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Can You Stop Missing Someone Just Like That

How do you stop missing someone?

It really is difficult to being apart from that special someone in your life. The more you give of yourself i.e. emotionally, physically and psychologically the harder it is.
The good thing is that this happens to all of us lucky souls out there, because we are human. Our struggles actually help us to develop into becoming balanced human beings. It's all pretty scary, to think that we actually need to kiss a few frogs before we find Mr Right. That way we get to know what we want from a relationship.
The really scary thing is some people don't seem to hurt in the event of a break-up because they are emotionally undeveloped and detached, they actually are the real losers.
Keep talking and be honest about your feelings.To help not to miss him too much, keep busy socialising and check the Mr Right or Mr Wrong list on Internet, as an increasing number of teen girls are becoming victims of their boyfriends' controlling abusive behaviour.

How do you stop missing someone?

You miss someone because that person has left a void in you. A void is that empty space that begs to be filled with something or someone. Also understand that you can’t have something new unless you let go of your past baggage.Image SourcePersonally, I would say don’t try to fill it with someone else; that generally tends to be a rebound, and it’s unfair to both the partners to say the least.Fill that space with something sustainable and submersive, like a hobby. Choose it wisely and it will make you stronger and confident; you will become your best friend. Just in case it helps, Photography, Gaming and Chess were my personal choices. Also note, Music might not work, we have a tendency to relate those favorite tracks with our memories. I would really urge you to stop doing anything that reminds you of that person. Music post-breakups can be really tricky. It might make you a rock star, or scar you to oblivion. JUST KEEP YOUR MIND OCCUPIED. DON’T LET IT DRIFT.I believe it is also important to be cognizant of what is happening to you emotionally. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s DABDA model helped me a lot. It defines the stages we go through while dealing with loss (if you allow me to generalize):Denial: The person left behind is unable to admit that the relationship is over and may continue to seek the former partner's attention.Anger: The partner left behind may blame the departing partner, or themselves.Bargaining: The partner left behind may plead with a departing partner that the stimulus that provoked the breakup shall not be repeated. Example: "I can change. Please give me a chance." Alternatively, they may attempt to renegotiate the terms of the relationship.Depression: The partner left behind might feel discouraged that their bargaining plea did not convince the former partner to stay.Acceptance: Lastly, the partner abandons all efforts toward renewal of the relationship and look towards a new relationship.Peace!

How do I stop missing someone?

It’s nothing wrong in having thoughts or memories -the point is how you wish to process them!Some use to describe the feelings in form of missing someone,anger,regret or strength.These memories also contribute to our experiences.Now if you are having difficulties forgetting someone that means you are not being able to process those emotions in the right way.I will try to help you with the one you mentioned hereShe replied after weeks right?So you could go on quite well without her for those weeksYou are still alive & you are fit enough to post your question on Quora right?Time makes us strong,& if you have been able to spend a day without the person you don’t need them for spending the next hourImagine life is a bicycle,now when you start riding it for the first time you need extra wheels to balance yourself (those weeks without the person in your case) now first time you get rid of the wheels you will be quite afraid but you know it is a necessity.It’s time to throw away the wheels(let go of your past) & move on.If someone doesn’t respect you today chances are high that person won’t respect you tomorrow.Sometimes people don’t value things they get easily,why don’t you improve yourself & show her that you are worth the effort.If you get the respect today without the effort chances are there that it wont last long,but if you could earn it then it will last.But I recommend to delete the person complely from your life(no contact,fotos nothing!) If you have to see her everyday you could train your mind to treat that person as every another stranger you meet down the road,unless ofcourse you wish to remain stuck in your miseries .

Do you miss someone so much that you just can't stop crying?

not crying ... but cant stop being sad and feeling lonely ..... i go crazy when i miss my girlfriend ....

How do you stop crying if you miss someone?

Short:- stop trying to stop it.Long:-One first needs to understand what crying is.Crying can be termed as a neurological response of a living organism, upon undergoing severe emotional and physical pain or both.Why do we cry? Crying has been a great evolutionary mechanism. Nothing arouses empathy in a social animal as quickly as crying. Crying helps us in expressing our emotions, which are far beyond domain of any language.Detachments can be very painful. We are a social animal, we require someone who views us, not for what we are to others, but for what we are to them.Giles: [interpreting Elisa] When he looks at me, the way he looks at me... He does not know, what I lack... Or - how - I am incomplete. He sees me, for what I - am, as I am. He's happy - to see me. Every time. Every day. Now, I can either save him... or let him die.-shape of water.Our brain is very dumb! What we give to it, is what it gives to us, amplituding it.How do you stop crying? Stop trying to stop, it will go away.

How can I stop missing someone so badly....?

It definitely is something that is not easy to do...and to be brutally honest, some people never get over missing someone...I know I didn't, we're talking years here....BUT on the upside, the feeling WILL fade as soon as you start getting involved with some hobbies, etc.... go out and do different things, maybe take up something that you have always been curious about but have never done. I will say to try and stay away from too much alcohol consumption or other things that will alter your mood unnaturally....I did the wrong thing after a breakup and I went through quite a time...I just wanted to change myself and try to forget...which is simply impossible...because it's right there the next morning. Spend time with people that make you laugh and won't bring you down...this is very important as well, they always say that laughter is the best medicine!
Good Luck!

How do I stop missing someone that I know is not missing me?

If you’re spending time thinking about, longing for or missing someone that is not missing you, the question is not, “how do I stop missing someone,” but rather how to let go of people, circumstances or events that are not serving you.Letting go of people or the past is not easy for most people, however it is necessary if you are to live a happy and meaningful life. Think of it this way: When you hold onto things, you are unable to invite things into your life that will make you feel good. On the other hand, perhaps you like the feeling of missing someone that does not miss you. And, by the way, how do you know for sure if the person misses you or not; have they said so?Instead of making assumptions about how someone feels about you, focus on how you feel about you.It’s normal to feel bad when we lose someone we love because let’s face it losses hurt. However, if you want to feel good about you again, the best thing you can do is to surround yourself with people and things that make you feel good. I’m not saying use business as a way to distract yourself. However, when you focus on doing things that make you feel good, be it self-care, fun with a friend or productivity, you invite more things into your life that make you feel whole. When you miss someone, you imply that you lack something and that your feeling better is dependent on someone else to make you feel good. Instead, start feeling good now! You are responsible for you and no one else. Your feelings are yours alone, therefore if you are missing someone that does not miss you, that is a choice, and if you do not like the feeling, let go of feeling bad.

How do I stop missing someone after breakup?

Short anwer: You cannot stop yourself.See when we get emotionally attach to someone, then moments spend with them becomes memories and it get stored in your brain. And you cannot erase it fully. Their is no delete option in our brain.So the more you try not to miss someone the more you will miss. But yes there are certain thing which you can do to make yourself feel better.1. First and the most important thing is accept that its break up. Sometimes we don’t willingly don’t accept the fact that break up took place. And this is the root of the problem, hence make your mind to accept it. And yes it will not happen in hour. It may take a week.2. Forgive that “someone”. Unless the someone has not harm you physically, forgive “someone”. To be happy in life you must learn this.3. Learn from your break up.Take breakup as a lesson in your life. You must learn that what went wrong. Whose mistake was it. What you could have done to improve situation and apply it in future if same scenario happen. Breakup is a lesson which every human being learn once in a life. 4. Engage yourselfStart working, create your own identity, make new friends, give time to your hobby, your family. You will start feeling happy from inside. Life is beautiful. You live it only once. Give your best shotIMPORTANT: Now whatever i have written above is something which you have to do own your own. You have to do it for yourself. There is no spoon feeding. And no one can make you do if you don’t want to.So choice is your. I know breakup are hard. I know it has given you pain but rememberAfter every night, there is a beautiful morning.

Do you ever stop missing someone you loved?

You get used to not having them in your day-to-day life, and you kind of toughen up to the missing them; but, depending on who the person is and why they aren't with you, there may always be a little part of you in the back of your head that will always miss them (but you stash it away and don't think much about it).

Then again, if it's someone like a boyfriend you broke up with, then - yes - you stop missing them and sometimes wonder why you ever missed them in the first place.

How do you make yourself stop missing someone?

start wanting somebody else.