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Democrats Why Do You Hate The Koch Brother

Why do liberals hate the Koch Brothers so much? Is it because they are entrepreneurial and capitalists?

same reason cons hate soros...

major money donors to the bad guys on the other side... they also use their influence to help the other side do things you don't like...

politically motivated rich people with the means to make a difference...

is it really that hard to understand?

Who are the Koch brothers?

The people who say any one hi-jacked the Tea Party are assuming they are like the left wing zombies who just following their so called leaders looking for their brains because the Tea party are all independent people who love America and want the best for all Americans of all races and beliefs.
So because the left have no clue they have to lie about EVERYONE on the right.
So if the Koch brothers are supporting the Tea Party then they are supporting freedom for Americans and free enterprise while the left support "YOU MAKE AND WE TAKE IT"

Why do Democrats hate the Koch Brothers?

They threaten the Left's grip on the information we get.

For being so caring about equality and openness?? The Left sure hates sharing the stage and airwaves.

Paul Harvey's ghost and his old "The Rest of The Story" haunts their dreams.

Are the Koch brothers related to Ilse Koch?

Apparently so;

Why do republicans hate democracy?

Just one of many such examples of right-wing voter suppression tactics.

Here’s a HUGE LIST from 2000-2006 of right-wing voter suppression tactics and cheating.

Why do the Koch Brothers own the Republican Party?

Wow, I don't know where you got that idea, but they don't. They really, really don't. In fact, if you look at the political history of the Kochs, you'll see just how hard it is to control American politics with money alone.Ideologically, they are right-libertarians. David Koch even ran as the Libertarian Party's Vice-Presidential candidate in 1980. Hmm, that didn't work out so well.Bet you didn't know they each gave $10 million to the ACLU to fight the Bush administration's Patriot Act. That's $10 million from Charles and another $10 million from David.I think the reason you think they "own" the Republican Party is that they did donate heavily in 2012 to defeat President Obama. They also given heavily to "Republican" issues, such as Proposition 23 in California (overturning global warming regulations in that state), and to right-libertarian organizations like the Cato Institute (which they helped found), the Mercatus Institute, and the Fraser institute. They also heavily support, perhaps to the point of "owning", Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners, two groups which have funneled money and support to Tea Party groups across the nation.But I've worked on Republican campaigns, and I assure you that I've never met anyone who felt beholden to the Kochs (Mitt Romney might be an exception, but I'm not on a first-name basis with Mitt). Also, I go to all the Republican National Committee meetings (next one is at the end of January), and I've never seen then attend any of those, nor are they ever mentioned there, not even in the closed-door sessions.They're just big, influential donors, who are less "Republican" than most of the other big donors to the party.

Why is there no entry on Conservapedia' for the Koch brothers?

I hope you know that conservapedia is a giant troll.