Can I Use A Urban Dictionary Term As A Quote On A Product Packaging

Why did Urban Dictionary refuse my definition?

I am from the Chicagoland area, and as you can probably guess, we do quite a bit of talking about our local celebrity, president elect Barack Obama. In my circle of friends and elsewhere locally, the nickname "Bodahg" seems to have cropped up, both in a positive and negative way. For those who like Obama, its used as a "He's one of the people and not a Washington elitist" nickname, and for those who don't, its used as a "He doesn't know what he's doing and doesn't belong in the presidency" nickname. I'm not quite sure where I stand, personally, but I liked the term, and so I submitted the following definition (below) to Urban Dictionary for "Bodahg." They refused my submission, and I'm really wondering why. Presidential nicknames, both good and bad, are nothing new...Dwight Eisenhower was "Ike," Nixon was "Tricky Dick," Clinton was "Slick Willy," Bush was "Dubya." Searching for "Dubya" on Urban Dictionary returns thousands of results, 99% of which are concerned with how much Bush messed up our country and how horrible he is. My definition for the Obama nickname isn't especially mean or especially nice, yet while thousands of entries insulting Bush (and yes, maybe he should be insulted) are there, our nickname for Obama can't get on UD. Anyone have any idea why?

The definition and example I gave were...

A term for the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack
Obama. The term, created by the amalgamation of President Obama's initials B, H, and O, and a stereotypical affectionate epithet, references the diminutive term of "Dubya," an adaptation of the initial of President Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush, and is meant to likewise diminutive by some, but positive by others. It is often employed by those who dislike the contrast of the overwhelming popularity of President Obama and the perceived disrespect for his predecessor and for the office of the Presidency when occupied by George W. Bush. By those more favorable to Obama, the nickname is used to demonstrate how he is "one of the people" and not an unapprochable Washington insider.

"Man, I can't wait for January 20th, Bodahg's gonna run the country!"
"Finally, a normal president. I can relate to Bodahg, he's almost a normal person!"
"Jeez, I can't believe they gave the presidency to Bodahg."

Why do ppl use urban dictionary?

I mostly just use it to see what peoples' opinions of games, etc. are. Nothing more.

If you don't like it, don't use it, and don't blame the people that made it.

How long does it take urban dictionary to add a definition?

one factor i do no longer comprehend is that gloryhunter's could be Asians and ideally ManUtd fan. hundreds of Seattle Sounders Supporters who flow to the video games Sounders play, yet love Chelsea as much as Sounders and that they are by no ability tagged as gloryhunter, on the different hand an Asian IS a gloryhunter in spite of situation so, the thought has a substantial flaw. i'm initially from Asia, I supported United on condition that 2000, i could have cherished them till now yet did no longer comprehend why they performed each video games and knew jack approximately desk and factors. I supported United because of the fact only Manchester United and Arsenal video games have been broadcast-ed by ability of ESPN asia then. All my acquaintances supported Arsenal and taken care of Henry as god, I only disliked him and chosen Manchester United. I certainly have observed them ever on condition that, by way of thick and thins, I used have United posters throughout my wall yet no longer now i'm specific i could have not performed that regardless of if I have been born in Manchester. i comprehend approximately 2 finished soccer seasons in my homestead usa when I lived there, I supported them and went to three video games, the area between my homestead and the stadium made it impossible for me to attend video games frequently. The 3 hundred and sixty 5 days till now Chelsea gained the prem I knew only 2 of my acquaintances supported them, it quadrupled to eight as quickly as they gained the trophy, and that i dont see glory hunter in every person bar one. i desire to chortle at those adult adult males who're real supporters and whinge approximately how glory hunters from everywhere have ruined his tournament day adventure and how people who dont comprehend the songs flow to video games, later to gloat to somebody else that his club is the suited supported international. soccer is enjoyed by ability of all, there may be few posers who help a club to instruct off, yet people love the golf equipment without real connection as much as those with one, the belief of glory hunter is ridiculous.

Redneck Dictionary entry, or Urban Dictionary? (Please read details)?

Dear Fellow Redneck:

Please be aware that use of the word "elite" in Internet discussion forums will brand you as a member of an educated elite. We discourage the use of this word because it does not occur in the Amercan standard Redneck phrase book, and because it is French in origin. We suggest that you use standard Redneck expressions like "one of them," "evil doer," or "Frenchie" instead of the elitist word elite.

Sincerely your,

American Society for the Preservation of Rednecks

*URGENT* How do I delete an entry from Urban Dictionary?

First of all, do you even have an account on that site?

If when logged in, and you don't see any way to delete the entry, then there's nothing you can do about it, until someone else with the power to edit/delete sees that entry and decides to erase it.

Can I use a used box to ship a package?

I work for the US Postal Service. The box can be re-used. Do not wrap it in the brown paper. The paper will tear off and the address will be lost. Do not use the Mary Kay boxes. Those boxes are used for shipping cosmetic products which are considered hazardous chemicals and cannot be shipped by air in the postal service. Make sure you tape the box outside AND inside, too much tape is almost enough. Pack enough in the box so that it is full. If it is not full the box will collapse or be crushed. Enclose the delivery address on the inside of the box as well as on the outside 'just in case'. Good Luck.

Define "Two Weeks Notice" in an Urban Dictionary type of way?

"Two week notice" is common phrase that is used to dismiss a person from a job that he or she did not as well as the employer wanted. It means that he or she would be able to work for another two weeks before he or she would have to leave. Good luck. I was a college professor of education.

What does "bb" mean in terms of internet slang?

It actually has multiple meanings, but might mean "be back" or "bye bye" in your case. Here are definitions from