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Buying A New Car 18 Years Old .

What car should I buy? (18 years old)?

I'm very grateful my parents are giving me a 15k budget for a new/used car for college/getting to work. A few things, it has to be reliable and it needs to get decent-good gas mileage. Needs to hold 5 people and needs good cargo space. I would like leather seats (nice interior for the friends or dates), with a CD player and an AUX jack. It also should be years 2008+. I'm not really a car fanatic, though I know the terminology and I know how cars work. My question is: What car should I buy?

A few cars I'm looking at are:
-2010 Jetta Wolfsburg edition 2.0T
-2008 Volvo s60 2.5T/T5
-2011 Hyundai Elantra (seems nice since it has a back up camera, nav, and bluetooth... but no leather seats... which is meh when you get all the other options. Is also underpowered. Also no sideview mirror turn indicators. It has its greats and no so greats...)
-2014 Jeep Patriot (also no leather seats)
-2008 Chrysler 300c (Pushing the budget, but I can travel or wait for a good deal if it's worth it)

Any other cars I should look at? I'm close to pulling the trigger on either the Volvo or the Hyundai, but clearly I'm open to any other suggestions :)

Buying a new car? No credit 18 year old.?

I plan on buying a new car been 18 in need of a car to get to college and work primarily. And I'm going for my dream car a Ford Mustang 2015 might as well. I have no credit at all. Can I just go into the dealership and make a down. Payment and go on with low monthly payments or do I build up my credit first?

18 year old male buying his first car?

Hello! I am a 18 year old male looking into buying my first car and was hoping if I could get some advice! I currently have a job that makes roughly $850-$1000 a month and was hoping to spend around $500-$550 monthly on the car and car insurance now first off I am currently saving up and would like to have $5000-$8000 saved up to put down on it right away so I can have a large chunk paid off and get better interest on it. I am looking all together to spend about $15000-$18000 all together but less works too my main goal would be to get a like-new car even up to a 2015 car since I do see some of them in my price range but I would like one that'll last a good amount of time so I was also hoping y'all could give me some good car suggestions!

How can an 18 year old buy a new car?

Buy a new car, as in brand new? Unless you have a well paying job, have a long credit history (which at 18, you probably won't), or are shooting for a Kia Rio, you may find that somewhat difficult.

There are numerous car payment calculators to figure out what you can afford. Punch in your income, interest rate and a few other details. It will spit out a value which, while not necessary exact, is pretty close to the max you can likely afford.

After you have what you can afford, go on and see what falls in that price-range. Find something you like and take it from there.

Another option is to get someone else (parent or similar) to co-sign on the lean of the car you purchased.

If all else fails, your last option is just to save intensively till you can pay the entire amount for the car with cash.

Should I get a brand new car at 18 years old?

I'm trying to think this thoroughly, and thoughtfully. I want to be reasonable. I'm getting my drivers licenses in a few months, when I turn 16. Of course, I'm not going to be driving a brand new car right away. Instead, I told my mom I rather share her car with her; thus, doing so, I'd get two years of good practice with an older car. She told me, I should get a new car - since I'd be using it for 6 years throughout pharmacy school. I also offered to get a part time job and help her pay the monthly payments and gas. Also, I have a part time job now, to save up for payments later on (she's saving for the down payment). However, I'm not quiet sure if I should get a brand new car. In any such case of an accident, that would be horrible.. which is why I'm willing to get an older car. So, I'm not sure of what to do. Any suggestions? Remember I'm getting it in two years, and I will be driving a good two years with an old car, before I get a new car.

Should I finance a car at 19 years old?

Here’s what you have to remember.. A car loan is a financial obligation that must be met, whether you are working or not, whether you have money in the bank or not.And the cost of a car is a lot more than just a car payment. You must have insurance, and if the car is financed you must have comprehensive and damage insurance to protect the lender. You must have the license, a place to park it, gas, maintenance, etc. A “part time summer job” is not gonna cut it unless you have other assets or a family member that is willing to help finance the car. In fact, I am not sure that I would trust any car dealer that would even accept a 19 yr. old kid for a car loan, given the parameters you gave us. The dealer (or bank) is going to require another adult to co-sign the loan. In other words, if you can’t make the payments, then the bank will require the co-signer to make the payments.So you might need a car to work. So buy a cheap one that you won’t mind discarding after a year or three when you can afford to buy a better one. Learn to manage your debt early, or your debt will manage you for the rest of your life.