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Can You Put Henna On Your Chest

Henna tattoo in your mouth?

no, the henna has to be in contact with the skin for several hours and it tastes horrible and won't work there.

Can you put Henna on your chest?

You can put henna anywhere. It will just stain lightly there, henna stains thicker skin more deeply than thin skin. So on chests it'll be lighter and fade faster. Breastbone and rib areas will stain a little darker than breasts, neck, and decolletage.

Henna (mehendi) restrictions?

I am form India...Wearin henna s not at all haraam...I hav heard its sunnath in india wearing henna is a must for eid...n we wear it all over the hands.

Henna tattoos and modesty in islam.?

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

It was common practice for women to use henna in the time of the Prophet, may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, so in and of itself, it is not a sin to do so, even if a woman goes out in public, IF the practice of henna is common in her society. So, a woman in Pakistan or India would not attract particular attention from a man if she has henna because they see it every day.

Now, here in the US, henna is not common, so if I were to do henna and then, say, go to the grocery store, I would be noticed by the non-Muslims and I'm sure people would take note. Same henna, different circumstances. So in the U.S., I would limit henna to the nails only, since nail polish is common in the U.S. and doesn't cause undue attention. But the intricate patterns on the hands are very noticeable and if I did henna I'd feel obliged to wear gloves out, since I shop and take my son to martial arts and go to the library and such, and therefore I have a lot of instances where I am in the same room with men who are not related to me.

Henna is not permanent, so it does not fall under the curse of women who are tattooed. It fades over time and does not permanently change the body. I will not say it is haraam to use henna, but it can be bad to use it in a society where it is not typical because it brings about undue attention, which of course would not be something a modest Muslimah seeks. And Allah knows best.

fi Aman Allah,

Nancy Umm Abdel Hamid

What are the meanings of henna tattoos?

Okay, so I will write the answer to this question in 2 parts. First, about the importance of henna tattoos and secondly, the meaning of henna tattoo designs. Both the answes are in the context of Indian weddings.Importance of Henna TattooFirstly, I’d like to say that, in India, it is called as mehandi and not a henna tattoo. Henna is the name of plant whose leaves are used to create the thick mehandi paste. And this paste is collected in a cone and used to make various styles of intricate mehandi designs.During marriages in India, both the bride and groom have their hands and legs painted with mehandi designs. This is considered to bring happiness for the couple. Also, as per various legends, it is said that, darker the color of bride/groom’s mehandi, more will be the love between them. These days, many couples organize grand events to celebrate mehndi ceremony.Meaning of Different Mehndi DesignsYou’ll be surprised to know that different mehndi designs hold different meanings as per Hindu traditions. I have explained some of them beloew:Mandala Design: This design is in the form of a circle and it is drawn on the hand of the bride to bless her with a balanced life. This is one of the most commonly drawn design in a bridal mehndi.Peacock Design: Peacock is admired all over the world for its breathtaking beauty and the meaning of this design for a bride is to bless her with immortality and immense beauty.Bird Design: This type of mehendi design signifies the beauty and free spirit of the bride.Flower Design: As per the traditions, flower mehendi design is said to be a sign of happiness and joy. No wonder, not of only the brides, this design is favorite of all the girls.Lotus Design: This beautiful design is considered to be symbol of beauty, grace and sensuality. Which are surely the true adjectives for any bride. Some people also believe that it represent the awakening of an individual’s soul.

Is there anyhting more permanent than henna, but less permanent and painful than a tattoo?

Henna doesn't last long enough to be worth it although it looks amazing and I'm not allowed a tattoo and i'm too much of a wuss anyway, so I was wondering if there were any alternatives. I heard about semi-permanent tattoos but apparently they dont basically they're just tattoos... thanks XxX

Can you make a permanent tattoo with henna?

While it might be possible in theory, it's not currently possible in reality. Henna's dye, the tiny lawsone molecule, would cause a permanent stain were it put in the living tissue where tattoo pigments go. But henna's lawsone can't be extracted, sterilized, and preserved. It's an entirely organic substance, one that degrades over time, and up till now no one's spent any time trying to synthesize or alter lawsone to create an appropriate tattoo pigment.

Henna powder itself couldn't be put into the tissue. It's plant matter, it's in no way sterile, and most henna will have trace amounts of lead or other soil contaminants.

I would talk to a very experienced tattoo artist about what pigments might be appropriate for you, and get a better idea of what it is in black tattoo ink that you are allergic to.

Are Henna tattoos permanent? ?

That the thing about henna: they are temp and last about two months, but they only come henna colored