Create Your Own County

If you could create your own country?

It would be network like, and far more ordered. It would be lead, (the idea of authority would dramatically change from Joe's understanding) that it is pushed ahead, by the most intelligent, so appointed by their expertise in certain areas needed for survival. There wouldn't be election, just appointment of people in different lines of production, and technology. There would be no prison, only health facilities.

Society should be a survival mechanism for all, not just the few, and not made out to be some great fabrication brought about by mere chance or God.

Take any line of production; it has a number of cooperations all competing, with many different products. It is much wiser, to work together then to work apart, especially in world as populated as ours, in which 7,000 thinking beings could put together or orchestrate complete automation of every job requiring repeated motions.

Mutual intention, has greater probability of actualizing intents then single intention. How humanistic are your memes?

Republic of SandwichPopulation: 3 millionDemonym: SandishLanguage: EnglishReligion: Secular (the only country in the world to recognize Pastafarianism as official religion)FlagEmblemAnthem: The Lazy Anthem (world’s shortest anthem)“We are the people. We decide what we are going to do. Oh~yeah!”Government: ParliamentaryMain industry: Tourism, financial services, software and hardware technology.The people of Sandwich are very, very informal. They hardly address people with Mr. or Mrs, and giving nicknames when meeting for the first time (i.e. Donny for Donald). In the government offices, almost nobody wear suits except on formal occasions and events. Even the Prime Minister dress informal outfits and pajamas are widely accepted here. Sandish like to make puns all the time.Our Prime Minister Cliff Jackson (Jacky)Public services are available to everyone and it’s affordable. Almost all education levels are free, including colleges and offer scholarships to people from around the world and takes in about 50,000 students per year.They have little natural resources, hence they import raw materials from abroad countries to produce goods and services. Sandwich is well-developed country, with great infrastructures and high standards of living.If you love sandwiches and to live lazily, then visit our country. And I promise you won’t regret it.We Sandish will wait for you!

Create your own country project?!?

First everyone must work together to gather food, wood (for fire) and arrange some sort of temporary shelter.

Starting off as a communal environment would mean that everyone works for the GROUP, not for just themselves. This could continue if everyone cooperates, if cooperation breaks down then the entire structure will fall apart.

Of the 300 people you must find out what they are capable of (doctors, carpenters, farmers etc.) and put them in groups so that they can find a "leader" "supervisor" whatever in order to oversee the work that needs to be done in that group after the "government" is established.

The government would be copied after whatever society the people come from, so if this is a scenario where people are from the USA then copy that plan.

Which also takes care of the rights of the people and the protection of those rights.

Hope this helps.

New CanadaIt is a country that my friend and I have been creating over the past couple of years.GovermentThe Executive Branch consists of a Prime Co-Chancellor and a Sub Co-Chancellor, who are mostly all-powerful.The Legislative Branch consists of about 4 people, 2 of which are the current Co-Chancellors, they are mostly useless, only used by the Co-Chancellors, when they are in dispute.There is also a large legal codex, which I, as the Prime Co-Chancellor, cannot find for my Sub Co-Chancellor wrote it and subsequently hid it.The government is part of 706, Inc., which has many departments, such as DAS, the Department of Astronautical Services, and the DRD, the Department of Redundacy Department, etcetera. 706’s, and New Canada’s, main product/export is slightly irradiated chocolate milk, with convenient radiation kits in the cap.We have a colonized space station, and a colony on the moon, both of which are self-sustaining.TechWe have the most advanced tech on the planet including scifi-like shields and plasma guns, although we would have trouble winning a war due to the size of our armed forces being at most 5 people, although all are in power armor.LandWe have the capital province of New Canada, and the provinces of New Quebec, and New New Canada.CurrencyOur main currency is the Shilling, which is worth millions of USD, due to the fact there are maybe 2o total coins.The entire country is based off my Minecraft games with my friends.

Would it be possible to create my own country?

you can create a country in your own mind, but the rub is getting the rest of the world to recognize it. since all the major countries have signed treaties on how Antarctica is to be governed, that leaves you out. your best bet would be to strike a deal with the King of Tonga Land to buy an isolated atoll in the pacific.

Would never happen legally.  Which isnt to say something similar doesnt exist.  There are no completely separate 'countries' per se but private property is private property and what occures there can be fairly private.    Private property still fslls under Federal and state laws and should the US government get wind of an actual secession attrmpt they would put a stop to it.   But many anti-government groups own vast tracts of private land and have small armies and full arsenals, train soldiers and even have 'governments'.    Their fondest wish is to be separate from the US government.  So while they arent actually separate and wont ever be while the US government is intact, in their minds they are.