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Dad Writes Letter To His Little Girl About Her Future Husband

If you had to write a letter to your future girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband, what would you write?

Hey there!This is me. Your girlfriend.Right now, when I am writing this, I have 40 days left for my 20th birthday. Yes, I counted. After that, I plunge into my twenties.Twenties- hopefully the decade in which I meet you.I wonder what are you doing right now?Are you in a relationship with someone else? I really hope she doesn't break your heart badly.Are you getting over a bad breakup? She was a b***h anyways.Or are you searching and waiting for me? Well, me too. Same pinch.I can't tell you how excited I am to meet you.I have no idea when or how will we meet, will we have that instant spark of attraction and flirt at first meet, go on a few dates and then one of us proposes, or will we hate each other at first, then become friends, stay in denial of our feelings so that it might not ruin our friendship, and then finally fess it up? Whichever way it is, it will be our story. The story of how we fell in love. And thus, by default, it will be amazing.Can I tell you a small truth? I suck at relationships. Try to love me anyways. I promise I will. I am blunt and honest, most of the times. I might not be able to pick up hundreds of gigantic hints you throw at me, I really beg that you just say it out loud. Less misunderstandings, better communication.I hope you will love me for all my quirks. I know I will love you for all of yours.Also, I love birthdays. I am kinda like Lily from HIMYM with regards to birthdays. And coffee. And beaches. But you must know all that by now.I wonder how long we will have to wait before we meet each other. I wish we meet soon. But again, I know the waiting will be worth it.When I show this diary entry to you, I would love to see your reactions. Can't wait!Your loving girlfriend <3

I need help writing a letter to my daughter's future host parents?

My husband and I have hosted 6 exchange students (4 for 10-11 mos, 1 for 7mos (she moved out), and 1 since mid-January (so far, so good!)) so I can tell you some things that I look for in the letters the students write.
I want to know what the interests of the kid are. I want to know what his/her future career plans are. I want to know what kind of relationship (beyond "good" or something generic like that) he/she has with his/her natural family. I want to know why the student wants to go on exchange. I want to know how seriously the kid has thought about both the good and not-so-good aspects of going on exchange. I want to know the positives and negatives of hosting the kid. I want to have a pretty good idea of what the kid's personality is like.
Some of those items come from the words in the letter themselves. Some of those things come from how things are said. The profile that is written by a program volunteer/staff member who has seen the student's complete file is also very helpful.
In short, try to put yourself in the shoes of her potential host mom & dad and write what you would want to know.
Good luck to you and your daughter! I hope she has an amazing time. From what I can tell, it appears that she has your support, which is vital to having a good experience.

What would you prefer to receive, a handwritten letter or a text message?

A hand written letter, anytime.Hand written letters are personal. It's intimate. Your words carry the emotional feeling with the letter. It's something you keep, you preserve. A text may get deleted but a letter will become a memory that you can touch and feel.The curves of the handwriting often says how the person felt while writing the letter. Big large letters show the happiness, the excitement. Small, hazy tightly packed show the vulnerability, the emotional baggage.I remember when my dad showed me all the letters that he had preserved which my mother had sent him back when they were dating.“You see those small circle patches on the whole letter?” My dad had asked.“Yes.” I said noticing the small little transperant circles.“That's your mom's tears when she wrote it. I could feel the pain of separation. These letters were precious for me.” I had looked at him awestruck.I have written some letters myself. To school friends who were not in the same city. Back when there were no cellphones and a STD call costed a lot. To boyfriend (now husband) back when he was posted in a highly sensitive area.That precious smile when you reread those letters after years also has its own charm.“Remember how cheesy you were?” Husband asks me one day when he chanced upon my age old letters to him.“I still am, lover boy.” I tease him which makes him blush.Such emotions, such sentiments, such warmth a text can never give.Clicking a send button is easier than posting a letter. But waiting for a few days for a reply is fascinating and addictive than getting a reply in an instant.

How do I get my ex husband to stop ignoring his daughter?

He focuses only on his young fiance (only been together 6 mos.) He has shuned my daughter out who is 16 and doesn't care anymore about what the kids think. She feels like the future "step mom" treats her like a "client" instead of a human being.

I need help writing a letter to my GF's parents asking their permission to marry their daughter !!!?

my gf is from mexico and her parents only speak spanish and they do not know any english at all. i have no clue how to speak spanish. so im needing to write a letter to them asking permission to marry their daughter but i dont know where to start. i am an engineer and as we all know engineers are not the greatest at writing or at least i am not. so can someone help please !!!!!!!!!!!!! i was looking to write it in english then get it translated and hand write it and give to the parents this Christmas while we are on a vacation in disney world with my GF and her family

Why didn’t my baby’s daddy respond back to what I wrote him in a letter about his kids? I told him that he should try and stay in contact with them. He gives me no choice but to file a child support.

Angela dear, this is very simple, the father of your child(ren) does not want anything to do with you or his children. If is clear he is a loser! Make the decision quickly to handle this matter as business. it is personal business, take care of yourself and child(ren). It is unrealistic to expect a man like this to be reasonable, go to your domestic relations office at your county courthouse and file the necessary paper work. Please make sure you file for all of the back support in addition to the current and the future. give your children a good life, do the best that you can, instead of thinking of this loser. Be with your children! Forget about the loser, too many women dwell on losers. Get down to business.

Help Help!!I'm writing a letter for my mom explaining to the judge... why he shouldn't deport her husband?

Sorry to be a dark cloud, but you really won't have any influence on the judge no matter what you write. Get an attorney- today!

Find a GOOD immigration attorney. It costs, but if she is really totally dependent on him and she could not be treated medically in his country, it will be worth it. They will only let him be here in case of extreme hardship on an American spouse. It is hard to prove and they are tough. Most of the time they seem to feel that you married an alien, you should go with them or ditch. Or as the man at immigration told my then pregnant daughter when her husband was deported, go find you an American man to take care of you. Your mother will need proof that in her situation it is impossible to receive care in the other country. Some judges are more sympathetic than others and it is all up to the judge.
Get that attorney, 'cause if you lose, you lose, no appeals.

Calling the girlfriend mommy?

PLEASE DO NOT TELL HER THAT HER DADDYS GIRLFRIEND IS THE BABYSITTER!!!! I am a stepmother and that is sooo horrible to do that!!!!!!!!!!!
She is three years old. She is still learning about people.. Be glad her father is wanting to be a part of her life.... There are lots of kids whose absent parent isn't in the picture at all.... I met my ex husband when his son was about to turn 5. he called me his fake mommy when his dad and i got married... even went to school telling his teachers and friends in k5 how he had a real mommy and a fake mommy... that is how he understood that his dad had another wife that wasn't his real mommy... his birth mom got extremely upset about this and told him that i was no mommy to him and nothing to him..... if your daughter sees her fathers girlfriend as a mommy, i don't see where that is a problem.... just being honest.. how do u know they are MAKING her call her mommy? She is only three years old... My fiances 6 year old (who he just got custody of) calls me mommy.. Do u have proof she is living there? I really don't see the problem in your child calling her daughter her sister. That is how she sees her. Again, she is three years old... You said they are making your daughter call her mommy and you are making her call her by her first name... Why not ask your daughter what she wants to call her? just a suggestion maybe... like i said, i was called fake mommy for the longest... that is what he understood me as... The courts can't make them refer to u as her mommy when they talk about you.. is it wrong of them to refer to u as ur first name around her? yes it is.. some parents are like that tho.. not trying to be rude or anything but i am giving you advice from a stepmothers point of view.. to me, all adults and all parents involved in a childs life should try to get along for the sake of the child.... It will make it easier on the child if it were that way.. I used to fake a smile around my ex hubbys sons mom... just so his son could see that we could all get along and act like adults.. sometimes you just have to be the bigger person...