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Can You Get In Trouble For Posing As Someone Your Not

Can you get in trouble for posing nude while in the military?

seems to be a grey area, there was an USAF sgt that was tossed out for doing some glamour shots.

I suppose it depends who sees it and how well liked the person is.

Personally would NOT take the risk.

edit and it would boil down to some one else's view of what was tasteful or NOT..........what some people think of as art some people call offensive etc etc. And you already said he has done porn so can be sure that some one would have an issue with it......oh and of course the fact that for some one to do ANY work outside of your military duties while in the military you MUST ask permission.

I could not care less but is it really worth the risk to be honest.............

Can I get in legal trouble for faking my age on the internet?

No you cannot get in legal trouble for faking your age on the internet. You can get in trouble for lying on an affidavit which is what you are providing when you are REQUIRED to provide an age for verifying who your are or that you are old enough to view content. I can pretend to be 15 or 50, the action you do while you are misrepresenting your age can cause you legal problems. Like the examples below (pretend to be 15 to get nude pictures of children) the possession of the nude is the crime not pretending to be 15. If you are faking your age to be older, you are placing yourself is serious risk. For example if a 16 says he/she is 18 and "hooks up" with someone 25 the older person has some ground to defend (how often do you ID your date???) In this case Statutory Rape will be difficult to convict, unless there is obvious indication the person is lying.

If someone came into my house with a weapon and ran off with stolen things in his hands, would I get in trouble for shooting his leg to get him down until the police comes?

If someone came into my house with a weapon and ran off with stolen things in his hands, would I get in trouble for shooting his leg to get him down until the police comes?Yes. You could be charged with a crime. You had better hope that you don't kill anyone even accidentally.In the United States, there is case law that changed what had been the “fleeing felon rule" in common law. You should not use deadly force against someone simply for stealing if they pose no threat to a person. No matter where you aim, the person could die from being shot. Shoot at the leg? What if you hit the femoral artery, and the person bleeds out over trying to steal a bicycle or something. You would be in a world of trouble and could charged with a homicide and lose your freedom because you valued some inanimate object above a human life.Under U.S. law the fleeing felon rule was limited in 1985 to non-lethal force in most cases by Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1. The justices held that deadly force "may not be used unless necessary to prevent the escape and the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious bodily harm to the officer or others."Fleeing felon rule - Wikipedia

How much trouble can you get into for making a fake facebook based on a real person?

creating fake accounts is illegal in some states. But you can't get in trouble if you erased it, as long as you didn't do anything rash like threaten someone. The worst you could happen is just drama between the people involved. And drama goes away. So i wouldn't get too worried

Is it illegal to text someone pretending your someone else?

this lady has texted me numerous times for the past few years and every time i say im not the person shes looking for and this time i just played along and we didnt even talk about anything like secretive or bad and she got all mad and said i needed god lol and verizon just called my house looking for my mom and im not sure if she called complaining

Is posing as a celebrity online illegal?

Yea, it is. Especially if you get caught. If it's just role playing like some people do, there's nothing wrong with it but fooling people into thinking you're someone you're not is illegal. That counts as identity theft.

Is it illegal to point a fake gun at someone? (Civillian)?

It is not your intent they will consider, it is the perception of the person you point the gun at. If they believe the gun was real, you can be charged.

Many states, such as Wisconsin, have specific laws relating to "facsimile firearms". If it looks real, and the victim believes it is real, you will be charged.

Is posing with a gun and posting the image on social media ill-mannered/queer etc?

Your choice of words are those of a young person so I'm going to answer from that perspective. No, posing with a gun and posting the image on social media is not ill-mannered nor is it queer. You are safe on those issues.It is, however, profoundly stupid. Here's why: do an Internet search on the term "wayback machine". Everything you post is permanent ... deleting an account does not change the COPY held on the archival servers. If you ever have to use any firearm (EVER) to defend yourself, and then have to face an aggressive prosecutor, you can be certain that the jury will see the photo of you glamorizing firearms.There you will be, in all your glory, having posted a potentially damaging photo to an account that will be FOREVER linked to your name and having helped the prosecutor establish that your relationship with firearms was a bit too intense to be healthy.If the photo you are considering posting is totally innocent and shows something you are proud of, print it out on your home computer and frame it for your wall at home. Don't post it to your wall on Facebook.