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Can I Put Famous Heroes Into An Original Story By Me

Who is the real hero of India and why?

The reel life hero of India are fake but they get undue respect against our true heroic persons.In my opinion these are the people who are the real heroesCaptain Vikram BatraThis brave hero remarked while going to kargil ,“ Either I will come back raising the flag or will come wrapped in it but will come for sure”.Captain Manoj PandeyCaptain Manoj Pandey was ten times rejected by SSB but he got selected in his 11th attempt as he wanted Param Vir ChakraHe said once ,“I will kill death”.This brave man belonged to Gorkha regiment and attained Martyrdom while fighting in kargil.Captain Anuj NayyarCaptain Anuj was a very young officer of his battalion , he attained Martyrdom in kargil while capturing bunker.Captain Vijayant ThaparCaptain Vijayant was also one of the brave officer that India lost while fighting .His father was also a Colonel in the Indian army, his mother was against him joining the army but he joined his passion.His last letter to his parents.These presons are the real heroes of India , they made an ultimate sacrifice for India , may there soul rest in peace.It reminds me of a famous quotation by Captain Subhramaniam Swamy“You have never lived until you almost have died , for those who choose to fight life has a special favour the protected shall never know”.Jai Hind….

How to create an original, unique, deep, fantasy novel?

The thing is, you have to look at it this way: it's not just Tolkien and Rowling, even they took they classic fantasy template. But what they di was made it their own. A young hero destined to a certain fate seems cliche, but it the journey ride there that you must tweak and make your own. What makes Harry Potter so accessible, I believe, is how it plays to everyone. Most fantasy stories that I see now make one character have powers, or a group only able to have powers. Harry Potter, however, anyone (almost) has the ability to become a witch or wizard and attend Hogwarts. That is what makes Rowling's work more relatable to the modern, general audience than Tolkien

How do i start a hero speech?

tell me if this is any good and if it needs improving, here is what i got for the first paragraph:
"When i look into the future, it's so bright it burns my eyes." You would imagine this said by a vain, stuck up person, but not when it comes from a person that didnt have the best life. Then the person sounds more like a dedicated hopeful. That hopeful's name is Oprah Gail Winfrey.

thats it
is it any good??
please dont hold back
shout at me all u want if its horrible
but dont tell me that its too short, it's suppossed to be short
please tell me whether you like it or not
i need constructive critisism

Writers...a question about NOTE-CARDING as a plotting tool...?

I keep seeing references to the "note-carding" technique, and I've never tried it myself, but I'm curious. Plotting my novels gives me so many headaches - it's the aspect of writing that spooks me the most, and I'm wishing I could find some way of easing the pain a little.

Has anyone here ever used the note-carding method for plotting novels? If so, please share some of your experiences and thoughts with me...

Or any other plotting tools/methods/ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Hafwen x

Greatest superheroes of all time?

Thor is a god and really does not belong on this list. Superman is properly placed at number one, he has such a wide range of powers, regardless of how he happens to have them. He also uses them for mankind. Wolverine is more of an anti-hero, and doesn't always get involved. Other than that I think the list is good. I probably would have put Green Arrow on there, too.