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Can A 16 Year Old Be Charged With A Criminal Felony For Exploding A Bomb On School Property

Does anyone know what this is 215.51 FE (CRIMINAL CONTEMPT-1ST E Felony) and how many years do you get for it

probation and community service if its your first offense and you have a lawyer. a public defender you could do 6 months maybe

Why do mass shootings keep on happening in the US, and why can’t their government solve that issue?

It’s not guns. It’s entitlement.On May 23, 2014, Elliot Rodger killed six people near the University of California, Santa Barbara. What made his case unusual was that he came from a highly affluent background and left detailed video and written manifestos explaining his actions. He was angry because women refused to swoon at his wonderfulness. Ironically, four of his six victims were male. That probably makes sense because he pictured them as unfairly getting all the action.It's been a persistent thread throughout U.S. history. We're entitled to all that land. We're entitled to find gold and plunder resources and clear-cut and dump our waste in the rivers. Cliven Bundy is entitled to graze his cows on public land for free. In fact, he's entitled to take your public land because he's entitled, that's all. But you can bet he'll shoot at you if you trespass on HIS land, because he's entitled to. We're entitled to wear our guns in public. We're entitled to have more rights and privileges than that other group. Then there are people who think they're entitled to carry a gun and go out and interrogate people who are just walking down their street. Or stop some other driver for violating their concept of road etiquette. Or correct other people's kids. Or go ballistic on teachers or police when their kids are lawfully corrected. I have a right to kill people if I get "disrespected."Elliott Rodger was newsworthy only because he killed six people, but it happens in onesies and twosies all the time, every time some guy can't deal with the fact that he's not entitled to own his ex body and soul, or his girl friend comes to her senses and wants to get out. For at least 50 years people have been warning about an emphasis on rights without responsibility. You get a culture of entitlement.For contrast, many have noted that virtually every home in Switzerland has a military rifle, but they don’t have mass shootings. I think we have to conclude the U.S. isn’t as law-abiding as we like to believe. Opposition to gun control has far less to do with the Second Amendment than it does personal resentment at authority. Just like tearing down Confederate stayues is much less about racism than a mass temper tantrum over Trump’s election.Like Elliott Rodger, the Las Vegas shooter was very affluent. Poverty wasn’t an issue for him. We still don’t know what his issue was, but I’ll bet a fistful of dollars there’s a wounded sense of personal entitlement involved.

Why don’t tens of millions of citizens march on Washington to demand firearm abolition to halt massacre murders in future?

I would imagine that the main thing stopping this is the simple fact that MORE than “tens of millions of citizens” actually SUPPORT gun ownership, and as this is a nation of laws, not mob rule, our Constitution still stands. Sorry ’bout that.Also, passing some moronic law that says “guns are illegal” isn’t going to stop a determined black market from providing guns to whomever needs/wants them. And let’s face it, if ANY of the warning signs regarding the mental instability of the Florida shooter had actually been acted upon, this tragedy would have been averted. But…was anything done? Nope.Did anyone do anything about his YouTube post, where he stated his desire to be “a professional school shooter”? No.Was anything done about his YouTube comment regarding a sniper, where he sated “I am going to do that”? Nope.Was he charged for bringing weapons to school? Nope.Was anything done about him shooting at a neighbors chickens? No.Did he face charges for stealing mail (a Federal felony)? Nope.Was any legal action taken when he had his dog attack a neighbors pigs? Nope.And there are more indicators, anyone one of which could have stopped him from legally purchasing a firearm. But guess what? No one did ANYTHING to prevent this. There are laws in place, procedures that are mandated by law, yet nothing was done, no action was taken, and so Cruz was allowed to purchase a firearm and murder people.We don’t need more laws. They obviously don’t work. Banning guns won’t work, either. If you believe that it will, then I suppose you don’t think that we have a drug problem in this country, and no one is ever raped, robbed or assaulted, because of the fact that those acts are illegal, right?We need to put a barrier between our children and anyone crazy enough to want to harm them, and the best barrier we can easily implement right now, today, is to arm the staff on campus. Allow teachers and office workers to carry, and require them to train in Active Shooter scenarios. THEN you will see a positive result, and as a huge side bonus, you won’t even have to violate the Constitution.I’d call that a win-win.