should be. Maybe she's going through a turning point in her life and is cutting out people for her own reasons. Maybe she's not as close to you or just doesn't think you two are on the same wavelength.

You should tell her calmly, either via e-mail or phone, that you are deeply hurt by her deletion and blocking but that you understand it is her decision and that you just hope that she understands that she wounded you.

Did she delete or block anyone else that you know of?

How to block facebook on isa 2006?

You can block them by navigating to the "Report/Block this Person" link at the bottom of their profile page. Once you click this link, check the "Block this person" box and then click "Submit."

Blocking someone is completely confidential, and the person will not be notified that he or she has been blocked.

If you are having trouble finding the person you want to block, note that you can also block someone by submitting their email address. Go to the Privacy Settings page and click "Block Lists." Enter the email address of the person you want to block in the Email field and click "Block."

If the email address you submit is associated with an account, that user will be blocked from viewing your content. If the email address is not associated with an account, then the user will be blocked if they open an account in the future. Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, we are unable to provide information about any accounts that may be associated with a blocked email address.

If you cannot block someone and would like to prevent them from viewing your profile, you can adjust your privacy settings accordingly

If I block someone on Facebook can they block me back?

Yes they can, if they know the email address associated with your Facebook account. If not, then there is no way as long as you still blocking them.Here are the steps on how to block someone on Facebook by the email associated with their Facebook account:Click the "question mark" icon at the top right of any Facebook page, then select "privacy shortcuts" option from the drop down menu.2. Click "How do I stop someone from bothering me?" › Enter the email address then hit the "Block" button.

If someone blocks you on Facebook and you change your profile name do you still remain blocked?

If you block someone they can start a new profile and return. If someone blocks you, they want you gone. A person should not be a stalker and take it like a mature adult and leave the person that blocked them alone. Several states have anti-stalking laws that explicitly cover stalking via the internet.