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Discribe Amemory Of Your Childhood

How you describe your early childhood?

I slept a lot.

What is your happiest childhood memory?

A2A.Happiest childhood memories would be when we would visit our grandparents during our summer vacations. It used to be fun. Our grandparents would be eagerly waiting for us with all smiles and my grandmother would prepare all our favorite foods every single day. We would definitely put on some weight before leaving our grandparent’s homes . Those days were really exciting and it always remains our fondest memories of childhood which were full of innocence, play and no worries about anything in life.

How would you describe your happy childhood?

How would you describe your happy childhood?Funny. Happy. Interesting.I attended a small elementary school with 24 classmates and only one class for each grade in a small village, located in southern China.The school campus was small with one classroom building and a playground. But the most interesting thing was that there were six pieces of farming fields on the roof platform.I remember our teachers leading us to plough the field, plant seeds and water the field. Our teacher even told us how to collect organic fertilizer. Of course I didn't know that was organic at the time. But I clearly recall all the fertilizers we used were ashes of straw and excrement of chicken or ducks, even buffalo. We never used any pesticide. Therefore, my classmates and I took turn to look after all those lovely vegetables, protecting them from any harm, like pests and unwelcome weather.After the big harvest, we would distribute all the vegetables equally. I remember once I got a very huge white carrot and asked my papa to turn it to something delicious. My papa made some sour white carrot as snacks . I brought this sour white carrots back to classroom and other classmates also brought their special homemade cuisines. We shared food and enjoyed our hard work and lovely harvest.We certainly had no idea it would be a trend called Rooftop Farm in recent years. But, really, it was a fantastic experience. We learned how food grows and how much efforts it would take.I believe this is why I insist on organic farm and wish more and more children could enjoy farm work. Organic farm work really has many benefits for children growth.

Whats your favorite childhood memory?

Em- LOL-- You made me laugh, and you made me cry, I was doing both at the same time (your daughter was sitting here looking at me like im crazy).

Your memory of mom is beautiful. I regret that I distance myself to such an extreme when she was sick.

LOL- I change my favorite memory of Keary to the one when he fell on his butt tryin to catch the christmas tree. That was freakin awesome.

LOL- I did adimitly denie that I was laughing at Samantha...... But why'd you have to call me out like that?

What is the one memory you're fond of from your childhood?

The memory I am going to share is really close to my heart and I really cherish it. I believe it is my oldest memory.I was born and raised in a small rural village in Punjab, India. My dad was a farmer and my mom a housewife. When I was 3 years old, I was enrolled in a local school for children along with my twin brother. The very first day of school, I remember my mom asking my dad to drop us off at the school. On our way we demanded our dad to get us candies and not drop us off at the school that day. Being a loving dad, he happily obliged. :) When we got back home, my mom asked, "Why didn't you drop the kids off at the school."My dad replied, "The kids didn't want to go to school today." Mom: "...And you got them candies! You are going to spoil them"Dad: "Its OK! they are just kids" *Kissing us*Why is this memory special to me? It reminds me of the dedication and effort my mom put to get us brothers educated. It displays my dad's love and affection for us. His desire to fulfill all our wishes. It is also one of the very few memories about my dad that I remember.4 years later my dad passed away in an accident. I remember that night when my dad was brought home from the hospital. I was startled by the noise of people and fell off the bed. I saw my mom and grad-mom weeping. I was confused and scared as I didn't know what had happened. Every time I look at my dad's picture, I am reminded of his love and ambitions for us. I want to make him and my mom proud.

What are some of your favorite childhood memories?

Everything is different when you’re a child: the trees are higher, the colours are brighter, and every new day is more interesting than the last. Even more importantly, some things happen that stay in our memory for a long time, in fact, sometimes they end up being with us forever.Here are some of the coolest things from the 90s India that’ll take you a trip down the memory lane. I bet you will feel bad for how grown up you are now… - Few more additions in the enormous list of Childhood memories... friends, tell me which one of those reminded you of your childhood… :)Thanks for Reading.

How much can you remember from your childhood?

my memories are pretty vague, maybe because i was pretty unhappy? i usually remember not more than once i was a kid and sometimes it feels like somehow that feeling fades away too... to describe it, it's like seeing a kid without being able to connect that memory with my sense of self, if you know what i feel

when someone tells me something important most probably i would recall that memory, but sometimes there can be a feeling that somehow it was not me in that particular situation. for example, some particular images i can recall from the first year of school when i was 7-8 y.o. i can see my classmates, my teacher, pretty vague, without having the feeling it was me. it's like watching myself from a distance or so.
i would like to know how much do other people remember about their childhood, particularly around my age(20) because i don't know what is normal and what is it because of time, or because of me... i would like to know more clearly if it's due to some kind of dissociation or not...though it's difficult to compare accurately our feelings and memories about childhood, please try to explain what do you feel about your childhood when you're asked to remember about it... do you feel like going back and and having a strong feeling of re-experiencing(emotionally, with your sense of self) those memories ? or did those memories in time become pretty few & vague images in your head without being linked to your emotional world? i'm really curious. thanks

How accurate are childhood memories?

I was listening to the radio the other day and the commentary brought up a flash in my mind of a situation that I may have been in when i was a child and did something wrong. I am 25 now and i believe the memory is from when i as 10-11 years old. . I consider myself a person of very high moral values and have held memories of all of my transgressions varying in severity all of my life since i was about 6 with me and can describe each event in great detail. This flash or thought is different because its more of a possiblity than a definite, I can't visualize or describe it without my imagination jumping in and influencing. I've tried hypnosis with no luck. I have never once had this memory or though my entire life.