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Can I Lighten My Eyes Using Honey

Raw HONEY for lightening eyes!!!!!!? HELP?

I heard putting raw honey to your eyes will help lighten them ...I have dark brown eyes,and would like to get hazel eyes if that is possible! ..and pls..if u've never heard about this,then research it!
and yeah..I heard it does good for your eyes as it has medicinal properties .

I'm not sure how to do iit..pls instruct me on how to use honey for eyes to help lighten them.

Anyone who has tried using honey for eyes? If yes, pls tell me if it made any changes in the eye color! :) A before & after pic would be great for better proof! :)

I'm thinking of taking a step forward on lightening my eyes..heard it might be risky..but I really want hazel or lighter eyes :) I thought of posting a question here for better opinions....

my questions:
1) how long will it to take to lighten my eyes using honey?
2) what amount?
3) anything else to add with honey?
4) how many times a day! .........and every single information on honey for eyes!

Thank you for your answers :)

What is the right way to lighten eyes with honey?

yes it is safe.putting honey in your eyes is actually an ancient remedy and it wont make your eyes sticky like most people believe.
raw,unprocessed organic honey and water can lighten your eyes but make sure the water is distilled do not use tap water! jarrah honey and manuka honey are the best ones to use,you can also add msm eyedrops or chamomile to the mix(i heard it can make it work faster and better).heat the water up just a little so the honey is easy to mix in but don't microwave or boil the honey because it wont be as potent,then let the honey and water sit for and hour or two then use a eye dropper to put it in your eyes and you have to do this 3 times throughout the day,everyday.Some people see result in a few weeks while it takes other people longer,i had dark brown eyes and i'v been doing it for 2 months and my eyes are now almost hazel:)

btw use 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons water

Does putting honey in your eye lighten them?

Honey won't lighten the color of your eyes but it will certainly brighten them as well as soothe them.
Honey eye drops are very popular in places like Venezuela and Mexico however, you can make your own solution by mixing a drop of pure honey with freshly boiled and cooled water. Drip this into your eyes and leave for a while, even go to bed with it, don't worry it does not sting and is easy to rinse out. Honey has been proved scientifically to cure cataracts and bacterial eye infections. I would leave out the other stuff you have written about because that sounds gross.

How can I lighten my eye color with honey?

I have brown eyes and im tired of being so boring, trust me they are boring. I don't want anyone to tel me that its bad for my eyes or that I will go blind because I know that honey has been used to clean eyes since, well forever. I also know it affects the amount of melanin in your eye, causing it to get lighter.
I was wondering what type of honey I should use and how the consistency should be. Can I use clover honey?? (That's the only honey I have) Also i know its going to take a little patience but i really want to see results as quickly as possible. Thank you:*

Does honey lighten skin?

The honey for skin is an amazing treatment to make your skin beautiful and ailment-free. It has various benefits over our skin due to which it is considered one of the most useful skin care methods amongst women.It treats acne & pimples, reduces wrinkles, lightens acne scars, moisturizes & exfoliates the skin, unclogs pores, slows down aging, and brightens skin complexion.Homemade Honey Face Mask Recipes:1. Raw Honey Face Mask:Ingredients:1 tablespoon of raw honeyPreparation time: 1 minute.Procedure:Wash your face with tepid water to open up pores and pat dry.Apply honey to your face and massage gently.Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes.Later, wash your face with tepid water and then with cool water.How it works: It moisturizes dry skin and reduces acne. It also acts as a cleanser for skin.For More: Baking soda and Honey Face Mask:Ingredients:1 tablespoon of baking soda2 tablespoons of honeyProcedure:Mix both the ingredients well.Wash your face with tepid water to open up pores and pat dry.Apply the mix to your face and massage gently for a few minutes.Leave it on for 10-15 minutes.Wash your face with tepid water and then with cool water.How it works: It kills the bacteria that clogs pores and reduces acne & pimples. It also reduces blackheads and removes dead skin cells.3. Turmeric and Honey Face Mask:Ingredients:2 tablespoons of honey½ tablespoon of turmeric powderProcedure:Mix the two well.Wash your face with tepid water to open up pores and pat dry.Apply the mix to your face and leave it on for at least 20 minutes.Wash your face with tepid water and then with cool water.How it works: It absorbs excess oil from the face and helps treat acne. It also nourishes the skin and lightens dark spots.

Can honey eye drops lighten eyes?

Don't listen to the geniuses that answer the question at the top of their head. It actually will lighten your eyes. No eye doctor will tell you it will cuz then how are they gonna make money on colored contacts? I've been doing it for a little over a month in my left eye and I've noticed my eye is a shade lighter than my right. I had no "damage" in my eye from the honey. I actually notice my vision has improved in my left eye compared to my right (I wear correctional lenses). I sterilize some water by boiling it, let that cool to room temp then mix 10ml of honey with 5ml of water, then pour it in an empty eye dropper. I recommend using only local raw honey. The secret is when you mix honey with water, it creates a natural chemical reaction and produces hydrogen peroxide. Not dangerous, but just enough to lighten your eyes. If you wanna lighten your eyes, I say do it. Just do it right.

How long does it take for honey and water to lighten your eyes ?

You can't change your eye color this way, but you can give yourself a hell of an eye infection. Please don't take risks like this with your eyesight! If you are desperate to have lighter eyes, get colored contact lenses after being fitted for them by an optometrist. That actually will change your eye color without risking your health.

Does honey help lighten your eye color?

I have light brown eyes and I was recently been tempted to get hazel eyes. Colored contacts are too expensive.. At least the proper ones that won't ruin your vision are. And I hear that a drop of honey in your eyes each day will lighten the color. I heard honey has been used to eye treatments for years so I thought of trying it.... But first I want to know if any of you have tried this, and if it works.

PLEASE no comments saying, your dumb, blablabla. -.-

Can monobenzone and honey lighten the iris of eyes? Can long term use of monobenzone and honey lighten the iris of the eyes? Please help!?

Does using 20%-80%% strength monobenzone lighten the iris of the eyes? If I use it for several months to several years will it lighten my eyes permanently? Can honey lighten the eye permanently, if I use it for months to years? Will using both of these products lighten my dark brown eyes to light brown or medium brown with use?