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Cost Of A Kashmir Sweater

How to care for a 100% cashmere sweater?

Today I bought a light blue cashmere sweater from Macy's.
As it was fairly expensive, and I plan to keep it in as best possible shape as possible, I'm sort of scared to wear it because if anything happens to it [a dirt spot, cat hair, ketchup spill, sweat stain, etc] i have no idea how to clean it! And I can't be going to the dry cleaner. That just isn't going to happen.
Anyone have tips on the proper care of a cashmere sweater? Anything at all- from washing care, to storing care, or wearing care. Or just a cashmere sweating. Tips. Thoughts. IDK. Anything would be great :)

Did you know it take one little goat four years to produce enough wool to make just one cashmere sweater?

It makes me really appreciate the cost of this thing.

How much would a cashmere sweater cost?

you're gonna spend at LEAST 65 dollars, and I'm giving you a lowball number. Cashmere is spendy. And you don't really want to get a cheap quality either. If you're gonna spend the money get a good one. Doesn't mean you go looking for the one that costs 250.00 either. Just best quality for the best price.

Lay it flat on a very absorbent towel, preferably a white one.Roll up the towel, gently squeezing out the excess moisture into the towel.Repeat steps 1 and 2 (with a dry towel on each repeat) until it is just a little damp.If you have one, lay it on a mesh air dryer. Position a fan next to it, to ensure air moves over the sweater. This will cause evaporation to happen faster.

All cashmere sweaters will pill to some extent. How much they pill depends on the quality of the cashmere fibers used for the yarn in the sweater. Lower quality, less expensive cashmere contains a higher percentage of short fibers. It will pill a great deal over the life of the sweaters. Higher quality cashmere will contain a very small percentage of short fibers and will pill very little…and usually stop after the first wearing or two. Unfortunately the higher quality cashmere fibers, which resist pilling, are more expensive.If you purchase a high quality cashmere sweater, I recommend that you wash it after the first couple of times you wear it. This will help remove any residual short fibers…and the sweater should pill very little from that point on.Rita JonesIsle of Skye Cashmere

How much does a Hermes men's sweater cost?

Don't they make mayonnaise?

Your best bet for buying a valuable cashmere sweater will result more in where and when you buy your cashmere sweater.For example: If you buy a lower value cashmere sweater from a brand/designer that is lower quality thus being less expensive then you will really not receive the value you are looking for.I suggest shopping for brands such as: Polo Ralph Lauren : Boss : Banana Republic : Nautica : Burberry : Theory : Armani : Lacoste : Vince ***one of my favorites. (There are many other quality brands that sell cashmere sweaters these are just a few) Now I suggest that you shop at outlet malls, wait for a major retailer like Macy's or Bloomingdale's 25-40% off sales, shop at your local discount store : TJ Maxx : Marshalls : Ross : Nordstrom Rack : Off Saks 5th : These usually have 30%+ off on cashmere sweaters.I highly suggest against buying any cashmere sweater that does not come from a quality designer or brand. You may get a couple good wears but... it will soon be the softest rag you own.

You can dry clean a cashmere sweater, but it is much better for the sweater to hand wash it. I know this from my own experience as a major retailer of women’s cashmere sweaters for over 15 years.Cashmere yarn is spun from the soft under hair of goats that live in the high mountains of the Far East. It is a natural fiber, much finer and softer than even baby’s hair.The harsh chemicals in dry cleaning fluid will change the texture of the cashmere fibers. They will make it stiffer, more brittle, and less soft…much like using coloring chemicals on your own hair will change the texture.If you want you cashmere sweater to get softer over time and pill less, the best solution is to hand wash it. But it is safe to dry clean cashmere, if hand washing is not an alternative.Here are my instruction on hand washing cashmere sweaters.If you have any questions about handwashing your cashmere sweaters, feel free to email me at info@isleofskyecashmere.comRita JonesFound and OwnerIsle of Skye Cashmere

How much would a cashmere sweater from Banana Republic be?

it depends about the style of the sweater.. but they cost around $160 - $200

The crucial issue with cashmere is how you take care of it. If you take good care of it, it can last forever. To avoid the cashmere sweater to lose its shape and elasticity, do not leave it on a cloth hanger while not wearing it but simply fold it flat in your closet. Respecting the washing instructions will also help you keep the sweater for a long time. Hand wash cold, no spinning, no machine drying, do not twist it. Dry it flat on a towel instead of spinning it. These instructions will help you keep your sweater for years. Also remember that the more you wash your cashmere sweater throughout the years, the softer it will become. Disclaimer: I work for MoonCats, an online brand selling affordable cashmere garments.