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Conservatives Did You Know That You Can Sign Up For $100 Per Month Obamacare Tomorrow Through The

What do conservatives have against free healthcare? Is that why Trump is going to remove Obamacare?

No such thing -- it's paid for with taxes. Like all things operated by the government it's terrible and inefficient, never giving patients the best care or doctors adequate recompense for their work. I don't want it and I should not be forced to pay for it -- and it's certainly not my responsibility to pay for someone else's care.

Health Care opponents, have you seen this?

The Canadians are a bit disgruntled with the portrayal of their universal payer health care system. someone put together the following You tube presentation as a rebuttal to the misinformation that the Do Nothing crowd is insisting upon. What do you think of this?

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What costs the taxpayer more: 7 years of war in Iraq or the health care reform bill?

The health care bill

Both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost about 3% of our GDP.

The health care spending costs us 16% of our GDP.

How do Canadians view the American healthcare system?

I am a Canadian living and working in the US. I consider my self lucky that I am old enough to be covered by Medicare otherwise my wife and I could not afford medical insurance especially prior to ACA or Obamacare.I spent 2 years in Austin Texas and couldn’t believe how many hospitals and doctors there were but it took me a month to find a physician who was prepared to accept a Medicare covered patient. However, I was told almost in the same breath as I was refused service that if I wished to pay full freight the Doctor would accept em as a patient.The US medical system is a for profit nightmare. Everyone has their hands out. Insurance companies, drug companies, hospitals, practitioners. This is not to say that there many world renowned facilities and outstanding doctors but relative to other countries the US as a nation does not rank very high.I come from a family of doctors and have seen the difference between the two countries up close. Canadians pay less than Americans for their medical insurance, the cost is hidden in the taxes they pay. They get the same and in some instances better healthcare than the average American and if the situation demands it and the facilities are not available in Canada then Canadian medical insurance will pay for services in the US including travel and lodging. My mother was sent to the Mayo clinic under this program.The comparisons between Canada and for that matter most European health care systems has been part of the political landscape for decades in in the US. It is a highly charged debate centered more around protecting the medical industry as opposed to serving the general good.