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Can You Think Of A Time In Your Life Where You Didnt Get Something You Wanted So You Burned Down

I am a burn victim. I need help?

I am so depressed.

I have never had a girlfriend before and I am 24.

I've never even kissed a girl.

People are always turned off by my scars.

When I was eight, I was in a fire and most of my body was burnt.

I have scars all over, especially on my face.

I don't want to live, but I don't want to die.

I need help. I need someone to talk to. I don't think I will ever have a girlfriend. I think I will die alone. If you don't think that's true, then let me ask you this:

How many burn victims have you dated? How may burn victims have you seen with girlfriends that didn't know them before they were messed up?

I don't mean to complain, but it's hard not to.

Please talk to me.

Wicca....Remember about my door bell ringing with no one there??

As I said before, it could definitely be nothing. But ask yourself how you really feel about it, honestly deep down? Got hairs standing up on you? cuz that's where you'll always find your truth. Say a prayer to the Goddess (or one in particular if you have one in mind) and ask for truth to be shown you to, maybe in a dream if you're a dreamer. Have you always been a psychic person all your life? Have you known when things were about to happen? If you've always been psychic and your intuition is telling you to be afraid, I would guess it's not something to be explained away. Listen to your gut. It would not hurt at all to get a small pot of rosemary and put it on your front porch for protection. I think the situation has escalated, and in my opinion, you'd better call for help. Take a look at or and see if you can find someone local to help you. Blessings!

You dont know what you got til its gone?

It's pretty self-explanitory, but okay...
You have a gf and she really loves you, but you take it for granted becaue you have it, but say she breaks up with you, then you finally realize how much you cared, so you don't know what you have until it's gone.

If the Library of Alexandria did not burn, how much further advanced do you think the human race would be?

I also asked this question in the History section. I thought Year of the Dragon had an intresting response. If you would like to read it.;_ylt=AkqfZti5SwuNbx0.ZfDiQ8_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080727185620AAfOVlP

Why do I dream about my house burning?

What does it mean when you dream that your house is on fire?
I had a dream last night that my house was on fire. It was during the day and my four year old daughter and I were in my bed and my two year old was sleeping in her bed (our usual sleeping arrangements). I heard the fire alarm go off and I looked to see where the fire was coming from, it
was on the outside of the house back where my closet and garage are but it hadn't made its way inside yet. I calmly took my four year old outside where she would be safe and handed her off to my cleaning lady that was outside waiting for us (so random), I went back in to get my two year old from the other side of the house and took her outside to be with the others. Once the girls were safe, I called 911 and reported the fire, then I went back in and grabbed a large garbage bag and filled it with all my photos, photo albums, and home videos (the only things that are irreplaceable to me). I was so very calm as I was doing this, it almost seemed like I had done it before or I was expecting it. I showed no sign of panic or emotion. After i was finisded collecting everything, i went back outside and my dream ended. The dream ended before the firemen came and/or the house burnt down. What does all this mean?

I am preparing for competitive exams, but for the past few days I have not been able to concentrate on studying and when I force myself I feel exhausted. When I start studying my mind wanders a lot. I'm in a 'do or die' situation as I have to clear those exams, but I am wasting my precious time. What should I do?

Thank you for this detail question description.The same things occur with every aspirants.They all do the same for fighting it off.But, what actually makes a difference is their unstoppable efforts to work onto the same.Fear, anxiety and pressure like things are very common in the struggle of clearing any competitive examination. Around millions are giving and thousands will be selected. Tough.Nothing except for going along and studying is the way to fight this.If you ask Google it has techniques like meditation and etc. If you start meditating with such kind of chaos in your mind then, you'll feel more low as you will depend upon meditation. Proper mediation gives result in and after 3–4 months of practice and till that time you don't have so much patience. Accept it. So it cannot help.As I said earlier, walking through the same. Studying is the way only.Hormones may play with you sometimes. Let it. But do remember when the game ends, you should be the winner.Don't feel low and stressful.Believe in your efforts, the results will walk to you as it is meant to be.Few things I personally practice to get rid of such things is:Yoga. Preferably, kapalbhati pranayama for 10 minutes daily. You can see the effects of the same on the internet.Weekly dopamine, serotonin and endomorphin doses. In my case I like to eat, so I prefer eating tasty and healthy food every week to keep myself happy.Build up the habit of patience. Slowly everything fades off and I'm again back on track.Discuss the issues with one close friend and with family. I said discuss, don't expect solutions. It will help.Finally, be passionate and keep reminding yourself, your 'why' for this journey.All the best!Thank you!Binoy Roy