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Did George Wallace Deserve To Get Shot

Catch A Killer By George Woods.?

Catch A Killer
The novel Catch A Killer by George Woods is a suspenseful story about a twelve year old boy who witnesses a murder. In the end of the novel, the antagonist Craig Corso is killed by Officer Tawney. Craig got what he deserved because he kidnapped and tortured Andrew Morgan, he murdered two innocent police officers, and attempted to murder Officer Tawney as well as Andrew.

There are many different points in this novel that support the theory that Craig deserves to die. Firstly, at the end of the story Officer Tawney discovers Craig and a kidnapped Andrew in the Woods. Now, instead of owning up to his prior mistake Craig ignores the officer’s warnings and instructions. He then immediately starts shooting in the officer’s direction. Not only did Craig commit a kidnapping offence, he also could have murdered an officer of the law. However, that was not his only attempt at murder. Throughout his entire kidnapping offence he tried many times to take the life of innocent Andrew.

His unsuccessful murderous attempts include him strangling, suffocating, shooting at, and even the desperate attempt of clubbing Andrew in the head with a rock. Both Andrew and Tawney are innocent people who never caused Craig Corso any harm or threat what so ever. Now, Andrew and Tawney have to live the rest of their lives with the horrible memory of Corso nearly taking both of their lives.

The second reason that proves Craig got what he deserved is the fact that he killed two innocent police officers. It began with loner Craig Corso looking for somewhere to go to get out of the cold. This is when he invaded the Batten’s house, when he realized that it was empty. When the Police Officers came to investigate, Craig ran and hid in the basement. Corso immediately jumps to the conclusion that the men entering the basement were the redneck men who had severely beaten Craig several years ago. Before he really noticed who the men were, Craig decided to open fire in the dark...

If George Wallace hadn't had run for president in 1968, would Hubert Humphrey have won?

As you probably know, the presidential election is won by electoral vote, not popular vote.  So, let's look at the states Wallace won in 1968: and how they voted in earlier and later electionsArkansas          Louisiana          Mississippi      Alabama      Georgia             All but one of those states (Arkansas) voted for Goldwater (the Republican)  in 1964.  Of course, they all voted for Nixon in 1972.  In 1976 they all voted for fellow southerner Jimmy Carter. In addition, in 1968 the southern states that did not vote for Wallace voted for Nixon (with Wallace in second).  Nixon won South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida. So, Nixon probably would have gotten all the southern states, adding to his electoral vote. Nixon got 301 electoral votes; Humphrey and Wallace together got 237. So, Humphrey would have had to win quite a lot that Nixon got.  Where would they be?  They would have to be states that Nixon won, but with less than a majority and where the Wallace voters might have voted for Humphrey in large numbers.  What states are these?  There are a couple of big ones: California (40 electoral votes at the time) had 45% for Humphrey and 7% for Wallace.  New Jersey (17 EV) gave Humprhey 44% and Wallace 8.5%.  Ohio (26 EV) gave H. 43% and W. 12% and there are some others.  But, even if Humphrey had gotten nearly all the Wallace voters in the northern states that went for Nixon, it would not have been enough.

Did George Wallace deserve to get shot?

No one deserves to get "shot" What is your problem you racist pig

Would Robert Kennedy have become president had he not been assassinated?

It can't be known. Humphrey was leading in delegates at the time, even with Kennedy having just won California. Some rumors are that Mayor Daley had already told Kennedy that he'd throw Illinois his way even though he was supposedly a Humphrey supporter. (In those days, Illinois operated under the principal of "One Person One Vote", with the one person being Mayor Daley.) The New York Primary was coming up; had Kennedy won that he'd likely have an easy road to the nomination. Had McCarthy won NY, then the nomination would be a floor fight most likely between the charismatic Kennedy and the more union establishment Humphrey with anti-war McCarthy playing kingmaker. McCarthy would have won policy points which would have altered the campaign and further split the country by generation and by view of the war. With older establishment men being the more likely to vote, the Democrats would have needed much higher voting rates from young voters and women to have won. Kennedy would have accomplished that much better than Humphrey was able to, though remember that the voting age was still 21 at the time. I believe that Kennedy would have been elected, but it is all imaginary now.

Why do people forget about Dylann Roof so quickly when talking about racism in America?

Dylan Roof is what happens when the established media conceals the scale of interracial crime - allowing impressionable/unstable youth to discover the truth on their own.Had our government, schools and media handled the problem of black (especially black-on-white/Asian) crime in a responsible manner, that shooting would have never happened.When we teach about other atrocities, such as the Nazi Holocaust or Islamic terror, we take pains to explain that our anger should only be expressed against those actually responsible for the crimes.When you ignore such atrocities, and allow young people to discover them for themselves, you allow them to reach their own conclusions, without the guidance of more mature people. Dylan Roof is the result.If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, visit amren dot com and type “black on white crime” into the search bar.

Who is the best perimeter defender in the NBA?

I would have to say Shawn Marion. Iggy,Bell,Allen,Deng deserve some recommendations. So who do you think is the best?

BQ:I hadn't changed my picture in over a month(new record) your thoughts
BQ2:Better defender Rajon Rondo or Chris Paul

My lai massacre and the vietnam war?

Short term :
How did they feel about calley?

What did they protest for?

What was done about the protests?

Long term:
How did they feel about vietnam veterans?

How it shows long term impact?