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Can You Share Minecraft Maps

How do you install Minecraft maps?

If you are on PCFirst, click the download. When you are done, click “Open Folder” and you will see you downloads, with a file that has the map name.Second, click the folder, and it will open to another folder with the map name, and possibly a texture pack.Third, open your minecraft starter, and click “Edit Profile”. After that, click “Open Game Dir” and your then your minecraft saves folder.Then, cut and paste the 2nd map folder in it, and the resource pack in the resource packs folder.Done!If you are on PEFirst, tap the download. It will instant download, but you will need to put it in your Dropbox.Second, when the map is in your Dropbox, you need to put it in your minecraft thing. I don't know how to do it but you can search it up.Third, open minecraft PE.You will see the map in your worlds.Done!IDK how to do it on Mac, sorry.PC method applies to Windows 10 also :)

How do I convert my old Minecraft maps into the new format?

So basically, through a series of strange events, I have two world saves on my desktop, and Minecraft just went through the big Beta 1.3 update. Now I need to convert the old maps on my desktop to the new format that Notch has created. Will it do this automatically, or do I need to do it manually? Any information is appreciated, thanks!

Are minecraft seeds safe to use?

Yes, they are just seeds.

Seed's are the string of numbers and letter's which generate's the chunk's within the string. So you can share a really good seed you find between a friend. Seed's only share how the world was when it was first generated, so your building's you make on a seed won't be transferred to another person who use's your seed.

If you do want to share your creation's in Minecraft you will have to export your map and upload it onto a file sharing website of via FTP or Locally.

Minecraft world name ideas?!?

The nazi's base

How can two people play in the same minecraft world?

You can host your own server and give people the name of it or if you don’t want to spend money, you can do it through LAN (Stands for Land area Network). The way you do it is first you have to make sure you and the person you want to play with are on the same network, second create a world, go into your menu, there should be an option that says Open to LANHere’s a picture just to help.This is what the menu should look like.You click on start LAN world if you did it correctly then it should appear in your friends List of Multiplayer servers

How do you move a Minecraft Server world to another server?

I have a minecraft server i've put a little bit of work into, but im moving the server into a more "server efficient machine" I guess, But I need to know how to move my world to the new server so I dont lose everything.
The strange thing is, I have the server up and running on the new machine, but everytime I open the Roaming folder, there is no .minecraft server file?
*Windows 7