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Chances Of A Loan Approval

Why is it so hard to get approval on an auto loan?

Because of the current recession, mortgages were among the first consumer products to be hit by the credit-market freeze. Now car loans and leases are drying up as dealers, auto-finance companies and other lenders are having trouble finding money to lend to car buyers.

For shoppers with good credit, financing is still usually available, especially among healthier foreign auto makers like Toyota Motor Corp. and luxury companies like BMW AG. But overall, financial institutions have become less likely to lend.

Credit unions and so-called captive-finance companies -- the lending arms of major auto makers -- are likely to offer the best chance of getting a loan. Paying down outstanding debt to boost your credit score could also help. And car shoppers should consider turning to the used-vehicle market if they can't get financed, or at least settle for a less-expensive car.

Chances of being approved for Lowe's Credit Card?

Hello all I close on my first mortgage today, I sign the closing paperwork at 4pm today and take ownership of the house! I was thinking of applying for a Lowe's Card as I need to purchase a refridgerator. Here is what is on my credit report:

TU FICO Score: 677
Experian FICO Score: 643
Equifax FICO Score: 650
3 Paid CO's from 6 years ago
2 Current Credit Accounts that have never been late: Capital One (CL$200) & AU on Discover (CL$12,000).
1 Student Loan never late
1 Personal Lon never late
AAoA of 6 years 3 months

Think I have a shot at getting approved? Also, any other cards I might have a chance at being approved for as I may do a mini app spree and then garden to increase my scores.

Would chase bank approve me for an auto loan?

I'm 20 years old in the Army with 9000 in student loans and a credit card that's paid off. I have a 700 credit score. Lookin to get a 24000 auto loan and I heard bank loans were a better place to look than financing through the dealer. I bank with chase and they seem pro military. What are my chances to get approved without a cosigner

What are the chances of home loan approval in India for recent unemployment history for around 11 months?

I don’t think anyone can answer this question on fly. As your application need to be reviewed against many things like your how good is your cibil score, your salary, repayment records, reason for not in job etc.And then only bank can give any verdict on loan application. There are many cases where people got loan even they don’t have jobs or have a low cibil score.

What are my chances of getting approved for car financing?

My current car had already failed me (engine) @ 295k mileage and I am now without transportation which is a major necessity for me going to work and school.
Currently I have my eyes on a used car
$18,000 with 15k miles on it
$15,000 with 60k miles on it
$12,000 with 100k miles on it
I recently pulled my credit score/history and my current score is 662
I have about 5 credit cards (Visa, Mastercard)
I have about 3 retail cards (GE Capital)
Yes, I have that many but my credit history has never had any late payments, ever..
Minimum payments for total cards is $175/month
I don't pay rent/living expenses as I am living with my parent.
My monthly gross is about $1500
My monthly net is about $1250
And I have $5,000 - $6,000 down payment in cash.
From the 3 vehicles listed above I'm trying to get the lowest mileage I can which is the $18k car but I'd like to know what you guys think about my current situation? If you were the dealer would you give the car to me? If not, What are my chances of getting approved for financing/auto loan?

My bank is Bank of America but I am unsure they will help me with getting a car. What options do I have? Please help. Thanks in advance.

What does MISSING STOVE have to do with VA Home Loan Approval ?

The property doesn't meet either VA or FHA guidelines to loan money on.

The property must meet the building code. Not having a suitable floor covering certainly does not meet the building code. It doesn't have to be carpet, but it can't be just rough cement or wood. If the stove is a free standing, not built-in, that should be satisfactory. If it is a built-in stove and it is missing that will not pass.

Generally the seller will fix the defects in order for in to sell to either you or the next person that comes a long. FHA has the same guidelines.

Will I get approved for this 25k car loan?

Age won't affect your approval chances if you really earn 7-8k per month and have a FICO score of 726.

Can I get approved for an USDA Mortgage loan?

Hi. I wanted to know my chances of getting approved for an USDA Loan. I checked my FICO scores at and they are 694 TransUnion and 653 Equifax (I know...not so great). I was an immature college student and I had a couple of charge offs that were paid off 4-5 years ago. I also have about $34,000 in student loans (Obviously college screwed me up! =) ). I have rented an apartment for 2 years and have since opened 2 store accounts and I have NEVER been late with either. Another good thing is that I have about $4,000 that I am able to use toward a home, I have been at my job for 4 years, and I am technically a full-time grad student this fall (10 credit hours). My job is letting work and complete my internship there. Will this hurt me?

Do I have a chance of getting approved for an USDA loan for about 75K-85K? Or, do I need to wait until those charge offs disappear and try to get a conventional loan? Looking for accurate advice only! No online scams please! Thanks! =)

*** The housing development I like qualifies for the USDA mortgage.
Sorry so long....just want an accurate response.... thanks!