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Can You Od On Adhd Medicine

Can you die of a overdose on ADHD medication?

Most ADHD medications are stimulants. They can be extremely dangerous. THEY DO NOT DECREASE HEART RATE, they increase your heart rate and increase your blood pressure.

Contrary to the other person's understanding of ADHD medications, I am a Pharmacist with a Doctorate degree in pharmacy. He is correct when saying any medication can be lethal. However, in this case if she attempts to overdose it could and likely will out tragic.

Ritalin, Adderall, Vyvanse, Concerta, Dexedrine and others are stimulants and act much like methamphetamines. Everytime we dispense one of these medications we are legally responsible to give the patient a special written document which contains information which clearly states how dangerous the medications can be even at normal doses. Obviously if taken at a higher dose the chance of having heart problems increases.

Some ADHD medications such as Straterra and Intuniv are not controlled substances, however if taken in higher than the prescribed amount, they can also be lethal.

It would helpful if you could provide information on the specific medication she is taking. I could give you a specific answer for the specific medication and dose she is prescribed.

Take home message-You are obviously a great friend and are worried about your friend. The medications used for ADHD can be extremely dangerous. Do whatever you feel necessary to ensure she does not attempt to overdose.

I will be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have.


You won't overdose from 60mg. That is a normal dose for many people but it is slightly higher than average i would say.

You won't get a good high from extended release varieties like vyvanse because the distribution of the drug is slow over time.

Side effects will be opposite to what he feels when on the drug. After 10 hours or so he will feel tired, probably anxious / depressed, etc. Will last for a few hours.

Medical marijuana for ADHD/ADD?

O.K. so I am 100% sure i have ADHD or ADD. I don't believe in Ritalin because its very close to crack, i ran into a lady and she works at a dispensary (I live in vancouver, so we have dispensary's) and she told me medical marijuana is the best option for ADHD treatment and you can never overdose and there are different kinds for different needs, variety. the only thing is, is my mom is SET on the thought marijuana is a DRUG when its a plant. nature. and that it will lead me into harder drugs, how can i tell her this is for medicinal uses and good, how would i convince her to consider M.M.? (she's a past drug/alcohol addict but adhd herself, very gullible) and also what are the benefits of M.M? how hard is it to get a green card here in Van? please give me as much Information as possible thanks :)

Can you overdose on ADD and ADHD pills and be fine?

Yes, it is possible to harm yourself by taking too much, especially if you do it regularly. You take a few extra, and probably you will get buzzed and jittery -- people abuse this stuff because they're stimulants. As you have clearly figured out, they don't keel over dead from popping a few. But these drugs can be rough on the heart and body. People who do it a lot can run into some real problems, including addiction, tooth decay (from jaw clenching), malnutrition (from appetite suppression), cardiovascular problems, and psychosis. Remember, death isn't the only form of harm. Don't get me wrong -- you take a large enough dose all at once and you *can* keel over dead. But a dose doesn't have to be lethal to be harmful.

Can you get high off adhd pills?

Yes you can. Most adhd medications are amphetamines. Amphetamines get you high.

Children that take adderal are getting high on a daily basis. Sad but true.

How much 25I-NBOMe would you need to take in order to "overdose" on it?

There are generally two types of pharmaceutical overdosage, lethal and non-lethal. To take such a dose of 25I-NBOMe as to non-fatally over dose is unknown. Why? Because we have no information on it. There have been according to the DEA, 17 fatalities up until November 7, 2013. Erowid is maintaining a list documenting fatalities due to NBOME’s at the link posted below. This indicates that while some users have positive experiences, 17 of them have died and you mustn’t forget that.The answer to this question is unknown. While taking more than 1mg of the chemical might cause a lethal over dose, it might also not. Taking NBOMEs is the equivalent of Russian roulette, except you don’t get the free drinks typical of casinos.Otherwise NBOMEs are extremely interesting compounds for probing the functions of serotonin in biological specimens, however, they are definitively toxic to humans. If a younger person is reading this, I really hope you do everything to avoid taking this compound. It’s one thing to play with fire, another a nuclear reaction. Do not take random hits from the street, test every batch spectroscopically and always do that. I am extremely saddened to see 17 confirmed deaths due to this compound and wish for once that drug laws ACTUALLY did their purpose. By scheduling every compound on the planet with psychoactive effects, it neglects the fact that in doing so, every drug added is treated as an element of the set of Illegal drugs with little notice to the actual danger to the consumer.Sure, there are schedules which designate compounds based on safety. Upon closer inspection one might notice for instance one interesting fact, Methamphetamine is a SII drug. It is available as a prescription medication for ADHD, obesity and narcolepsy. Cannabis a SI substance with no medicinal value as decided by the DEA is by this classification more dangerous. Consider the the following proposition. Based on current American Drug laws, methamphetamine has more medicinal value than cannabis. Meth is less dangerous than cannabis? Apparently.

How cogent is Cannabis as means of treatment for ADHD and ASD?

Background information- diagnosed severe ADHD at 8 years old have been taking medication for it ever since, mainly straterra, adderall, and vyvance.I have found that cannabis can help with my adhd but in high doses you can become easily distractable and honestly if you're too high you're gonna stare off into space. Now for how cannabis helps with my ADHD it slows down the mind to more normal activity levels. Instead of having 10,000 thoughts racing through my mind and jumbling over words I can focus on just one thing because that's what seems important. Also just simply boredom, if you are bored in class/at work you will not be very productive, cannabis helps me find more interest in what I'm doing and makes me want to learn more. If you're thinking about using cannabis to help treat ADHD I would recommend using smaller amounts of sativa concentrates/ dabs. Unlike with some indicas sativa concentrates are known for keeping a clear head and gave me the uplifting cerebral boost I was looking for.

If you don't have ADD or ADHD then what are the effects of Adderall on someone in terms of academics?

It may or may not help--one medication or the other. There are various forms, but ritalin/methylphenidate is your standard option, while the older, longer lasting, stronger amphetamine (adderall) is the other. Everyone reacts differently to every drug, though, so this question can't be answered in advance. Be aware, though, that any stimulant causes additional wear on the heart--this used to be considered a marginal concern, but is no longer so, so be aware there is a negative health risk there (you can reduce the heart side-effects through taking methamphetamine (legal but extremely rarely prescribed), but it's unlikely you'll obtain it, and it is, for some reason, often dangerously addictive in a way the other drugs mentioned here usually are not (but it IS still easier on your heart).It's not true that stimulants only help concentration in those with ADD (though the chances are much better, there), but the only way to know is trial and error. If you take this path, start with a low dose (no 'normal' party doses of 60-100mg of adderall. Uh. Uh. Heart. Plus, then you're not medicating. You're just on drugs), and remember beforehand that it might work, and the medications are relatively free of dangerous effects if not overdosed--but you just might be burning out your heart 20 or 50 percent faster (or more), every time you take a pill. A healthy EKG beforehand would be a sensible precaution.