Can Someone Be Attracted To The Pain Of Cutting Themselves

Why do people feel immediate joy when cutting themselves? Serious answers please?

Its an endorphin rush. Your body releases adrenaline, which makes you feel focused and intense, and often happy.

Also, cutting takes your mind off whatever you were thinking about. The physical pain distracts you from any kind of emotional torment, No matter what you are going through, as soon as you cut, its all gone, for now at least.

Oh, and about some of the posts above this one, your comments are incredibly hurt full and insensitive to those of us who have resorted to cutting. While it is true that some stupid teenagers might cut for attention, I can tell you that most people who really feel the need to cut hide the scars from everyone.

We don't do it for attention. We don't do it because we hate ourselves. We don't do it just to be "emo" or "goth" or any other silly and transient label. We cut because we are afriaid and alone and we don't see any other way out.

We need help. Not insensitive jerks.

Why do some teens cut themselves?

Ok, so I know like 3 girls who cut themselves.
One is COMPLETELY emo! She is also bi {I'm sorry.. I'm just VERY uncomfortable with that fact} She's ALWAYS depressed. And then she added me on myspace, and I decined her {cause I feel uncomfortable around her}, I ignore her when she talkes to me, and yesterday, she called me a
b!+ch! I just thought, ok, I declined you, get over it. But anyways, she has problems going on @ home, and she said she tried to kill herself yesterday, and another friend said "well, yeah, but no one really cared" {she ALWAYS tries to "kill" herself, but never succedes! I mean c'mon, how hard is it to kill yourself!?}. Then, she showed us some MORE cuts on her wrist {very very deep cuts}. I mean, she has been cutting herself for MONTHS! It's stupid. I can't help it that I feel VERY uncomfortable around a bi. I mean, I'm gonna be honest, she needs mental help!
Another claimed she tried to kill herself a few day's ago, but someone convinced her not to. That day, she pulled up her sleeve, and there were cuts on her forearm. Me & a few other friends were SHOCKED cause she does not seem like the type to cut herself!
And the other gets an eracer {sometimes, but she still does it at times}, rubbes it on her skin until it bleeds.

It's stupid, and a real nice way to kill yourself if they go deep enough or loose too much blood!!

Why the HECK do they insist on doing something SO stupid!?

Does BPD make you feel like cutting yourself when someone talks about their crush or SO in a simpering, romantic way?

Umm… no.I’m not a cutterPeople who have BPD and cut themselves don’t do it because someone talks about their crush or SO in a simpering, romantic way.People who have BPD and cut themselves do it because they can’t handle the intense emotional pain.I am a crier.I don’t care if someone talks about their crush, SO, child, pet or husband in any way, shape or form.That’s all I got. Thanks for the request!

Is cutting attractive to anyone?

wow. There is such a variety of answers of .... all from different angles of it.

I find scars *extremely attractive*, but not ones which are self-inflicted.....and you can always, always tell the difference. Rachael really hit it when she said that some girls would find cutting scars attractive because they would hurt for you, and consequently want to "fix" you. Girls/women DO tend to swarm toward emotional vulnerability, and that is what you would be advertising to the minds of many girls. But this particular expression of emotional vulnerability will probably send most flying in the opposite direction. So, I would advise NOT to cut for aesthetic reasons. There really are no "normal" reasons to cut, except for those (many!) who do it as a trendy thing. But I in NO WAY sense that you are even close to being one of those people! It seems like you genuinely have that overwhelming drive, having discovered that it "works", and you're hoping that the scars are not a huge negative against you. They are a negative the vast majority of the time. Resist the urge like crazy, but when it's overwhelming, you might cut in hidden places even though these areas take much longer to heal, hurt for an extended period and are more prone to infection. Sorry, but cutting is a lose lose lose deal, except for those moments when it's incredible.

Why do depressed people cut/harm themselves?

I was one of those that cut for the longest. Actually, the worst bruises I had were from myself; I had bitten down, hard as I could manage, on the inside of each forearm, twice, right next to each other. I’m pretty sure those deep, dark bruises that lasted twoish months are the only bruises I’ve ever had…Back to the topic at hand: It is indeed a form of coping, as Julie has said. More specifically, it’s an outlet when you don’t have any other.You can’t write anything in a journal, because past experience tells you it will be found, read, and you will be heavily berated. You can’t talk about it to parents because neither parent (at that time) is emotionally available; they just don’t understand where you’re coming from. One scoffs at the idea of depression, thinking you’re fucking around and being lazy (not so, these days), the other has just simply never been depressed and can’t empathize (something that isn’t her fault).You can’t go to a family member; if they don’t have the same scoff mentality, they blab. It goes right through them and right to the one person you didn’t want to have that discussion with.You have practically no friends, as you’re a social outcast. The one friend you have would blab, and it would be the same damn thing; it would get back to your parents.Your only outlets are music, art, and your own body. Push comes to shove and you can’t address your issues, knowing how some of your family is…You implode.Everything crashes inward and your only exit is physical pain; you don’t want to die, that’s not the point (though it cut it close a time or two). You’re trying to channel the emotional torment into something you can tolerate better. It sounds bad, but the bouts of pain are cathartic. I haven’t been in that spot in… Four or five years, and I hope I don’t get there again. However… With the way things have changed, I can now address issues with at least some of my family.I know this dragged on, but I wanted to try and paint a picture. If you still have questions, ask. :)

Why do people cut themselves

I know that they aren't just crazy. I know that they're mentally sick and everything, but why do they do it? I just don't exactly understand. Does it make them feel better to hurt themselves? Help me understand this.

Has anyone ever cut themselves with a pencil sharpener blade before?

recently i took the blade out of a pencil sharpener. i ran it really lightly across my skin and didn't feel a thing. but the next thing i know, it starts bleeding and blood starts running out. It bled A LOt. but i didn't feel Anything! but it left wonderful marks.
(i used to cut myself with a compass and it felt so good, but it didn't leave the marks i like so i abandoned it. )
so i have a question: does anyone cut themselves with a pencil sharpener blade and is what happened to me normal? if you go deeper, do you feel relief? and also, will it scar if you do it lightly? i don't want scars, i want cut marks, but i eventually want them to go away.

What do you call people who hurt themselves with sharp objects?

Masochists is a term for someone who likes to hurt themselves or others. They can even get off on it. Some people just like to cut themselves because they are depressed. When you cut yourself, your body releases endorphins ( hormones that make you feel good.) Usually, cutters use this as a form of release to make themselves have a feel good "high."