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Do Republicans Have No Quality Control

Why did President Trump and the Republican Congress did not pass comprehensive border security and funding measures during the two years they had control?

Cynical answer: President Trump is getting votes by using fear. If you solve the problem, the fear goes away, and the President either has to find a new boogeyman or has to try to win based on the quality of his policy proposals. Better to just keep the boogeyman that works.Technical answer: Republicans never had the 60 votes in the Senate to pass the kind of wall the President was promising, so that particular project wasn’t likely to pass. That being said, I think your question makes some assumptions that aren’t exactly accurate. The US government DOES pass comprehensive border security funding every single year, and it’s very effective. All these claims about insecurity at the border are exaggerated to make it look like the barbarians are at the gates, when mostly it’s a lot of people just trying to find work to support their families or refugees…basically the downtrodden. Most criminal activities that we really care about, such as drugs and arms, don’t come through the ground but are smuggled in ships and planes. The US funds a massive array of departments, strategies, technologies, and infrastructure to secure the border, and it works for everything we would want border security to work for, which is making our country more secure. People sneaking across to work crap jobs might be infringing on sovereignty, but it’s not a threat to security. We could spend ridiculous amounts of money to stop every single hole in the border and to prevent these people from doing even that, but it’s a stupid waste of money and doesn’t add any actual security, just peace of mind to xenophobes.

Are all republicans bad?

If a person is a republican, he/she is ignorant or he is against the interest of the majority of the American people. Does that person knows that the republicans were against Social Security, Medicare, Banking laws designed to protect the consumer, the child labor laws, the right of women to vote, against the equal rights for women, against usury laws, the republicans have been found against all laws against consumer protection, clean air, clean water, safe meds, safe foods, you name it. A republican who is a good person does not know what his party is and what it represent.
To say that all politicians are crooked is like saying all humans have 2 legs. That is the intellectual refuge of the ignorant, the lazy who has not done its home work. If you are not rich, the democrats are working for you and the republicans are working against you. Your opinion?

Why Republicans want to live in the past ? Why do they keep saying they want things like the "good old days" ?

When they could gays like me and throw the body in the canal, and no one cared.

Ah, the good old days.

Why do republicans want to privatize everything?

Why do republicans want to privatize everything when privatization always leads to layoffs because private companies have such high demands for profits. There is absolutely no evidence that privatization leads to anything but the rise in the price of the service that was privatized and massive layoffs at the company that provides the service. The service becomes bastardized and the quality goes down then the government always has to step in and clean everything up. Is this a pattern that republicans pride themselves on repeating?

How did Obamacare pass if congress is runned by Republicans?

In 2008 the democrats gained control of congress, both houses, and the presidency; that allowed them to force through, using currupted procedures, obamacare without a single republican vote in either house. See "Healthcare debate, 2008–10" in article below.

What's the difference between Democrat and Republican?

i would like to know