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Discount Doesnt Apply To P

How do I work out the price before a 20% discount was applied.?

Lets say I have something originally costing $9.50 and I got a 20% discount on the item. This makes the cost after discount $7.60. (9.50*0.8 = 7.60)

Lets say the only information I had was the price after discount of $7.60 and the discount of 20% that was given to me.

How would I work out the price BEFORE the discount was applied?

You can't just add 20% back because this give an answer of $9.12 which is wrong. (7.60*1.2=9.12)

How do I find the rate of discount?

The rate of discount, R, can be determined using the formula, where P is the regular price of an item and D is the discount, or amount saved off the regular price.

R= 1 - P - D / P
Find the rate of discount on a sweater with a regular price of $39 that is on sale for $27. If necessary, round to the nearest hundredth.

A. 1.69

B. 1.31

C. 0.31

D. 0.69

If I buy a PS4 game with PS Plus discount, do I need to have the PS Plus for playing it later?

Buy?No, you get to keep all that stuff. In fact, I have in the past looked at monthly discounts and calculated out that it would be more cost effective if I buy a one month PS plus subscription buy a game and then cancel my PS plus subscription, than merely buying the game at the standard price (FYI this is how I bought NIOH and the Dark Soul series).I have also been able to keep all those games and I still have and play them.Now, all that free stuff is different. Treat that stuff like a Netflix subscription. You get it as long as your subscription holds but once you cancel your access to content is gone.

How can I get my employee discount for shopping on Amazon?

The discount code is 10% on purchases up to $1,000 (a net $100 discount). The discount is only on items being sold by, not a third party seller. And don't bother asking Jeff B. at the all-hands if you can get a Prime membership instead - the answer is no, just like the dozen times before that some newbie asked.The code will be in your employee profile. Copy the code.At checkout, add the code like it's a gift card or discount code, then complete checkout. You should see the discount applied on the right side where shipping and handling are displayed. The code will then persist in your account until you use it all or the code expires.

Successive discounts of 10% and 20% are equal to what single discount? the answer is 25% but how? please help!?

Let 100 units be the price of an item
then price after two discounts = 100 * (90/100) *(80/100) = 72 units
now let single discount rate be d%
then 100 * (100 - d) /100 = 72
100 - d = 72
d = 28
therefore the rate of single discount = 28% Ans:

Can I use my JCPenney discount online?

Topic says it all. Hope some other people that work at JCPenney are on here :P

I found a ring that I want to get my girlfriend for Christmas but unfortunately it's only available online. Upon checkout, I find a place for promotional codes but nothing for associate discounts and the like. Any help would be greatly appreciated.