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Chronic Constantly Clearing Throat Changed My Voice

How do you politely tell someone that their constant throat clearing is distracting at work?

A little over a month ago, a new employee was hired at my office and sits at the next cubicle. Since she has started, she has contstant throat clearing & coughing. When I say constant, I mean it goes on all day, every day. Certain times of the day may be a little better, but when someone is clearing their throat at least once every minute, it can become very distracting. At first, I thought she was sick with a cold (as she always looks sickly), so while its still annoying, it's understandable because there is an end in site. But now its clear that this is just her and there is no end in site. I feel bad because perhaps she does have a condition causing this, but I also know she is a smoker as well. It used to really love my job, but now its become daunting to know that I have to listen to this all day. Should I drop cough drops on her desk when she isn't there? Do I ask her to try and keep it to a minimum? How do you even approach this politely?

What are the best ways to clear your throat for singing?

Good answers here! Your vocal cords are constantly covered in a little bit of mucus, and sometimes the mucus production becomes too much and you can hear it in your voice (especially in the morning!) When your voice feels 'slimy':- just keep to your usual techniques, don't start forcing things and let the mucus come off naturally;- DON'T start clearing your throat (the 'ahem' sound), that creates more mucus!- you can steam your voice with boiling water and camomille, but remember NOT to speak for at least half an hour afterwards and DON'T sing for at least four hours;- hot, sweet beverages, but AVOID mint; that creates more mucus. Adding honey is always a good idea;- do gentle warm-up exercises, lip thrills is a very good suggestion!And don't forget, water is a vocalist's best friend :)

I always have to clear my throat and cough?

do you constantly feel you have to clear mucus from your throat and do you cough so hard to clear it and grunt alot to try and compensate for all the coughing your doing? It may be Chronic Bronchitis, I have it and it is a pain.. i am at my wits end with it but it really is hard to deal with and it really affects your quality of life, I havent gotten mine taken care of either, I just constantly have to clear my air way of mucus and I get short of breath at times too, god i thought I was the only one that suffered like this all the time, day in day out year round.

How could I have lost my voice if I don't have a sore throat?

I usually lose my voice when I'm tried or stressed out, it usually comes back 3-4 days later. However, if you have chills and constant dry cough I would see a doctor.

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Why do I always have to clear my throat before talking or else my voice will sound weird? I never really have to clear it any other time.

Don’t know, there might be some clues in the links, otherwise you need to ask when you see GP unless you are already are thinking of asking for referral to ENT.I sometimes have similar problem, but as a long term Chronic sinus sufferer I know it is just sticky mucus running down the back of my throat.Why do I always have to clear my throat before talking or else my voice will sound weird? I never really have to clear it any other time. at DuckDuckGo

How can I break a horrible scratching throat habit?

I have this horrible habit that is very noticeable where I scratch my mouth/throat, making a clucking or oinking sound. I cannot control it either! Anyone know how I can stop doing this? It's a horrible habit that gets me weird looks!

How do I know if I have throat cancer?

Hey,Fast facts on throat cancerThroat cancer is uncontrolled cell growth in the throat. The most common types of throat cancer are of the pharynx and larynx.60.7 percent of people with laryngeal cancer and 64.5 percent of people withpharyngeal cancer live for a little more than 5 years following diagnosis.Treatment includes radiotherapy and chemotherapy but if the cancer has grown or spread to other parts of the body the treatment methods do not help.Although there are many ways to manage the side effects of cancer treatment at home, one should always get professional help to ensure timely recovery.Innumerable types of throat cancers begin as squamous cell carcinoma which occurs in the squamous cells that line the throat.Let’s talk about the symptoms of throat cancer in men and women1. Symptoms of laryngeal cancerThe larynx is located between the base of the tongue and the trachea, and helps with breathing, swallowing, and talking. There will be an estimated 13,430 new cases of laryngeal cancer in 2020. Symptoms may include:A persistent sore throat or coughA lump in the neck or throatChanges in the voiceEar painTrouble swallowing2. Symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancerThe nasopharynx is the upper part of the throat located behind the nose. The nostrils lead to the nasopharynx, and there are openings on each side of the nasopharynx that lead to the ears. Symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer may include:A lump in the nose or neckNosebleedsPain or ringing in the earsA sore throatTrouble breathing or speakingHeadaches3. Symptoms of oropharyngeal cancerThe oropharynx is the middle part of the throat that includes the soft palate, the side and back walls of the throat, the tonsils, and the base of the tongue. Risk factors for oropharyngeal cancer include heavy alcohol use, smoking or chewing tobacco, and being infected with human papillomavirus (HPV). Symptoms may include:A persistent cough or sore throatTrouble swallowingEar painUnexplained weight lossChanges in the voiceDull pain behind the breastboneTo know more about throat cancer you can read our blog

Can bronchitis ruin your voice?

Coughing and clearing your throat is very traumatic to the vocal cords. Although, coughing is the best way to clear the gunk out of your lungs so that you don’t damage your lungs. Your body doesn’t want fluid in the lungs so it makes you cough. Your lungs too can lose their elasticity and that is very, very bad. If you can’t cough, try blowing up balloons (from your diaphragm) to help get the lungs clear.The good news is with plenty of vocal rest, your cords will heal BUT keep in mind that damage is cumulative so the best thing to do is whenever you sense a cold coming on, cease talking and singing until you are healed in order to minimize any risk to your singing apparatus.Remain healthy in general. Wear gloves and a face mask in public. If you are too embarrassed to wear a mask, wear a scarf over your mouth and nose. At the very least, don’t touch things like handrails and door knobs, don’t shake hands and never touch your face nor eat without first washing your hands. Ask people that if they are sick, to stay home. Don’t come to rehearsals, don’t come visit. Keep out.I recently had friends over for dinner and was PO’d that they were both sick and didn’t tell me but came anyway. You guessed it, the next day I had a sore throat and a week later I am still harboring the vestiges of their selfishness.