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Can You Report Someone For Being A Total Douche At Parking

What is polite way to call someone "douche bag" ?

You are not a good person.
These are the things that you do and say that makes you a person that's not nice:
things you do:
things you say:

Could I have been a total douche in a past life to where now I'm getting screwed over technologically?

Okay I've noticed a trend with me when it comes to technology.

-My mp3 player's battery life never lasted as long as it was said it would
-My audio recording software doesn't give as good of a sound as it was supposed to
-My guitar amplifier's handle recently broke
-This netbook(mini notebook)is slow
-This new wireless internet is worth sh!t since it takes a long time for a page to load and I literally cannot download anything at all whatsoever. It take a minute just to download 13kbs.

I'm guessing I must have pissed off an even nerdier person than me without realizing it, a god, a fortune teller, or I must have been an SOB in a past life because I keep having bad luck with technology. Like wtf? Is there anything I can do to reverse this trend of defective techno gadgets? (And yes they're all from actual retailers and not counterfit stuff.)

Like others who answered this, I don’t understand the context of this question - specifically, whether this is a parking spot at one’s place of employment or residence. However, I have an extra tip in the case that this is a residential situation, specifically at condo/apartment complexes.I’ve been in a situation where I paid for my designated parking spot at a fairly pricey apartment complex where their policy, to my disappointment, didn’t have the teeth to enforce it. I called a towing company to tow someone’s car out of my spot only to find that the city had a 24-hour rule - that a car had to be there for at least 24 hours in order for a towing company to tow it. I decided that chances were probably good that the person who parked in my spot was ignorant of this ordinance.Here’s how I got that person to vacate my spot immediately, and I think it’s worth a try since it won’t cost you anything. In this case, I kept my phone held up to my ear to pretend I was still on the line with the towing company. As soon as I saw people walking to and fro from the apartment complex, I popped my head out of my open car window, and yelled as loudly as I could, “Hey does anyone know whose car this is? Because it’s about to get towed!”A woman, barely dressed for the snow outside, rushed out of an apartment, gave me a nasty look like I’m the bitch here (oh the irony), and promptly moved her car out of my spot. Inside though, I was laughing and satisfied with this result.While other folks who answered this question presume that these situations should always be shrugged off, life is more complicated and some situations are worth rectifying. In my case, there was heavy snow and the guest parking was much farther away from my apartment.I had no idea how long this person was going to remain in my parking spot and, given that every minute of my life was precious as I was working and in a Ph.D. program at the time, the extra walking would’ve definitely contributed to my tardiness at work/school in the morning (and I couldn’t be more sleep-deprived than I already was). AND I knew I’d take more of a chance of slipping and falling on ice as my apartment complex (and parking lot) was located on a fairly steep hill.So, in my case, taking matters into my own hands was worth it, and bluffing costed me nothing.

My friend is being a total douche?

I have this friend, we were really close through the beginning of high school. I got a boyfriend over a year ago and I'm very serious with him, so this is not just a faze. My friend(he's a guy) keeps getting mad at me cause i apparently ignore him. I keep saying I can't be with him all the time any more, he says he understands, but obviously he doesn't. Another problem is that my boyfriend hates him. I can get why, considering my friend drinks a lot, takes drugs and sleeps around(well my friend says he sleeps around) He's always getting mad at me over really stupid things, like not hearing something he said, or something that my boyfriend did, then he expects me to come running to beg for forgiveness. Well I'm getting sick of it to the point were I just don't think its worth having him around. Do you think I should try to work it out AGAIN or should I just give up on him?

Friends gf is being a total douche?

She such as you and you like her. he's out of the image. what's the subject? no longer something, I did this besides. I had a appropriate chum and she or he cheated on her boyfriend countless circumstances in front of me and that i felt so undesirable for him. i began out fairly liking him and having stable thoughts for him. He taken care of her like a queen and she or he taken care of him like airborne dirt and dirt. properly, she ran off with a guy and left him with a poem of love. He did no longer have a clue that she had ran off with a guy. Later, he ultimately found out. He found out that he loved me the completed time and we mandatory to be at the same time.. I hesitated for a whilst because of the fact of her. Later, she stopped speaking to me. He and that i've got been given at the same time and lasted 5 years. until, he began putting out with the incorrect crowd and that i had to permit bypass.

How can I tow the car that is parked on my parking spot manager doesn't give a **** she says she only works from 10 am to 5 pm?

You have stayed in the same rental for 21 years. If you are not assigned a parking space, you are not' entitled to have a vehicle towed because you consider this your parking space.

Your lease agreement would have to state, you are assigned a particular parking space.

It would appear as if you are not assigned a space, your property manager or landlord is not taking you serious.

Th tow company is under contract with and to your landlord. The tow company would have a list of those entitled to call and have cars towed. The landlord would provide the tow company the list of individuals that would be
authorized to call this tow company and have cars towed at this rental complex.

Apparently you are not on this list as indicated by the tow company when you called.

You have no authority as to where a person would park in the rental complex parking lot. It appears as if there is random parking, and no one has an assigned parking space.

Your landlord is not making an effort t enforce your claim of a parking space.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Is my boyfriend being a total douche about this?

well first i am very impressed by the fact that you used the word debauchery in here :) it seems like it is a little of both. you were nice, going out of your way to expedite the return of her camera, but may have gone just a wee bit overboard in coordinating everything. your bf dave, could have made at least one phone call, just to be nice, but seems not to want to. a call by you, a call by him, the camera is returned before Carla left town. in reality, it was up to Aaron to get it back, but he also doesn't seem to feel any sense of urgency to do so. let's just blame Aaron and move on with our debauched lives. :):) cool question btw.

make a lot of other friends. Stand up for them no matter what.There has to be at least one of them with a quick tongue who can make a rude person regret it, and humiliate them in front of a bunch of other people.Or you could what my friend used to do. Whenever a person flipped him off, he'd simply reach out(that kid was lightning fast) and snap their finger. I actually had to look away once because it was so painful to watch.Of course anyone who wanted to be rude to him was a jerk who everyone hated, so people would always lie for him if teachers asked what happened. He was a nice enough guy, but wouldn't but up with stuff like that.I was lucky enough to have him as my friend, since kids tended to pick on me. He helped me out a lot.So that's what I recommend, find a witty or tough friend to help defend you.Or, if you can do it yourself, just humiliate them in front of a bunch of people(verbally, not physically)