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Do Women Know What Love Is Besides A Sense Of Belonging And Dependency

Can an Aries women and a Sagittarius man be truly in love with one another and have a real relationship?

Me and my guy has been dating exclusively for the last 4 mo ,but has been knowing each other for the last 3yrs during those years he was in a relationship but still seeing me. I was doing my own thing as well but during all that we kind of fell in love. but couldn’t be together like we wanted to because he was already in a relationship. But now we reunited after a year and we’re trying to make it work. We both know about each other ways as far as us liking to be around the opposite sex and our flirtatious ways. I know sometimes we don’t trust each other and scared to give in to one another thinking that we’re out to hurt each other. So the question is can it work for 2 fire signs to be in love truly whole heartily?

Which set of WORDS is CLOSEST to saying "I LOVE YOU"?

I believe that it is I accept you as you are. Simply because it is saying that You accept them no matter what faults and annoying traits they have such devotion can only be attributed to love. Love is unconditional it holds no boundaries. Hope this answers your question enki. see u friend. smiles to ya.

What are the main traits of a co-dependent?

You are co-dependent when– you need someone to fix something in you, like your self esteem, or feeling accepted.– You are fixing something in someone else, like propping up their self-esteem or picking up the pieces after them.– You are willing to harm yourself or even just not have wants and needs of your own in order to be with this person.– You are willing to prevent consequences to them, like when someone drinks and you lie about it or when you work double as hard because you are doing their part too.There are always two codependents in a codependent relationship. You are not in a mutually supportive relationship, you both need something from the other person in order to feel whole.“Codependent” literally means that two people are dependent on each other for their psychological needs - they do not feel whole on their own. They give and get acceptance and a feeling of belonging and safely in the world.Codependent relationships can work very well until one grows up and does not want to fix the other anymore.

Why does God’s personality seem to be dependent upon the personality of his followers?

As you say, for many people God's character seems to depend on the personalities of those who believe in him. When religious people are unkind or abuse others it is as if God has no independent reality. There seems to be an assumption that a religious person's behaviour and attitudes necessarily reflects the character of their God. People tend not to consider the possibility that a believer may follow a religion badly and live in a way that is out of harmony with its God .One reason for this is that we respond emotionally to what happens to us. Churches, for example, are often places where people find support and a sense of belonging. If one member hurts another quite badly, the injured person may react without reasoning things out and reject the church as a whole and possibly its God as well. While this is almost certainly an overreaction which ignores the loving nature of the God in whom followers of Jesus believe, the negative emotion evoked sees no distinctions.Another reason why God's personality seems to be dependent on that of his followers is because many people don't view God as having a personality. They may believe in God as the ultimate cause of the universe or in the existence of a Being who is in some vague sense loving but God is essentially for them an abstract concept. Without thinking out what they are doing, they may equate God with either their own personality or that of some religious person they know. This is not a rational act but it may feel a reasonable thing to do.As far as Christianity is concerned, Jesus claimed that if we learn to know him we will also know God. The God portrayed by Jesus is personal and has a character. He has compassion for those who suffer or are in need. He hates injustice and evil. He is willing to be patient with those who reject him and offers forgiveness to all who turn to him. Far from being authoritarian or pushy, he tends to make himself known in such a gentle way that people are free to make their own choice as to whether or not they will follow him. The character of Jesus is expressed in his claim that he came into this world to serve and to give his life.If what Christianity claims is real, God has a character and personality of his own which is not dependent on that of his followers. Of course, relatively few believe this and so God appears to be a projection of the personalities of religious people.

Why does love make us possessive?

First you ask yourself, whether ‘love make us possessive’ or ‘love make us attached’??The dictionary says:‘A possession is something that belongs to you. If you've got a special rubber ducky, that’s one of your possessions, and it may even be your prized possession.’Possession is all about control: If you have possession of something, you own it, or have your hands on it. If your house keys are in your possession, you know where they are. In soccer being in possession means having control of the ball; in hockey, it’s having your stick on the puck. A possession can also be a territory controlled by another government, as Puerto Rico is a possession of the United States.And when it comes to possessiveness in a relationship, you can understand from the picture belowBut when it comes to attachment, I’d like to elaborate it:The problem is always that we mistake the idea of Love for attachment.You know, we imagine that the grasping and clinging that we have for in our relationship shows that we love. whereas, actually it is just attachment which causes pain. You know, the more we grasp, the more we are afraid to lose, then , if we do lose, then, of course, we are going to suffer.I mean, Attachment says:“I love you, therefore, I want you to make me happy”And, Genuine love says:“I love you, therefore, I want you to be happy. If that, includes me, Great! . If it doesn’t include me, I just want your happiness”Ans so, it’s a very different feeling.You know, attachment, is like holding very tight. But genuine love is like holding very gently, nurturing , but allowing things to flow, not to be held tightly.PEACE ❤

How can I help my girlfriend love herself?

YOU CAN. I REPEAT; YOU CAN.Its hard to heal, but possible. Affirmations and compliments won’t help. To people with low self-esteem, phrases like "No you're wrong, I think you're great!" or "Life is good!" can feel false. When other people try to lift their spirits, it could feel invalidating. They tend to be more vulnerable and sensitive. They often magnify the negative statements which people say to them versus the positive statements or events which come their way.So what should you do instead?Sometimes, it may not involve saying much at all. "Just being there and letting them talk and lead the conversation" can be the best route of action. That can sometimes be hard on the receiving end -- especially if someone is spewing a lot of negativity -- but just letting someone talk can be exactly what they need. Plus, if you have your own sort of similar experience, you can say, “I related to that," or 'I know how difficult that is.” Convey to a person with low self-esteem that it's OK to experience negative feelings about it.The antidote to self loathing is Love. Love her. Just. Express your care and concern. Let her know how much you value her and her place in your life. This will give her a greater sense of belonging. Be kind and generous. Tell her you are there, whatsoever.Its a delicate balancing act. You deserve to express your own issues and concerns, but you must also keep in mind how sensitive your partner is.Get her diagnosed with a therapist (as it might be depression). Help her in every possible way. It’ll be alright. One day. Someday. Not just today. Love heals everything.And despite your natural kindness and patience, please keep this in mind: Don’t let your partner’s failure to love herself make you forget to love yourself.

Why is it bad to be dependent on your husband?

For example, say he works and you stay at home while he provides for you. A lot of people say you should get your own career and network with people, make friends, etc. What's the big deal about being dependent on your husband?

Building healthy relationships and understanding sexuality?

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