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Can Someone Explain How The Endomembrane System Works To Make Milk

Does breast milk from a bottle have as many benefits as nursing?

No it does not.

For one thing the physical act of suckling is beneficial regardless of milk transfer. It develops jaw and tongue muscles; bottle feeding increases the risks of needing orthodontia and speech problems -ANY breastfeeding will reduce the problems cause by bottle feeding. Scientists have also shown that breastfeeding (vs expressed milk) improves hand-eye coordination though they can't explain it.

Also when breastfeeding directly the baby passes mom any disease causing organisms that baby has been exposed to. Mom's breasts immediately start making immunities for that illness. Mom's breasts make antibodies separate from mom's immune system so that baby gets them faster and is guaranteed enough.

Storage of breastmilk will reduce the levels of certain nutrients, and reduces the levels of antibodies in the milk, the fresher the milk the less the loss (in general). Depending on the choice of storage container and the choice of storage location different things are effected in different ways. Fat can be lost to the storage container.

And then there is the simple fact that even with the best pump and the best information not every woman can maintain their supply through pumping. Pumping is simply not as effective as a baby drinking directly. Exclusive pumping is also way, way more work so it takes time away from mom and baby. So exclusive breastmilk pumping can cause failure which not only gets rid of baby's source of food, but can reinforce the feelings of failure/shame that lead some women to exclusively express breastmilk feed their baby.

However expressed breastmilk would never stop being superior to any other source of food, including cow's milk and formula. Breastmilk from breast or bottle is still beneficial at age 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 years of age. Expressed breastmilk is being used to treat chemo patients because of its superior nutrition, antibodies, and ease of digestion. And the have found breastmilk on its own can destroy certain tumours. Breastmilk has been used as a weight loss supplement, and on and on.

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Not producing enough milk, explained more cause some of thats not what i meant?

First of all, let me say I totally know what you are going through. I had this same milk issue with my second child. I tried Reglan -- a prescription drug that TOTALLY worked, but made my postpartum depression waaaaaaay worse. I tried Fenugreek, which didn't work at all, but I did smell like syrup, which was kind of nice.

The thing that worked? Drinking a TON of water. I mean a ton. I drank about a gallon and a half each day and had a glass of water every time right before I nursed and right after.

How old is your baby? They don't drink more than 3-4 ounces until they are about 3-4 months old, depending on their size.

Another thing that makes this worse is the stress of feeding your baby -- and you feel like you're not making enough and that increases the stress and makes your milk supply dwindle even more.

I know this is going to sound crazy, but pump or nurse for at least 20 minutes per side every two hours (NO LONGER THAN 30 minutes per side, even if you don't get a lot of milk at first -- you will be tempted to pump for that hour to get your 4 ounces, but DON'T), even if you don't get anything from the pumping. Do NOT do this more often than every two hours, your body needs time to recover in between. If you nurse too often that will also negatively affect your milk supply. If you have to, during this time of pumping every two hours, supplement with formula, but continue the pumping -- it is totally a supply demand thing. Within three days you should see your milk supply go up and you won't need the formula anymore.

This includes night time -- so at night (it's really hard the first two nights), you need to drag yourself out of bed every two hours -- and if possible make some of the "pumpings" nursing times ...

But listen, if you are drinking a ton of water, eating healthy (make sure you take in 500 extra calories a day, just for the milk, now is not a time to diet) and taking your prenatals and your baby is not growing and wetting diapers as she should, there is no shame in using formula. It does not make you a bad mother. There are many very healthy formula fed babies. Of course breast milk is perfect food for your baby, but if you don't have enough, there is nothing you can do. It does just happen sometimes.

Also, your baby's age is a factor. Two ounces is a full feeding at 8 weeks old. Four ounces at 3-4 months old ...

GOOD LUCK!! It's worth it to try!!

Many years ago I had been hit by a car while riding my bicycle home from college. I couldn’t work my waitress job because my collarbone had been badly fractured ( a comminuted fracture), and i was unable to use my right arm. So I collected disability and had to apply for food stamps because disability wasn’t much on minimum wage ($3.35 back then). I still had rent to pay and now I also had to ride the bus since I couldn’t ride the bike or drive, and the Ambulance bill and medical bills were coming in. Money was tight. I couldn’t cook for a long time and it hurt to eat with my right hand, and i would tire out fairly quickly. I saved up the food stamps because I mostly ate dry cereal with my left hand. Cereal was light to transport. Milk was too heavy, cans were to hard to open, and this was before microwaves were as common as they are now. A couple of months later as I was regaining use of my arm, for my birthday, I treated myself. I bought a single rib piece of prime rib - yes, with food stamps. I was still on disability and barely had $20 a month to spend outside rent, school and bare minimums.The woman in front of me in the check out line screeched and went on at me about buying that little piece of rib on food stamps claiming she couldn’t afford to eat like that.I was both ashamed that I was on food stamps and proud that I could manage this little splurge. This lady didn’t have a clue. She was judgmental, derogatory and loudly outraged and fully wanted to chastise me for all the world to heari made the prime rib for my birthday and ate by myself with a little candle. It was hard going to school alone in a new place not knowing anyone very well yet and having no support system.I learned a great deal about not jumping to conclusions about people that day. Something that has stayed with me for the past 40 years.My collarbone never healed right and I still have pain, but I gained a great deal of humanity through that experience. I don’t know what was going on with that lady, I never want to say to a stranger what she felt she had to say to me. And yes, I did tell her that I had saved up so that I could enjoy this one special dinner for myself.

The banana usually gets a bad rap in comparison to other fruit or vegetable choices because in terms of nutritional content to it's overall calorie is lacking in comparison to most other fruits and the sugar content is high, and the nutrients low (when compared with other fruits/vegetables.)It's a fair reputation, and another reason for consuming a wide variety of foods (within the vegetable and fruit consumption especially,) so that we are not just consuming the nutrients contained within just that one fruit we favor, (in this case banana.)For example one banana has roughly 110 calories, 20 grams of sugar and a 10% of daily recommended amount of Vitamin C...where as a serving of broccoli has a whopping 220% of your daily value of vitamin C and 4 grams of protein per serving..wrapped in only 45 calories!Just think each fruit/vegetable has a unique amount of nutrients, and the more wide variety you consume the healthier you'll be. I know a lot of times with produce we tend to gravitate towards our favorite ones (I am guilty of this myself with carrots and celery juice) and then stay away from the less tastier ones, but experiment with one new fruit or veggie the next time you go to the grocer and you may surprise yourself with a newfound love of the rooted veggie variety.As for the best time to consume a banana-with the sugar content it is great to consume an hour or two before a workout as a pre-energy! Or for breakfast, or really most anytime, but right before a high intense workout.The overall calories consumed though and the quality of those calories (not consuming too many, or not nearly enough) is always of primary importance over what time the food consumed is though, and again everything in moderation is a good rule of thumb.

Does the weather affect your mood?It depends whether I am located inside or outside a building where the climate can be controlled by myself or not..Let us presume the weather outside is breezy and its neither hot nor cold, but your work involves sitting inside a closed room for 15 hours a day and working without any fan nor ac… What will be your reaction ?Let us consider the alternate, it freaking hot or cold outside and you are comfortable sitting inside an A/C controlled environment and working . What would you be feeling then.. ??So, yes weather does affects everyone’s mood. Which ranges from getting highly irritated, short tempered in case of extreme weather and when in slight rains and warm weather people tend to be more calm and serene.. But the moment the environment changes.. People change along with it…