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Boyfriends Hands Get So Dry They Get Big Cracks Them Too He Says Its From Working In Produce What

Does smoking crack really make you look old?

Seriously - I was having this discussion with a "crack-head" and he told me crack doesn't make you look old - that's meth. I told him crack or meth, same difference, they make you look old. He's only 25 and still young, but I told him once you turn 30-35 you're going to look 50 or so. He flipped me off and told me I was wrong. Am I right or wrong? Does crack make you look old?

Dry Cracked Nipple.....?

Okay,So im not breastfeeding (Never even had a baby) but my nipple is EXTREMLY dry and has cracked in a few places. It just happened overnight,I noticed my nipple was itching.It was almost unbearable for awhile,Then when i woke up the next morning it had scabbed over.But now it is DRY and cracked.Any idea on what i could use for it? Thanks!

I tried losing my virginity many times but I back away every single time because I'm scared of the pain. Can I take sleeping pills? Do you have any better way to lose virginity pain free?

No, don’t use pills for it. That can be very VERY bad. It leaves you vulnerable to all kinds of abuse.There are three key things when it comes to reducing any pain or discomfort you might feel while losing your virginity:Arousal.Make sure you’re fully aroused. Get yourself as wet and horny as you can possibly be. This will give lubrication which makes it easily for the penis to slide in and out without causing pain. If you’re worried you’re not wet enough, you can get other lubricants to help.Relaxation.Make sure you’re as calm and relaxed as possible. This will help stop your muscles tensing up, meaning you won’t be so tight, and it’ll be easier for the penis to enter your vagina without causing pain.Take Control.A lot of the time the pain is caused by the guy being too rough or going too fast or too deep. Try having sex with you on top. This will allow you to control how fast and rough it is, and how deep your boyfriend’s penis enters you. You’ll be able to slow down or stop if and when you need to, or go faster and harder if you want to. As a bonus, it will also leave your boyfriend’s hands free so that he can play with your nipples and clitoris and help you orgasm, which will also help reduce any pain or discomfort.As a final point, it’s worth pointing out that losing your virginity is not always painful. For a lot of women it doesn’t hurt at all. So you might be worrying about nothing. Still, you are worried, but if you follow the advice in this answer you shouldn’t feel much pain at all, and it makes it easy for you to stop if you do.Good luck, and enjoy.

How can I become a handsome and attractive man?

I used to look like this back in 2014.Fat and ugly.I look like this now! Handsome and attractive!Here's what I did to achieve not only good looks but also attention from the girls.Water :Drink LOTS of water .I personally drink 5– 6 entire bottles of water in a day ,2 while working out alone.Water keeps you hydrated and ensures that toxins are thrown out of your body.Skin Care : I started taking care of my skin.I use a scrub every 3 days and moisturise daily.I also use a skin cleansing brush once a week. Glowing skin is a plus ,always.Lips and teeth: I use VLCC lip balm everyday.I brush twice a day.Bright pink luscious lips are always a turn on for a girl.Workout: I lost 30 kilos and became muscular.You read that right.This is the main thing that transformed me,rest were just add ons. Muscles indicate masculinity and trust me the girls cant resist staring at a sculpted pair of pecs.Haircare: I started following trendy hairstyles —the undercut,pompadour ,quiff etc.I also started using serums and argan oil to keep them shining.They work wonders.Eat Healthy: You are what you eat.Eat clean stay lean steal the queen \U0001f4aa.Confidence And Personality: All of the above is rubbish if you dont have a personality.Girls like dominant rebellious guys who are confident about thenselves.A little humour will take you places.In the end I realised a true woman will go beyond the riums of physical appearance and love you.Treat her right,respect her for who she is and be a true gentleman .Thats all you truly need.All the best,Chickmags!Edit 1: Sorry i forgot to mention electrolytes and multivatimins.They work wonders.Edit 2: Thank you for the views and upvotes! I'll keep writing!

How do you get soft hands and feet?

Lol, being a pretty intense foot fetishist, i can tell you

Give me a week with your feet and i'll have them perfect :)


What you can do is get lots of moisturizers, look for specifically lotions that have retaining properties, like 24 hour ones, or very dry skin stuff, etc.

Get yourself some foot scrub, which is a type of soap you use when you shower, and has teeny lil pieces inside that feel like micro rocks. Pumice, etc (exfoliation wash)

If you can, buy yourself a pumice stone, and soak your feet for about 30-1 hour, then lightly scrub at hard parts of your feet with the pumice stone, and hard thick skin will be scrubbed away (dont overdo it). take your time and rest frequeently, feeling your feet with your hands for sensitive and less-sensitive areas to find thick skin. Then finish off with the exfoliating wash again, wash your feet clean.

If your barefoot alot, your skin may be naturally thick, depending on where you walk, such as on hard wood floor or carpet, or outside or on stone, etc. Keeping your feet concealed more often helps keep em soft, at the price of airing them out (i make my bf keep his shoes on cause my foot fetish is related to smell.. lol)

put lotion before you go to bed at night, and again when you wake up.

Put lotion right after showers, after your feet have dried but have a soft warm touch to them, maybe LIGHTLY moist (never completely wet) -- this holds the moisture from the shower/bath in your skin.

If you take a shower, put lotion, but DONT put on shoes immediately, put a very light amount on later, when you DO put on shoes, right before slipping on socks.

Also, when you put lotion, use enough to make your feet lightly slick, not dry, but enough that you may think "oops, i put a tad too much" and then continue to stroke at your feet, fingers between toes, up and down soles and across your heels, take your time until you feel the lotion absorbed.

Just take general care of your feet, and you can get near baby-soft feet pretty quickly, within a week or so, as long as you continue to take good care :)

Good luck

How often is he supposed to change condoms during sex?

Use lube, DO NOT use oil based products since they break down latex. Spit will dry too quickly (that's why our vaginas don't produce it).

It can be bought in any drug store, or go to your local nice sex shop and try a few between your fingers.

His stopping and starting probably isn't helping the problem since its not keeping you turned on (which is how the wetness is supposed to be produced).

Condom lube is only supposed to get you started and for the women's body to start producing the wetness but women have different production and absorption rates. Lube will last longer.

Do you find sweaty hands and feet to be disgusting?

For the longest time, I thought I was a freak!! I have sweaty hands and feet!! I find that temperature and my emotions have a big part of how much I sweat!! Sometimes, if it's super hot out, I will start to sweat all over, it's not extreme, but it's very uncomfortable and I'm wiping my forehead, my underarms sweat alot, so I have to choose a color shirt that will not show sweat marks. But then, there are other times when I don't sweat at all, my hands and feet are dry, and they become the total opposite, extremely dry, and I need hand creme, alot of it!! When I start to sweat though, it makes me nervous and uncomfortable and so I start to sweat even more. I've struggled with this condition all my life and has made it very difficult!! I dread situations where I have to shake people's hands like, the worst one ever, Job Interviews, meeting new people, the first thing they do is extend their hand, going on a date, putting your hand out to get change back when out shopping, touching paper, hard to pet my cat, and on and on......!! I can relate to your condition only too well!! It feels really good to tell someone what I go through because I've been so embarrassed to tell anyone about it and have worked so hard to hide it!!! I'm going to have to wipe off my keyboard when I'm done typing this reply!! Feel free to contact me, I would love to have someone to confide in after an embarrassing moment!! When ever I shake someones hand that is sweaty, I tell them I have the same problem so they don't feel badly. my email is Hang in there!! :)