Can I Install A Raw Plastic Bumper On My Old Car And Leave It Without Primer Or Paint Forever

Does installing a aftermarket exhaust system void the warranty on my car?

I worked at a dealership. It will not void your warranty. The only way any add on part will void your warranty is if they can relate to problem back to the aftermarket part. For example, if you put on the aftermarket exhaust system and your horn stopped working, they would replace the horn because it had nothing to do with the exhaust. In my opinion, I would not worry about the exhaust effecting your warranty. As mentioned above, the only thing it will void is the exhaust system warranty.

It will cost not more than Rs. 5000/- to paint 1500 Sq.ft house.My below cost suggest only interior painting and not exteriorRaw-material:Emulsion paint :This is the good moving material quality in market because of its standard quality at affordable price. This quality is premium than distemper and slightly downer side than royal emulsion due to luster effect. But there is a huge cost difference between emulsion paint and royal emulsion. Though cost is huge difference, quality don’t make much difference.White putty:Prefer birla white putty to cover needle holes, wall peel off etc.. valuate required quantity. If only needle holed, just 1kg is sufficient. It may exceed to more if more wall peel-off.One or two sand paper - Use to rub walls to eliminate strains and level uneven surface.Color: Buy color strainer or mix color at retail shop while buying paint material. I suggest you to mix the color at retail shop to avoid manual coloring mistakes. Most of the retailers are equipped with computerized color mixer.Retailers are equipped with color cards, Hence collect the color card and spell the color code to retailer for mixing.Labor : Acquiring skilled labors are tedious task for end consumers, as skilled labors are not easily available to access. Hence we choose contractors which observes maximum cost. Be wise on choosing labors because labors are crucial park to deliver better out come.If you have any questions, Please reach us or call us +91–9742479020 (Also available on whats app). We don’t charge for consulting us. We offer free consulting, you can expect genuine response from us,We do quality house painting in Bangalore at affordable cost, Below pictures are one of our work,Reach us or call +91–9742479020 (Also available on whats app)Edit: My above description applicable to the individual, who undertake complete task of buying material, handing labors and managing work progressWe don’t do house painting for Rs.5000/-. We do house painting with bit of margin along with it to run business. I am sure, none other can give competitive price in Bangalore market than us. Our price comes with better quality.Thank you for reading…

Thanks for attentionActually, bumpers in cars are meant for absorbing shock or impact at low velocity like accidentally hitting while reversing the car. Now coming to the selection of material for making bumper, the material should have the capability to absorb the impact (i.e.) either nullify the effect or reduce the effect of the strike. Lets consider metals as bumpers, metals transfer the load applied at one end to the other with negligible loss, so metals are not optimum material for bumpers. Lets consider plastics as bumpers, they have tendency to absorb load and reduce the effect of the impact also rubbers have the tendency to absorb and almost nullify the effect. Looking into design and processing aspect, bumpers are big in size so they are processed by techniques like injection molding, blow molding and roto-molding. Considering the above processing techniques plastics are suitable material of choice.Considering the above said processing methods, most commonly ABS, PC/ABS is injection molded and blow molded ABS are used in cars like Hyundai, Ford. When processed by roto-molding pulverized HDPE is processed easily and is used in making bumpers.

So, I want to paint furniture that is already finished...?

you really have to know what you're doing to refinish furniture thats already finished. If you don't know if it's oil or water based stain, you have to test it. Then you have to strip the stain off. ( and it might take forever...) Or you can do it the easy way and take it to a furniture striper and they can do it for you. (costs money, but saves you work in the long run, especially since you'll have to work outside. Striper is toxic.
Then you have to sand the wood down, striping causes the wood grain to come up. After you sand, you have to use tack cloths to get the dust off and make sure they're prefectly clean...
Then you have to get a furniture paint in black.
If you use a sealer, make sure it's not shiny or it will look like 80's plastic. Dull black is in. You also have to make sure you get enough paint on to cover it all and make sure there are no 'spots' you missed with the striper (paint will not take on those spots).
It would have been easier to buy black furniture in the first place...

What type of glue is best to apply to chrome trim strip?

Me again....

If you got actual chrome vinyl stickers, it should have the back side peel away like a sticker.

If you have just a piece of trim and want to put it in there or over it, hit up a auto parts or body shop supply store and buy some 3M Molding and Trim adhesive. Will be a red box and a red tube. Anything else, even superglue will not work for long. The 3M glue is used by all manufacturers to apply moldings and trim.

If your molding is held on by 2 sided tape. Then the same applies, 3M molding and trim adhesive 2 sided tape. Special tape made to hold moldings on.

Once you put the item on, put some masking tape over the item and onto the car body to hold the molding in place while drying. Put tape on molding first then stretch up and down to body. Average door will use 4 strips of tape to hold it in place. Leave the tape on for at least 2 hrs.

You definitely need a garage at the least for the painting part. I’m no professional but I’ve done my share of DIY bodywork and painting over the years.You can do metalwork or grinding and sanding outdoors and in fact if it’s a bright day I think it’s better than dealing with typical bad garage lighting, shadows etc. Painting’s another story though. You’ll need space to work, good ventilation, great lighting and temperature control if possible.What you’ll need depends on what you want to accomplish but this for me would be a minimum list for basic bodywork, sanding and painting.Sandpaper & AbrasivesMasking tape, Masking Paper, Masking SuppliesPlastic Sheeting, AdhesiveBody Filler, RespiratorSpray Masks, GlovesCleaners & Waxes, Buffing & Polishing CompoundBuffing Pads, Fasteners, Nuts, BoltsAir Compressor, Spray Gun, Air Hose, Regulator, GaugeAir Tools, Cut off Wheels, GrindersNormal mechanic’s tools, Specialty Body Tools & EquipmentMechanic’s roller seat, CreeperNow, with all of that said what I’d recommend for the beginner would be to replace the bumpers or whatever it is that needs to be done and then take the car to a professional body shop to be painted because painting is an art and the equipment is expensive. On the other hand if you’re dying to learn how to do this yourself then review the countless YouTube videos on the subject, read up on the procedures, buy only the tools you need (Quality Tools at Discount Prices Since 1977 is a great discount source) and try out your newly acquired knowledge on something that doesn’t matter like a old riding tractor or your friend’s old pickup truck or something before you work on your pride and joy.

I own them both. Ultimately, the definition of better must be yours.The Porsche is a solid, reliable daily car. It has the German solidity feel on the road. In the scheme of things, ownership is not difficult or as expensive as an exotic. I rarely had issues with the 911s. One fear I always had was I could sense the back end weighed more than the front and that I had better not spin it.The Ferrari feels Italian. Hard to explain, but the engine doesn't seem to care what rpm it is at up to the redline of close to 9k. Very free feeling. The cornering feels like it just pivots. Very stable at speed up to 180 or so, where the Porsche feels less stable about 140. The aerodynamics of the Ferrari are outstanding. On the other hand, the service costs can be high and it can take awhile for parts to arrive. In terms of overall reliability, I guess Porsche wins, but not by a lot. The Ferrari feels best driven every day as well and much of the high costs are in cars not driven. In terms of ergonomics, I give Ferrari the nod. Very comfortable.In terms of excitement, Ferrari wins, but the Porsche is a great and practical car. The Porsche wins if it is your only car as Ferrari can take more time and money to get serviced and you would have to rent something. If you have another daily car, Ferrari is more exciting for weekends etc. and never feels like an appliance.