Can I Turn Off All Lighting Effects In Titanfall

You are tasked with creating a new item in Mario Kart, what is your most devious item?

I would create a power-up that allows you to build a slowing board behind you.My power-up would build the red boards that slow you down. They would cover the entire path. However, it wouldn’t cover grass or other ��off-road” terrain. The board wouldn’t be long. It span from where you were when you first equipped the power-up to where you were two seconds ago. The boards would last until you reach that point on your next lap (or when you finish). This means that it will most likely affect everyone except for you. To make it even more mischievous, as soon as you finish laying the boards, it turns invisible. When character gets very close to it (about half a second before they reach it), the board becomes red and visible again. Now, other characters don’t even know it is there. So if you are barely ahead of someone with half a lap to go, there could be 5 of these boards in your way.I don’t know if this is possible with the programming, but the boards would effect everyone no matter their power-up. If you have a bullet bill and fly over the board, you’ll spend a few seconds moving very slow. Sorry. Stinks to be you. If you are using a mushroom to speed up and you go over the board, then you just wasted your mushroom. This will create loads of chaos in every race.

Do you prefer 3 round burst or full auto in a military rifle?

For the most part the 3-round burst is useless with a skilled operator, this is my opinion. A well practiced operator will have trigger control and discipline to regulate a weapon that is fully automatic. I have repeatedly fired a single shot from M4, MP-5 variants, Uzi Mod A & Mini, M2, Kalashnikov variants, etc. while it is in fully automatic select fire position. In fact, I would be comfortable with a weapons platform that can only fire in a fully automatic fashion.However, the 3-round burst option saves a lot of ammunition with a force that doesn’t have extensive experience in battle or trigger discipline. As such, some platforms are configured with single fire and 3-round burst only.In reality, for most operations a single fire weapon will do. Though, in Close Quarters Battle (CQB) with a submachine gun, full automatic fire is a valuable option. In this scenario it allows an operator to create massive trauma on an adversary in less than one-second causing significant mechanical/hydraulic failure of the body making it impossible to continue being a threat. Suppressive fire is the classic reason one uses a weapon in full automatic configuration, but continuous fire from a skilled operator firing a semi-automatic weapon can create the same desired effect.

As an old gamer, do you feel greatly disappointed with video games nowadays?

I’m assuming by ‘video games nowadays’ you’re meaning not only the very latest ones, but the ones with big budget titles and fancy graphics we started being introduced from mid 2000’s.Although back in the 90’s and early 2000 we’ve seen and experienced some amazing games - I think the gaming industry never disappointed me ever since. Yes, we’ve grown playing thisAnd thisAnd thisYet, we’ve got some pretty amazing ones after them. Even though these ones were simply stunning and in ways, legacy defining - I will be hard pressed to say brilliant games aren't frequent these days.The Call Of Duty SeriesYes, recent installations weren't upto the par you might say. But remember how it started?Love it or hate it, COD took single player FPS genre to a level and set the bar so high that even these days big companies are struggling to match its unprecedented storytelling and plots. Like who would forget that Nuke?Bioshock InfiniteThe gameplay, the AI, the graphics and different gunplay mechanisms. This one is a charmer! And I saved the best part for the last. Do you know what makes this one sublime?Best. Story. Ever. PERIOD.Trust me. Give it a shot.The Witcher 3: Wild HuntA single answer isn't enough to describe this one. I’m sorry. Short answer is: Never played one better than this. Never!Titanfall 2The only game to this day that probably can dethrone CoD from its FPS storytelling legacy. Well, it's no surprise cause the team behind this game is the same one from those earlier CoD masterpieces. Couple that with extremely good and fluent gameplay, no season pass and wide range of contents in both single and multiplayer environments. It's sad that it didn't live up to the height it was supposed to.I could go on. For exampleDoom (technical masterpiece)Mass Effect Series (took sci fi to a new level)GTA V (a global phenomenon)Battlefield Series (masterclass sound and visual design)Overwatch (well, Overwatch!)Yeah, the list goes on!I left an insane amount of good ones so that this answer won't be super long or something. Yes there are games being published these days, which are completely on the opposite side of the spectrum (*cough* No Mans Sky *cough*), but the good ones are overshadowing them. And with the new ones on the horizon, it's hard to be disappointed to be honest!So, I’m not greatly disappointed. I was privileged and fortunate enough to be in this situation. And most importantly, I’m greatly pumped for the future!Happy gaming guys and girls!