Did You Choose A Traditional Wedding Ceremony Or Did You Write Your Own

Who wrote the traditional Christian wedding vows?

I believe OP is referring to the traditional wedding ceremony that says, in effect: "I, _____, take thee, _____, to be my wedded Husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish, and to . . .Wiki, stated the ceremony may be from Book of Common Prayer, by Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury: the manuals of the medieval church.Also that in England, there were manuals from the dioceses of Salisbury and York. The compilers of the first Book of Common Prayer, published in 1549, based its marriage service mainly on the Sarum manual.As an officiant, traditional ceremony or a variant is requested in about 12% of my couples. Now, church weddings, may use the traditional’s more often. The trend in Austin Texas, appears to be away from traditional to more unique and personalized ceremonies.Discuss with your officiant, their willingness to have a custom ceremony. Always discuss your wants prior to choosing an officiant.Areas of concern may be the ceremony, photographers and videographers, music, clothing of officiant and guests. Time, date and place of the wedding and rehearsal, receptions and availability to answer questions or to help with a concern.Most professional officiants will be good with your concerns.Oh! There is this. Feel like you connect, with your officiant as the ceremony and it’s performance can make or break the entire wedding.Whatever you do, solemn and romantic and fun. Take good Care . . .

Why do people swear traditional wedding vows that neither the law nor society will expect them to live by?

When my husband and married we asked if we could change things around a bit and have the two of us facing our friends and family and the pastor standing a bit in front and to the side of us. He was agreeable to this and it made for a very powerful ceremony. I recently saw the photos again and was struck at how very serious we looked. And we were serious. We were standing, side by side, in front of a large group of people who loved and cared for us, all that loving energy just poured over us as we vowed to love and honor each other and our love. I wasn't sure if I had said that I would be faithful so I said it twice and everyone laughed. The vows are very distinct and clear in my mind even to this day I remember the rush of love I felt when I looked into his eyes and said, "I do"  Those two little words that changed my life forever. We also made an agreement that we were in for the long haul, that divorce was not an option and we would work and compromise to make this vow, this public pronouncement a working reality. In sickness and in health, till death do us part. Yes, that's the sad part. We had many many wonderful times but there came a time when he had to go and no matter how much I wanted to I couldn't go with him. It's been ten years since he died and no matter how much I have tried to distract myself I still can't get over losing him. Yes, a vow is and should be a very powerful thing that once taken can't be undone without great harm having been done. It's so important that you choose a person you really like and love. You're giving your word of honor, as an honorable person that you will joyously keep those vows. When you find the right person these words are not shackles but the blissful bonds of love.

Does anyone know what Mauritian Wedding Vows are?

I am getting married in Mauritius and am keen to know what the wedding vows are. My fiance is teasing me that I will have to say I will obey him and is promising to bribe the registrar if they are not included! If anyone knows what the vows are, or where I can find them, I would be grateful. Thanks.

PS It is a beach wedding, not a Church wedding.

What's the best music for a wedding ceremony?

The music on your wedding day is something that you should not mess up with. Your wedding songs should embody both you and your husband. It should reflect both your emotions. Whether you know already what kind of music you want or still looking for greater ideas, here are some tips to consider when picking up the best music on your wedding ceremony:Pick by heart. Since it is your special day, you are entitled to choose whatever song your heart desires. Whatever music you like is okay because what is most important is that you enjoy on your special day.Refer to friends. It is clever to refer to families or friends for other suggestions or ideas in music; or better yet let them assess your playlist and see what their opinions are.Consider the acoustics. String instruments are the smart choices for wedding sites since they omit a rather minimal noise as compared to bands especially when the venue is small and enclosed. When you have already decided to go for acoustics, you may want to do the following:Hear the songs before booking: Let the musicians perform a sample of their recording so you may know whether or not it fits your requirement for your wedding ceremony.Choose a theme: It is rather more romantic if you and your partner make your own playlist. This will also narrow down your list on the kind of music that would better flow with your theme.Make a contract: As what everyone else say, everything that has been agreed on must be put into writing. So basically this includes names and contact information of the music providers, your wedding date and venue, the exact time the musicians are going to play and most importantly, the cost.Back up for safety: You should always have a plan B should a need arise. It’s better safe than sorry, right?

How will wedding traditions change in the next few generations?

I have had this idea roaming around my head for a long time.My answer might be weird to many of you. Then again, I do have a weird way of thinking sometimes.I understand that the next few generations will be around 100 years plus from now. Right now, marriages have an average of a 50% divorce rate.So, it might be interesting to change the custom of marriage to the custom of celebrations of time spent together. Marriage would no longer be practiced.What I propose is to have a family party on the fifth year, 10th year, 15 year, etc, of time spent together. The higher the years, the bigger the party. With this practice, families and extended families might meet more often rather than at weddings and funerals. I imagine having some kind of power point presentation of their funny moments or their significant moments, etc.Marriage, in my opinion, is an outdated practice that belongs in the middle ages. Women were treated like chattel and it was a way for men to ensure that the children she will have will be his.Please note that I mostly attended Christian weddings and I always felt awkward going through the whole church ceremony. ( It feels so fake to my eyes.)Yep, no more marriage ceremonies. Celebrate the years shared together instead.

When you have a courthouse wedding, do you create your own vows or just repeat something already made?

Ninety-nine percent of the weddings conducted in a "court house" are basically a ten minute "civil ceremony" which means there is no religion or philosophy or anything personal.
You will either repeat the vows after the officiant or just answer "I do" (and sometimes you will do both).

Now there are exceptions to the rule . . occasionally you will find a mayor or judge or civil servant that will permit you to "personalize" your ceremony but it will be limited what you can do,especially if this "court house" conducts a lot of weddings, and there are other Brides and Grooms waiting in line to get married.

Your best bet is to call the court house and ask.

Answered by: A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / A Wedding ceremony officiant