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Do I Get Summers Off In My Master

I got my bathing suit pulled off at the beach last summer in front of my guy friends!!!!!!!?

Ok so this happend last summer but its so embbarrssing i just cant get it off my mind since summer is starting again.Last summer i was at the beach with my friend Sam,Cody,Nathan(nate the great haha),kylie,and Alex (hate the betch),and these girls were there and they were trying to talk to our guys and it was getting really annoyying so we like took the guys away from them and they got pissed and they had there guy friends there and there guy friends came over to talk to us and sam said my name and i turned around and the other guy pulled the string to my bathing suit off and of course ALL of my guy friends could probley see everything.(and those annoying girls were laughing there butts off) but my hair was pretty long but idk if it covered anything it was so embarrsing.EVER SINCE THAT DAY I HAVE NEVER GONE SWIMMING OR TO THE BEACH WITH MY GUY FRIENDS HOW DO I GET OVER THE EMBARRESSMENT!!!???

How do I cool off my room this summer?

I face a unique problem because the people who designed our home 30 years ago really ephed up. All our bedrooms are on the 2nd floor, and I picked my room because it's the second largest (the master bedroom was biggest). I like my room immensely, except for one flaw.


My bedroom is above the garage, and in the corner of the house so 2 walls are outside walls. The window faces west, so the afernoon and evening sun is always baking the room. And for some reason all the vents in this house are underneath windows or by outside doors. So most the cool air gets sucked out the window, or baked before it can actually cool off my room.

The master bedroom is also in a corner (with 2 outside walls) with a window facing the same way. But it's not above the garage, and a tree in the yard block a lot of the light coming through their window. So it's normally fine.

I always have my ceiling fan, and a smaller fan going in the summer - all the time. And it still gets so muggy and hot in here.

I need some better ways to cool this place off. I have dark shades in front of my window, and I'm thinking of replacing those thin drapes with blackout drapes (typically used in theatres to keep out light). They are thick and heavy and will block out the sun, and hopefully keep the cool in better, but the major problem is the garage, which is slightly insultated.

Mm, something I just thought of is the attic above me. Those little windows to help vent the heat in there is right next/above my room. That probably doesn't help too much either.

I really need some advice. Anything to get this room cooled down to a bearable tempature!

Do college students take the summer off?

Some do, some don't. Some programs require summer classes, most do not. I had required internships in the summer but I did not have to do them near the university. You can only stay in the dorms if you are a student. You will probably need to switch rooms because not all of the dorms are open. The dorms will be closed when not in session. An AA degree is about 60 credits not 90. If you take 15 credits a semester, you will finish on time without summers. Universities do not usually offer AA degrees, community colleges do.

Do teachers really have summers off?

Oh, yes. I have the summer off.

That is, if I don't want to read the new textbooks the district adopted in math and science. Granted, I can read them lying on my couch, but they're not exactly the Greatest Story Ever Told.

And if I don't want to go to the optional week-long training on how to use the math textbooks (which really isn't optional) and supplemental material most effectively, which is being held at the District Office in the next county. (I am paid for this, but staff development is staff development, if you know what I mean.)

And if I don't want to meet with the 2 guidance counselors with whom I serve on the "Student Incentives" committee.

And I don't go to the Department Chair meeting at our principal's house to brainstorm ideas for next year, when 50% of our students will be from the "other" junior high because the school boundaries were re-drawn.

And I'm teaching summer school.

So, yes. I have the summer off.

Is it worth it to get a masters in education?

As a biology teacher, I will not condone getting an education degree for becoming a teacher. I don't know if you follow what I mean.

If you want to become a history teacher, major in history. After that, you can get your secondary certification to teach. This does not require an additional degree; it is more like a minor.

When you major in education and plan on becoming a teacher, you tend to get a very narrow view of the actual subject you will be teaching and get more classes on educational theory, teaching techniques, etc.

You can become a history teacher with a degree in history, political science, economics, or international relations, but please do not major in education.

Here is an example of the curriculum for a history major getting a secondary certification. As you can see, most of your classes are in history, but only 35 hours of them are in education.

Good luck in all of your future endeavors.

Can I get help with my summer assignment for IB Language Arts?

I need help with my work for Language Arts assignment for the summer. I have to do an essay about the book "The Alchemist", and I have to talk about 1 character of the book. Now the thing I don't understand is when it says to state whether he/she is: Flat or round, Static or dynamic,and Fitting of an archetype. What do these words mean. Please help, I need to know so I can start off my essay.
Thank you.

How to lose a few Pounds Before summer?

okay so i was just wondering any exercises i can do at home. I'm not fat or anything i would just like to shave a little off my tummy Before summer. I Do not want to go on some diet where i skip meals or anything. My BMI ( body mass index) is 21.6 which is normal weight. I am in 8th grade so no crazy diet/exercise plans please:). I would just like some things that may of worked for you. I have like 8 weeks until i get out for summer so i would like to see the results fast! Thank you very much to anyone who responds!!(: