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Can Someone Give Me A Link To Garth Brooks Go The Long Way I Can

Can someone give me a list of popular country songs?

I'm kind of curious what you want specifically "popular" country songs for, but here is a list.

I really depend on what you're into but here are a few good ones:

Take A Back Road - Rodney Atkins
Just Fishin' - Trace Adkins
God Gave Me You - Blake Shelton
All Your Life - Band Perry
Hip To Me Heart - Band Perry
Love Done Gone - Billy Currington
We Own The Night - Lady Antebellum
Love Don't Run - Steve Holy
Cost Of Living - Ronnie Dunn
Long Way To Go - Alan Jackson

Not So New, but Good:
Longneck Bottle - Garth Brooks
The Dance - Garth Brooks
Days Go By - Keith Urban
Where The Black Top Ends - Keith Urban
Chiseled In Stone - Vern Gosdin
Deep Water - George Strait
Ocean Front Property - George Strait
Perfect - Sara Evans
The Impossible - Joe Nichols
The Good Stuff - Kenny Chesney
Mud On The Tires - Brad Paisley
Little Moments - Brad Paisley
Ain't Nothing 'Bout You - Brooks & Dunn
I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack
Forever And Ever, Amen - Randy Travis
Amazed - Lonestar
Baby Girl - Sugarland
Paint Me A Birmingham - Tracy Lawrence
How Do You Like Me Now!? - Toby Keith
The Devil Went Down To Georgia - Charlie Daniels

Youtube links are below.

I hope you like these!

Where can I download a garth Brooks Song From.?

easiest would be a P2P fileshare program like Limewire.

A "legal" download would probably be avalable from apple's ipod download store.

You might get lucky searching for it on google.

Garth's website?

Heart broken songs....I miss you/still love you/etc.?

winner at a losing game- rascal flats
more than a memory- garth brooks
teardrops on my guitar- taylor swift
in this moment- since october
lullaby- lit
tonight- fm static
beautiful- since october
comatose & the older i get- skillet
here i stand- madina lake
whispers in the dark- skillet
heels over head & hero heroine- boys like girls
total eclipse of the heart- the dan band (swearing though...other singers sing it too)
with you- chris brown
next to you- buckcherry
damn regret- red jumpsuit apparatus
hold on- korn
my heart & we are broken- paramore
heartstrings come undone & tide begins to rise- demon hunter
first time- life house
love me when im gone- three doors down
i hate everything about you- three days grace
broken promises- element eighty
last christmas- roses are red (maybe not for this situation but great song!!!)
falling even more in love with you- creed
bullets- creed
is there no truth in beauty- just surrender
forever- papa roach
45- shinedown
promises- adema
here without you- three doors down
behind those eyes- three doors down
when we die- bowling for soup
one thing- finger eleven
i stand alone- godsmack
far away- nickelback
alive- papa roach
The Last Something That Meant Anything- Mayday Parade
build me up buttercup- the foundations
when did your heart go missing- rooney

Need a long list of upbeat country songs, ill give examples of the style?

my kinda party by jason aldean
toes by zac brown band
light it up by aaron pritchett
thats how country boys roll by billy currington
alberta bound by paul brandt
better then revenge by taylor swift
remember the name by fort minor

this is generally the type of dance country im looking for, but i only have those songs really, what others do you guys suggest? if you could even link me to a place i could download the whole list at once thatd be great. but just a written list works good too, mostly just listening to way to much depressing music lately and need more upbeat stuff, but not a big fan of rap, and hip hop i do like but not as much as country.

Meaning behind the lyrics of 'How Soon Is Now' by the Smiths?

Great song. powerful yet simple lyrics. But what does it mean exactly? is it referring to anyone imparticular?

What does Morissy mean by "you shut your mouth haw dare you say, i go about things the wrong way"
"when you say it's gonna happen now, what exactly do you mean"

I heard it has something to do with being gay, is it true?

Where can i find the lyrics with chords of the song "The Last Time" by Eric Benet?

where can i find (website, link, etc...) the lyrics with chords of the song "The Last Time" by Eric Benet? (the lyrics goes this way... The first time I fell in love was long ago / I didn’t know how to give my love at all / The next time I settled for what felt so close / But without romance, you’re never gonna fall...)

I'm a songwriter. How do I sell my songs or get people to sing it?

Hi.First, COPYRIGHT your songs.You do this by going here:Copyright Registration with the U.S. Copyright Office |You can save some money if you register several works at once. you can register just the lyrics, if you don’t have any music yet, or record a simple demo which contains : The lyrics sung, the melody, and the harmony and or rhythm that you use in your song.This way you guarantee that you are the original creator and owner of the works (songs).Second, once you have done this, you can make a recording of your songs, to be able to sell them.I have worked for several songwriters, including Jeff Barry (Jeff Barry) and some others.In every case, when selling songs to artists, they record a professional sounding demo (a demo is a version of a song which contains only the most basic elements of lyrics, melody, harmony and basic rhythm) but it sounds professional because they hire session musicians and singers in order to really capture the way they envision their song to sound like and how it is sung.They then take this demo and show it to various artists via their management, or in rare cases, directly to the artist.Once they get an artist or their management to agree to buy the song, you enter into negotiations as to who will get what percentage of the PUBLISHING. You should get 100% of the SONGWRITING royalty payments, because it is your song.This gets rather complicated, so I highly recommend that you hire an ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER to help you in the negotiations. They are well worth the price, since you will guarantee you won’t get screwed over by a shitty deal.After that, keep writing more songs, copyrighting them, recording demos of them, and selling them.

What are some good country western songs?

Chisled in stone by Vern Gosdin --He stopped Loving Her Today and Wild Irish Rose by George Jones-- I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry by Hank Williams Sr.--- Cheap Whiskey by Martina Mcbride-- Moments by Emerson Drive-- Silence On The Line by Chris Ledoux --When I Call Your Name by Vince Gill-- For My Broken Heart Reba McEntire-- -- Gary Allan Best I Ever Had & Right Where I Need To Be & Smoke Rings In The Dark-- Help Me Make It Through The Night - Sammi Smith--Don't Close Your Eyes & I'm No Stranger To The Rain by Keith Whitley-- Arlington by Ridley Bent --My Kind of Radio by Joe Hikk -- Midnight in Montgomery by Alan Jackson--That Train by Doc Walker--The Resurection by Matraca Berg --- Ridley Bent Arlington --Joe Hikk My Kind of Radio---- Choices by George Jones and Who'se Gonna Fill Their Shoes --Murder on Music Row Alan Jackson and George Strait. --Red Light and Turning Home by David Nail--Real by James Wesley-- This Ain't Nothing Craig Morgan-- People are Crazy by Billy Currington--Way Out Here by Josh Thompson

Anything by GeorgeStrait--too many to list link to list of all his songs

Long distance country songs?

Operator, Long Distance Please by Barbara Mandrell.