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Can I Change Language On Frensh

How can i change my yahoo email language from french to English?

Try this.

For Yahoo! Classic:
On mail page, hover mouse over "Hi, (your name)"
Click on "Account Info"

For Yahoo! All-New Mail:
Click on "Hi, (your name)"
Click "Edit My Account"

The rest is the same for either Classic or All-New:

Re-enter your password
Look for "Member Information". Click "Edit" clear to the right side on that line.
About half way down, you will see "Preferred Content".
Click on the setting next to it (it will be highlighted blue)
In new window, for "New Setting", click on the ▽ to open the drop-down menu.
Locate and click on "Yahoo! U.S. in English"
Click "Finished"
Click "Finished" again to return to mail page

How do you change computer language from english to french.?

first you go to control penal then click the regional setting from third tab you sellected the french and insert the cd of xp in your cd room and then restarted your computer.

How do i change my computer language to ENGLISH ??? now it's ARABIC???

Click on your start icon in your tray.
Click Control Panel
Find your icon for regional and language settings (a globe)
Double click on this icon.
Open the tab for Regional Options (This should be open by default )
Set this option for English then apply.

How do I change the language on my Yahoo homepage to French?

seem for the equipment button. Mine is beside the favorites celebrity. It looks like a equipment. click on it and in the field that drops down, close to the backside, click on information superhighway recommendations. yet another field will open and close to the backside of that internet site you will hit upon a field that asserts Languages. click it and sort in or decide on English.

How do i change my facebook account language French to English?

Can you understand French?

If you can go to Account -> Account Settings -> Language

If you can't, look at the top bar, the button that's on the extreme right -> 2nd option from drop down menu -> 5th option counting from the left

Just changed it and it'll be done.