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Did Those Bumbiing Reps Manage To Get Heip To

Do you think that Trump might wreck the Republican Party?

Yesterday, a Democratic candididate won a small state race in New Hampshire. Trump won the district in 2016. I think it was the 39th or 40th reversal of fortunes for the GOP.This has been a terrible 15 month stretch for the GOP in special elections. Even the Congressional special elections they won were hard fought and they should have been cake walks for the GOP.The Democrats have achieved the most elusive and most powerful entre in politics —- a political albatross to hang around the necks of opponents. No issues, no votes, no positions just “my opponent supports Trump”.Always thought generational demographics would do them in.

Why do Democrats go berserk when Carly Fiorina says that Hillary Clinton lied about her emails/server?

During the GOP debate, Carly Fiorina said that Hillary Clinton lied about her emails and use of her own server.

Democrats went crazy.

Why can't they just acknowledge that Hillary Clinton was not always truthful in her claims that she made about use of her own private email server when serving as Secretary of State?

What has been the best "fake-it-till-you-make-it" moment in your life so far?

During a rough patch in my marriage, I had to figure out what my future was going to be.  I knew my husband was a decent, loving man, but for a variety of reasons on both sides, we were on a down hill trajectory. I can't say we fought a lot, mostly we both seemed to be hurt, by our  own actions, and the actions of the other. I decided that this was just a rough patch.  I did really like and love my husband.  I decided to really concentrate on making my marriage #1 priority. I actively looked for things to do and say to make my husband feel special.  I practised thinking in different ways, understanding that the grass is not greener on the other side, it's just grass, and it would be lonely grass without my husband. And bit by bit, things got better.  And as I pledged to do better, I saw my husband also subconsciously also trying more.  Gradually, both our mind sets changed, and remolded to each other. All in all, I would say the whole process took several yrs.  Yes there were times of backsliding, but that's normal.    Each time, I would just rededicate. I tried not to look back, but to work in the present towards a future. And now, yrs later, we are more in love than ever.  We have fun, love, dedication. Other people wish they had our relationship.  I am so lucky I didn't throw it all away.

How did you deal with being embarrassed?

Record your most embarrassing moments : It may be weird to review the most embarrassing things that have ever happened to you, it can help you to put other embarrassing moments into perspective. Make a list of the top 5 most embarrassing things that have ever happened to you and compare them to your most recent embarrassment.Laugh at yourself (that is must) After you have made your list of embarrassing moments, allow yourself to laugh at yourself. Laughing at things that you have done can be a refreshing experience. By looking at them as silly things that happened in your past, you can help yourself to move past feelings of embarrassment in an easy manner.Try discussing embarrassing moments with a trusted friend. It might make it easier for you to laugh at someone if you tell the story to someone who was not there and it can also be a good way for you to hear about someone else’s embarrassing moments.Just remember It's only embarrassing if you think what people think.