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Do I Have To Go To The Dr For Strep Throat

Do I have strep throat?

I can't go to the doctor, because it's Sunday...but I've been experiencing these symptoms for 3 days:

-Sore throat
-Minor dizziness...I don't know if it's a fever because I don't have a thermometer.
-Chills that cause me to get a bazillion blankets at night to keep warm and then waking up super sweaty and not having chills anymore.
-Nose congestion.
-Minor muscle pains but not all the just at some points in the day.

What are the symptoms of strep throat?

Sore throat, hard to swallow.


I am a doctor..

First, you need to know whether it is strep sore throat or not..

It can be due to viral or bacterial infection..

If its viral no treatment is needed and you would get fine in about 3,4 days..

but if its bacterial, then you need to take antibiotics..
When you goto the doctor, he would order a thraot swab and culture so that he can get the help to identify the bacteria, if its bacterial..

if its viral, no bacteria would be isolated..

It's always advisable to got the docotr, and get antibiotics if its bacterial..
Amoxycillin may work for you, but you should NOT take it if you are allergic to penicllin..

Feel free to write to me for more queries..

Strep Throat...No Insurance..No Money????

I am pretty sure I have strep throat. I started to get sick last friday...and sicker since then. I have been running a fever since yesterday. My throat hurts so bad! I looked in it this morning (my throat) and I can see a white stripe in the back of it. I know strep has white bumps, but this is a white stripe going down the back of my throat! I don't have health insurance and I surely don't have the money to go to the Dr. I called the Dr and an office visit alone is like $150, then a strep test would be an additional $200. Then medicine will be how ever much! I am lost of what to do? What can I do? There is NO way I can come up with the money. Any suggestions?

Can strep throat spread to my lungs?

“Strep throat” is mostly a clinical diagnosis made by someone - unless there is a culture done, you can’t say you have Strep throat.Many bacteria can cause pus in the throat. And the immune system can respond and cure the disease However, just because it can does not mean it will.If you have pus, you should see a doctor and be evaluated and treated appropriately. If you just have a sore throat it doesn’t necessarily mean strep. Most times it will be viral.That said, the Streptococcus bacteria can spread to other areas, affecting the heart, lungs (pneumonia), and can cause septicemia and death. If you actually have Strep, it is nothing to mess around with.

What are some home remedies for strep throat?

Strep throat is like a contagious disease that can also be called streptococcal pharyngitis. Strep throat is basically an infection of the throat. The main reason of this is bacterium known as group a Streptococcus. We are listing top 10 home remedies for Strep throat in this article. Strep throat affects the pharynx, tonsils and larynx. Before reading about home remedies you should know about the symptoms of Strep throat so that you can do proper care.Common symptoms of Strep throatWhite Patches on the ThroatReddening of the TonsilsSore ThroatFeverDifficulty SwallowingStomach AcheLoss of AppetiteVomitingRed spots and Rashes on the SkinStrep throat is mainly affects to the children. Strep throat generally occurs during the winter months. There are several antibiotics are available for this but the given effective home remedies can also help to treat the strep throat.1) Cayenne for Strep ThroatCayenne is another excellent home remedy to treat the strep throat. It contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help to reduce inflammation and growth of the bacteria of strep throat. It also help to control the infection caused for strep throat.Take half teaspoon of cayenne powder, one tablespoon of honey and three teaspoon garlic clovesMix these entire well and prepare the mixtureConsume one teaspoon of this mixture several times in dayPlease keep in mind that you do not drink water immediately after taking this mixtureRead More > Top 10 Natural Home Remedies for Strep Throat

Can strep throat happen over night?

I was fine on Saturday, then my throat started hurting Sunday morning. Now I have white patches all over my tonsils. Can strep happen over night? Is that possible, or could I have caught the disease earlier, and it didn't hit me until Sunday?

Will strep throat go away if left untreated?

absolutely not! if left untreated it will spread to other parts of the body & can become life's a BACTERIAL infection afterall!! I would go to the doctor ASAP & they can prescribe an antibiotic (usually Amoxicillan) that'll clear it up in no time.