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Can I Order A Book On And Have It Sent To My Local Library

Is it possible to use interlibrary loan to get an item from anywhere in the country?

Looking on, I found a few rare items that are located in libraries several hundred miles outside of my state. Is there any way I could use the interlibrary loan system to borrow these items?

How can I find out if the library has a book I'm looking for?

If your library participates in WorldCat, a digital catalog of most libraries in the US and UK, they will have a link on their website that you can search for the book by title, author, subject, keywords and publication date. If any library has a copy listed in WorldCat, it will show up on the computer. Then, if your library does not have a copy, you can request a copy be sent to your library through an InterLibrary Loan. Most libraries provide this service free or only for postal insurance cost. Your library should have a link on their website for you to request a book, even if you can’t find it yourself , to be ordered through ILL. It may take a couple of weeks, depending on how busy the lending library is and transit time, either by mail or courier service, but you may be able to get a copy of the book this way. If it is valuable, rare, or a reference book, you may have to use the book in your library’s building. You will need a library card for identification online, so go get one. They are free at most public libraries and in school libraries if you are a student at the school.If you are only interested in books at your local library, you probably will not need a library card to use the local library’s online “card catalog” ( now digitized and on the website) . If you don’t know the website, do an online search for keywords — [my town, state] and public library. It should be the top listing.

Is it possible to use WorldCat to remotely check out someone's PhD thesis from another university library?

Possibly... it depends on where you are and the policies of the library that owns the hard copy of the thesis. Most dissertations and theses can be loaned out to remote patrons by a process called Interlibrary Loan. The way that it works is:Go -- virtually or in person -- to a library where you have borrowing privileges, like your local public libraryLook for their "Interlibrary Loan" (ILL) service. Here's an example of what you should be looking for: Follow your library's directions for requesting the thesis through ILL. Depending on your library, you might be able to make the request through Worldcat. If not, you may have to manually input the information into an request form.Your library will make the request to borrow the thesis on your behalf. You don't need to contact the library that owns the thesis directly.The thesis should be delivered to your library, where you will check it out and return it just like any other book. In some cases, the thesis will be delivered to you electronically as a PDF -- it depends on what the owning library is willing and able to do.  It's generally easier to go through ILL to borrow things like this, rather than trying to contact the owning library directly as an individual borrower. The ILL process is automated and usually works pretty quickly. Please note: This advice really applies if you're in the US/Canada. I'm not sure how well it works in other countries where they might not have ILL. If you're requesting a thesis from a country far away (like you're in Germany and want a US thesis), it might be simpler to contact the owning library directly.One other note:If you have access to a university library network, then you should definitely check to see if they provide access to the Proquest Dissertations and Theses database. If you can access that, there's a very good chance the thesis will be there, instantly available online. The database has over 1 million dissertations/theses in full text.

Is there an Italian Language edition of the book The Outsiders?

I just did a worldwide search for books by S. E. Hinton via WorldCat, which I have access to through my local library account. I'm not sure which libraries and/or countries are part of WorldCat, but I can tell you I remember finding titles in African and Indian libraries. This time I discovered that virtually all her books seem to have been translated into Finnish but NONE into Italian. I even discovered a Vietnamese edition of one of her books and TWO translations into Basque!

Although I suspect my search means no Italian editions of her books exist (at least in print), to be on the safe side you might want to contact Schoenhof's Books in Cambridge, Massachusetts: I doubt they would carry any Hinton books in translation, but they might have better resources for looking up whether an Italian edition is in print.

P.S. If you trust your Spanish abilities or your strength in Italian to carry you through Spanish, try the Spanish translation, which should be relatively easy to get.

Immigrant ship Delaware from ireland passenger list?

Check the entries for the book entitled:

Emigrants to Pennsylvania, 1641-1819 : a consolidation of ship passenger lists from the Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography, edited by Michael Tepper.
Publisher: Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Co.
It was published in several different years: 1975, 1977, 1979 & 1992.

This is the link to the entries for the title:

Source: - a database of library holdings worldwide

Since you posted your question through Y!A UK, I will assume you are in the United Kingdom. Using the entries for the title, I do find editions of the book held in the following U.K. libraries:
University of Oxford
University of London Research Services, Institute of Historical Research

If you are not in the UK and are in the USA, you can see which US libraries hold the book by looking at the links for each edition of the book listed on the link above. Or, you can go to your local public library and ask a reference librarian there to help you locate a copy of the book.

The book will probably be in the library reference collection, if it is held by a library in your local public library system (if you are in the USA.) That means you will have to go to the library where it is held and look through it at that library. You will not be able to check it out to take home to look through.

I suspect in the bibliography of the book it will indicate where the original record is kept - possibly the US National Archives and Records Administration.

The copy of the book held by my public library system is at the headquarters branch, in the Genealogy Reference Collection, and I am not there right now, so I cannot look in the book for you.

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Where might I find a 19th-century book that doesn't show up in either Google books or the Internet archive?

A university library is your best bet. Your local library or used books store might have books that old, but it’s unlikely.

What advice would you give to a college student who can't afford all the books he wants to read?

As a student myself, I understand your dilemma. You have three options here:Go to the Library: This is the most obvious one and others have mentioned this too. Make this your go to option. It works 99.9% of the time because most colleges have enough books to meet the needs of the student body.Ask someone/borrow from them: No.1 rule of college, make friends. Talk to your friends. Join groups. Interact with the professors and seniors from the same specialties. The more people you know on campus, the more likely you are to find someone willing to lend you their copy of the book you need. This is specially useful when you don’t actually need the books for too long. Professors also tend to have spare or older editions of the books they recommend or teach OR they might be helpful in pointing you in the right direction.Download PDF: There are many, many sites from where you can download the PDF versions of the book you need free of charge. I won’t post the links to these sites because I am not sure how legal it will be in your country, but a quick google search will help you out.Hope that was helpful!

Where to find 'The Marriage Counselor" by Joey Ouelette?

Your best bet is your local library. The script is not available online. If you want to buy the book try:

It also has a link where you can find libraries close to you that have the book. Click the Worldcat link under "Borrow" or go to:

Hope this helps.

Can you suggest a website where you can find the nearest library to you and see if a book is available there?

Worldcat - The World's Largest Library CatalogI use this tool too for when i’m looking on Amazon.Library Extension