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Chest Feels Tight And Hurts

My chest/heart is tight and hurts, hard to breathe!?

The type of symptoms you're describing could be caused from something as mild as stress, to something more serious, such as asthma, pneumonia or a heart defect.

I don't point out the extreme case to scare you, but to emphasize the point made by many others - difficulty breathing isn't something to take lightly. You should go see your doctor as soon as possible.

Good luck...

Why do my hands feel shaky and my chest feels tight?

Could be an anxiety attack. What were you doing when this started? Do you have any other symptoms such as chest pain, increased heart rate, breathing faster than normal? If the symptoms continue or get worse, you should see a Doctor immediately. If this is something that comes and goes without getting worse, schedule an appointment with your regular Doctor.

Why does my chest feel tight?

The past 4 or 5 days my chest feels tight no pain just uncomfortable. Then I get little pains through out my chest but usually left side under breast. It does at times change to right side or middle. Like now I have it and feel very annoyed like anxiety but im not stressed or upset about anything at all. Its very annoying cuz i feel like eveything is making me tense and mad or no reason. My hearts not pounding and its a normal rate. could it be anxiety??? I also feel a little weak but its just that annoyed feeling that is bothering me. Like if someoe says the wrong thing im gonna flip out. I feel this a few days before i start my period but i just ended it so its not that. anyone have ideas. please let me know. thank you. oh my breathng is a little off too like im tryinto relax or calm myself. Im 33 healthy not over weight. just make it stop

My chest feels tight after hot showers?

I regularly shower with hot water, and have been doing so for a while. However odd things began to happen whenever I did. I remember the first time itoccurredd my vision suddenly got blurry and everything turned a bit purple. It felt as if I wasn't getting good circulation to my eyes and I suddenly became very noxious. This has happened more than once, I decided to ask here because it has just happened. My chest became tight, I felt kind of weak and it felt hard to breathe. I also noticed that my chest had a bit of redness. It subsided after about 10 minutes. I've decided to stop taking hot showers, but I would like to know why this happens and if it is at all serious. I'm also 14 years old.

Why does my chest hurt when I laugh?

If it is increadably painful, and you hear popping, grinding, or crunching, odds are you havea misaligned sternum. This can be caused from falling onto an object, or being hit by someone else during physical sports.

Waking up with tight chest?

Hi. I know this is not an answer, but I just quit smoking two weeks ago and have the same symptoms. I have quit smoking before for weeks at a time and never had such a tight chest or the pain when I breathe. Did your symptoms go away? If not, have you visited a doctor and what did they say?

Thanks so much.

Why does my chest feel tight and it's hard to breathe?

This can be anything from pure psychological to imminent demise so take it seriously.The two are a central alarm when the brain sensed there is low oxygen concentration in your blood. It could mean something in your respiratory, cardiovascular, haematological or even musculoskeletal problems. But it could be psychological too.There is not way for me to make even remotely any educated guess on the info you provided. But let’s assume you are still live and kicking and not reading it from a hospital bed, then there is a little 30 second stress test you can do.After making sure you don’t feel like in great distress, try raise your exercise a little every 30 seconds to one minute depending on your age and fitness. The older and more frail you are, the more cautious you should be.If you were sitting down while feeling those symptoms, stand up, and see what happen in 30–60 seconds. All goes well, start walking slowly, 30 seconds on, still ok, then more increase the speed gently. By the time you feel you’re even better after 10 minutes or so you are probably ok.Remember this is just a rough stress test on your body to test out if the symptoms are genuine. Any deterioration in the course of the stress test should prompt you to stop and ask for immediate help.

Why does my chest hurt when I feel depressed?

It’s because the fascia in the chest muscles and surrounding the lungs and heart tightens with the emotion caused by a loss or hurt. In Chinese medicine the lungs hold grief, also the heart. The sympathetic part of the nervous system is activated by loss or separation (usually dependent on your early experiences of loss which will form your response in later life) and hormones are released to help you get out of danger. If you can’t do this, as in a loss or an event which leaves you sad and where there is no release which might occur in a fight or flight situation, the emotions will become physical as the fascia tightens.It takes quite a bit of practice and is easier with a therapist who works through the client’s body sensations, but if you focus on the area you can feel it breathing steadily and easily, tracking the sensations, avoiding thinking of them as good or bad, you may start to feel relief, not just of the physical sensations but also the emotion itself.Gestalt therapy, Vipassana, mindfulness meditation, and especially Somatic Experiencing all help you connect to your feelings so that you can allow them to pass through your body. Check out Peter Levine on YouTube. Iraq war veteran. Very interesting stuff.I’m half asleep, it’s my bedtime, but I wanted to answer this. I hope it’s reaonably easy to understand. Lots of people have no idea what goes on in their body.Edit. It’s important to remember that feeling sad can bring up fear as well which is why the sympathetic nervous fight or flight system is activated. It’s why it’s good to cry! Unless it goes on and on without resolution in which case you may need to speak to a professional. Counselling may be helpful but it has its limitations as the shock of an event is in your body, not your head. Bodywork is often best.

Why does my chest hurt after eating pizza?

I've been on a diet since november 2nd and I was dieing to eat pizza, I ate some pizza today and my chest hurt, like if I move my chest a certain way I can feel the pain. The pain is mild nothing that bothers me to much, but this happened to me the last time i dieted! In september i dieted for a month and then I ate pizza and I got the same type of pain. What's up with this?

My throat hurts and my back and chest hurt if I breathe to deeply but I don't feel like I have a cold?

Okay you may just be fighting off some sort of virus (even though you may not have the elevated pulse or onset of "that sick feeling" it still possible that your body is trying to fight something off- which would explain- aches, headaches, coughing and sore armpits due to swollen lymph nodes- just another symptom of fighting off a viral infection)

I actually felt very similar this past weekend, and I think (for me) it actually may have been a barometric pressure change due to the weather- I was super achy my back hurt and I had a headache all day- but no temperature or "that sick feeling". It went away as soon as the weather was clear.

Maybe you slept funny last night- that would certainly contribute to feeling sore/ headaches

Aches and headaches, when combined with a fever, could also be flu symptoms I'd check your temperature every so often in order to rule out the flu.

It could also be a combination of all/some of the above.

I'm certainly no doctor (though my mother is) but I'm 18 and felt nearly the exact same way a few days ago- and this is kinda what my Mom told me.