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Bowel Movement And Urinate

Why frequent urination after second bowel movement?

May be you are drinking too mch caffiene. For one, you shouldn't have a second bowel movement in a day (most people have one), and second, frequent urination, the kind you mention, may be indicative of some disorder. What other symptoms do you have, any excessive hunger or thirst? pain in lower abdomen or lower back? change in colour of urine? If its troubling you, go to a doctor.

Why do I pee after a bowel movement?

The Pudendal nerve, which controls your anal sphincter, also control your bladder sphincter.You can actually control both sphincters separately (unless you've damaged the nerve, in which case you lose control over both) but during defecation, the urethral sphincter relaxes and as you compress your abdomen to defecate, you get an urge to urinate as well.It's quite normal.

Everytime I urinate, I have a bowel movement. Any causes?

There is no pain and my bowels are normal. The thing that gets me curious though is this, in the past its been like this:
I get an urge to crap, but shortly before it happens, I urinate(I know what causes this)

Now I've noticed it becoming more like this:
I have an urge to urinate, and a couple seconds after I do so, I have a bowel movement(even though this was not what I went to the rest room for originally).

Any ideas as to why the second one happens because this was never the case with me before, and it has defiantly increased the number(from 1 to about 4) of bowel movements I have during the day. I don't think its a problem. I just want to know what can cause this to occur.

Does a cockatiel urinate separately from bowel movements?

I've had my cockatiel for 2 and a half years and he poops all the time, like birds do. I carry him a lot and he's never just peed on me. The newspaper on bottom of cage would probably not show pee, but he plays on surfaces (tables, paper towels, etc..) a lot and I*ve never seen a wet spot, just poop. He was just playing on a table with paper towel on it (with no water anywhere near) and there is a wet spot. He's acting normal and eating normal, but is this ok?

Trouble Urinating and Making Bowel Movements (having to strain and push)?


While I cannot diagnose you without thoroughly examining you I can tell you the most probable cause of your symptoms. I do highly recommend visiting or even calling your doctor and describing your symptoms with them and see what they think.

It would help me a lot if you had listed all current medications you're taking, but since I don't have that information I can tell you the most common cause of the symptoms you're experiencing. This may seem like a very simple answer but you would be surprised - Dehydration.

Try increasing your daily water intake significantly and see if this helps, if your symptoms still persist after a week I would highly suggest making an appointment with your doctor.

Hope I've helped.

Why do children call urine "pee" and bowel movements "poop"?

Kids will use whatever words for their body parts and productions their parents teach them.Parents model language for children, starting far before the child is talking themselves. When a parent is changing a diaper, often they will narrate the process — and whatever words they use, then and afterwards, for what they find in the diaper, are what the child will use when they are speaking themselves.Just as they learn to call one animal “dog” and another “birdie”, because their parents point at them and speak a noun, they learn other words as well.If you want your kid to call them something else, decide ahead of time and be consistent in your word usage.They may pick up other words in preschool, from teachers or fellow children, of course, and “pee” and “poop” are very common in the US.

Why do people release bowel movements and urine when they die?

Because, the body is relaxing and nothing is telling the muscles to hold what they have. This is before they go into rigor mortis. It takes up to 2 hours for rigor to be in full swing. So once the sensation of the brain has ceased, everything goes limp and relaxes until rigor sets in.

During a bowel movement, just before urine, some drops of semen leaked out. Is this a sexual weakness?

Many men face semen leakage in urine during bowel movement. There are many reasons of semen discharge while passing stool. Here in this video we have explained causes and natural treatment of this problem.You need to take proper treatment if this problem occurs frequently. To overcome semen leakage problem watch this video til end to discover effective natural ways to cure this problem.

How in the world did the word urinate become pee, and same with bowel movement turing into poop?

Word origins can be very interesting to study, I encourage you to do it. It can be even more so when you study "taboo" words. Just be cautious when you do. There are a lot of conflicting theories about certain words and many times, we simply just don't know.

But "pee" I can explain. First of all, remember that the English language has absorbed word origins largely from Latin and Greek as well as all other European languages. The second thing to understand, when talking about "taboo words" is the concept of a euphemism. Euphemisms are words that are used to take the place of an offensive word. The funny thing is, it is often the TOPIC that is offensive rather than the word. Euphemisms tend to have a strange pattern of initially being acceptable, only to later become a "dirty word" itself - causing new euphemisms to take their place!

"pee" is actually the letter "P". this was used as an "innocent" way to abbreviate the modern word of "piss." the funny thing is, in many preschool type locations, "pee" is no longer acceptable and "tinkle" or "wee" are used instead. Each word is no more "good" or "bad" than any other. It's how your audience accepts them is the trick. "Piss" is an imitative word. In other words, it was created because, well, that's what it sounds like when you pee. pssssssss. And while I don't know for certain, I can easily see that "piss" was at one time a euphemism in an attempt to not use ANY word for the act of urinating.

the word urinate appears in the mid 16th century in Latin with the specific meaning of passing urine. where does the word urine come from? we received the concept of "urine" being related to, well, "pee" sometime around the 14th century from Old French. That "urine" was derived from the 12th century Latin word "urinare" which meant "to plunge under water" which is also co-related to the Greek ouron, meaning roughly the same thing.

now you know ... go impress your friends! (just don't piss them off) ; )

Can you ever have a bowel movement without peeing?

So funny! I've never thought of this but you are right. I don't think I have ever had a bowel movement without peeing first...