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Cedar Hill Or Desoto Texas

How long does it take mail to go from Dallas Texas to Houston TX?

Assuming you choose regular shipping, and the package is shipped before pickup time, I see it make it to Houston (or vice-versa) the following day, regardless of what priority is chosen.If you ship the package after the carrier has picked up for the day, it will be at least two days.There's always the anomalies which kick the days out further, but that depends on what shipping option you choose. Priority overnight is going to make it there next day. So it all comes down to the timing of drop-off which should be as early as possible, or you pay for the up-charge to get it there faster.Oh, and I do live in the DFW area and ship back to Houston frequently. If I want to bypass all of this, I just go Fedex or UPS if it absolutely has to make it overnight. Otherwise, you have to just plan it right but then be flexible for any unintentional hang-ups along the way

What is Desoto, TX like?

I lived in DeSoto for sixteen years (1990-2006). It is a nice, well-run community. The city is safe and there are many nice neighborhoods to choose from. Not once did I or any of my family members experience any violence or crime while living there. DeSoto's population grew by 30 percent between 2000 and 2010, so the city continues to attract new residents. With around 50,000 residents, it is the largest suburb south of Dallas. The southern suburbs of DeSoto, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Lancaster, and Glenn Heights are all mostly middle-class communities with hard-working people just living their lives day to day like anyone else. They are demographically diverse and the area has one of, if not the, largest concentration of middle and upper middle-class African-American households in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Even in the cities with the largest percentages of African-American residents, people of different races/ethnicities are represented in local government (city councils, school boards, etc.) and are active in the communities in which they live.

DeSoto and the other suburbs I mentioned previously are not dangerous ghettos where you have to look over your shoulders or places where you have to fear for your personal safety. Most of the time, people making blanket generalizations about certain areas have never even lived in or had any experiences with the places they are bashing.

The guy asking "are you still interested" could have had several applicants for the position, determined that you were the most qualified, and just wanted to confirm whether or not you were still interested in the position. If you like it, take the job. You will be fine.

I hope this helps. If there is anything else I can help you with, just let me know.

Is De Soto, TX a good area or a bad area?

I lived there for sixteen years (1990-2006). It is definitely a nice place to live. Its crime rate is low and there are many nice neighborhoods to choose from. For those sixteen years, I lived in an apartment complex on the northeast side of the city. Not once did I or any of my family members experience any violence or crime. There were never any gunshots fired, loud music blasting at inappropriate hours of the night, or any of the other horror stories that I have heard from people who lived in apartments in Dallas or other communities. There are good public and private schools in the city and the city government is well-run. One of DeSoto's major improvement projects, the redevelopment of its Town Center, is near completion.

There is a lot of misinformation about the southern suburbs of Dallas on the internet, especially regarding crime rates. According to official statistics published by the FBI, DeSoto's crime rate is lower than or the same as some of the communities north of Dallas. The suburb with the highest crime rate in the county (and the Metroplex) is Addison, NOT a southern suburb. Yet you will find any postings concerning Addison that mention its high crime rate. A lot of people who haven't ever lived in DeSoto for any significant period of time or those who moved away many years ago are the usual people passing judgements and making false generalizations about the communities in this area. DeSoto has grown by 10,000 people since 2000. If it was so bad, I doubt that those people would have chosen to move there. The same goes for neighboring Cedar Hill and Lancaster, which are among the fastest growing cities in Dallas County.

For the most part, the people in DeSoto, Lancaster, Cedar Hill, etc. are hard-working people just living their lives day to day like anyone else. Please don't let a few negative comments scare you way from possibly finding your dream home in DeSoto! All the best!

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How far above sea level is the city of Dallas, Texas?

463 feet

Is there a lot of black in dallas?

is there a lot of ghetto blacks in dallas, which area should i avoid. im from Detroit and as you know there are a lots of crime over here, there are blacks everywhere, oh and btw im BLACK, so im not racist. Im thinking bout moving here, and i wanna know how many blacks reside in dallas and where. oh and is south dallas, oak cliff, mostly black or hispanic or mixed, because i hate the crime and im fed up with it

What city does the area code 214 belong to?

It belongs to Texas.

How is the Denton, TX area?

It is nice living in Denton. I went to school at TWU and if you like a small city feel you will love Denton. The down town area is called the square and it has nice boutiques, Bath Maries which is the best ice cream ever,bars and a candy store. Last weekend they had there Jazz and arts festival which is free and very family friendly. The city has a low cost of living and it is safe. The area has grown so much since 2003 when I graduated. It has better shopping than it ever has and the people there are super friendly. They have nice and regular houses. The biggest church in the are is Denton Bible and it is large. There are back ways to get around denton and it is an easy area to learn. I live in Cedar Hill now and love it but Denton was a nice place to live.

Lake Ray Roberts and Lake Lewisville are near by. Munster has a large German population and has a festival every April.

How do counties in Texas differ from cities in their powers, duties, and responsibilities, and which do you think has more advantages?

Counties have limited specified legal powers and except for law enforcement , courts , the jail, public health , floodplain administration and rural road and bridge matters they cannot do much else.Cities, towns and villages have significantly broader powers, depending on what kind of municipality they are.One is one thing, the other is the other. Most people living outside city limits prefer to not be under the thumb of and paying taxes for, a city administration. People who live in town are stuck with the “advantages”.