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Could I Get Kicked Out Of Section 811 For Arguing

If someone has a fight in university will they be kicked out of the uni?

unless you can prove its self defense you have a very good chance in getting kicked out and possibly arrested, unlike high school they arrest you more. even in high school you could get arrest for fighting. its falls under assault, doesn't matter your age or if you both agree to the fight its still assault.

Minimum and maximum question?

1) The equation will vary depending on the value of the sin() part. You know that the sin function varies between -1 and 1 therefore
min(v) = -500 + 800 = 300
max(v) = 500 + 800 = 1300

2) Each breath will be one full cycle of the runner's lungs - from empty to full then back to empty again. If you look at a graph for the sin curve this happens on multiples of 2pi .The sin function in v above has an argument of 50pi when t = 1. Therefore this is 25 cycles of the sin curve - so the runner breathes 25 times a minute.

What should I do when Indian police tries to arrest me under a false pretext?

Well, first thing would be that Do not resist arrest. Don't become violent, don't hurl abuses at them, or threaten in any manner ... all these are valid reasons to arrest somebody. Hence, even if they didn't have a reason earlier, now they do.And please don't give even an hint that you are a flight risk, because then they not only have a reasonable suspicion to arrest you, they then have a right to hurl you on floor, and tie you up (including handcuffs), and parade you around your neighbours like you are a prized trophy they have earned. Hence, appear dignified, and respectable, like somebody whom they have to reason to arrest, not fight and overpower to arrest.1. Demand a Warrant, or a probable cause: You can only be arrested for two reasons: Either they have caught you 'red-handed' doing a crime (like stealing from someone), or if they have a warrant. If it is first, try showing that what you are doing was not a crime, or that maybe someone else did it. If it is second, either he would have a warrant, or he wouldn't. If he doesn't have the warrant, try arguing that you cannot be arrested without one.2. Ask them to read your rights: Even though it is a general understanding that most cops are too uneducated and stupid to even read a letter of Indian Constitution, they are well trained and well-versed in all of IPC and CrPC. Hence, if you ask your rights in a calm and dignified manner, he'll realise that you are not an ignorant idiot whom he can treat like a personal toerag, and at this point, you may also point out flaws in his arresting procedure. All this can intimidate even a seasoned policeman, because people in India are usually unaware of their rights under the CrPC and the Constitution, and nobody knows them, much less ask for them. That can drive away any illegal attempt to arrest you.3. Criminal Prosecution later (or threat of the same): But as much as we know the Law, and the Constitution, Police brutality, illegal detention and torture are such common things here that newspapers have stopped writing news reports about them, and people have accepted them as one of those 'Chalta hai' things which go unnoticed and uncompensated. So, your best weapon is Yourself, don't let the rascals walk away. If you have suffered police brutality, illegal detentions, and your human and fundamental rights have been taken away from you by the states, file a criminal case against the erring official, and sue the state for compensations.

Army out processing procedure?

When I got out it was wherever you were stationed. I was stationed at one post when our command was at another and ETS'd from the duty station that my pillow was at....although I would have rather been where my command was. That was awhile ago too and things may have changed since.