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Do You Always Keep A Spare Room For Friends

What would you do if your friend fell asleep on your couch?

Let him sleep. Obviously he's exhausted and feels comfortable and safe enough with you to fall asleep. Getting him a blanket would be nice too.

Have you ever walked in on a group of your friends or family and had the feeling they were just talking about you?

Yes, I caught people talking about me behind my back at my own home. Several years ago, my husband invited several people for a cookout on our deck. I’d gone in the house for a minute and returned to to hear my husband saying something about me.I was mortified and I just stopped short of going out the door to join them. My husband was facing and saw me through the door. Suddenly the conversation stopped. As my he walked in the house past me, I said “What were talking you about out there? I heard you talk about me.” He proved his true sick nature when his said crisply, “ I don't know what you're talking about.” Clearly he was lying, I said so and he denied it again.I was too humiliated to face his guests. I went to our spare upstairs room and never returned to the deck. He came up soon after and asked through the closed door “Are you coming out?” I just said no firmly and he went away.This incident was the first stacked domino to get knocked down. I moved myself to the spare room away from him for good. His single lie opened my eyes wide to his true nature. I'd suspected he lied almost always, but I couldn't usually prove it.He confirmed what I felt in my heart for many years. He had no respect for me . He never ever stood up for me. But at his gathering, he was the creator of the gossip about me. He was putting me out for ridicule and examination. Thus the dominoes fell, one after one until I finally divorced him.

My boyfriend always hangs out with his friends. What should I do to have a normal couple life?

I went through this for 4 years with a man before I finally came to the realization that I will never be a priority over his friends. We lived together and everything but we never had peace and quiet within our home because he would always let his loser friends stay in our spare bedroom without even consulting me. Every vacation we went on, he would invite his friends to go even though I explicitly asked him not to because we needed alone time away from them. His friends are all drama, all the time.The final straw was when one of his friends finally got a place and moved out. Less than 2 weeks later another friend left his wife and my ex of course gave up our spare room without consulting me. I text him while I was at work and asked him to be home when I got home because there are a few things we needed to discuss. He made it a point to go to a bar with our new tenant because he was “going through a difficult time”. He went as far as to call me selfish because I was upset he didn't want to discuss our relationship when I was also the one paying 80% of his bills. So when I got home from work, he wasn't home, I rage packed all my stuff and moved out within 2 hours. He was left with his drama, and had to struggle to pay his hefty bills without my help. Since his friends were the priority, then he needed to pay his bills using their money, not mine. Of course this did NOT happen and he ended up losing pretty much everything. He also racked up a couple DUIs and totaled 2 cars after I left him. He just got dumped by the woman he dated after me and I have been with the same man for 8 years and counting. We are still “friends” on Facebook and I enjoy sharing my life so he can see it. He deserves nothing but the worst things to happen to him.That is just some of my experiences with this narcissistic man. There is much much more to this story but I only have so much time while at work. I hope this helps you. If it has been years and nothing has changed, dont expect it to. You need to change the situation by removing yourself from it. Once he came home to an empty home, he realized the errors he had made but it was much too late. Once my stuff was packed, I wasnt going backward.

Why the heck does my boyfriend need to keep this pillow? "emotional attachment" really? ?

yea it's normal my boy Friend has these covers that are really old they have holes in them and are fuzzy they look one day i hid them and he went crazy and was like up all night cause i wouldn't give him his nasty covers. so i think its normal like maybe it reminds them of when they were kids or something just wash it a lot maybe they will fall apart in the washer that's what i'm waiting for lol

How to convince my parents to let me have my own room?

First of all, is there a spare room in the house that you can have? If there isn't, your parents aren't going to have any room to give you, and there's no point in pushing this further. Your parents can't just conjure up a room out of thin air.

If there is a spare room (that isn't being used for anything else), have you actually asked them why you can't use it? Try not to get upset when talking to them, as it'll only convince them that you're not mature enough. Keep your calm, be reasonable, and when your parents don't want to talk about it anymore, let it go until next time.

I understand that this can be frustrating, but sharing a room isn't going to break you. I've shared a room with my sister ever since she was old enough to sleep on her own, and our room is tiny. Try to find something else that you can have 'on your own', such as a hobby. Having something that you enjoy that you can consider 'yours' will likely reduce your need for personal space.

Is it okay for a girlfriend to sleep over at a guy friend's place? Is this normal behaviour for some girls, and should I even worry about it?

I'm a 28 year old woman. I stayed at my guy friends' houses many times, I still do. Back in the day when we were in high school we would have sleep overs at a guy friend's house as it was often empty. We would play board games, have long conversations, watch a movie, cook and eat, then sleep. Our group of best friends were 4-5 guys and 2 girls including myself. If you're asking about sex, nothing ever happened between any of us. Nothing even got close to happen. Two times we actually slept on the same bed (once two girls one guy on a huge bed, there was nowhere else.) The only memory worth to mention about that how our guy friend turned out to be a very jumpy sleeper, imagine someone jump every time he turned. He fell asleep right away, started to snore, and he literally jumped every single time he turned, and he turned a lot. We still make fun of it to this date.So to answer your question, yes it's okay for a girlfriend to sleep over at a guy friend's place. Friends have no genders. If you're concerned about your girlfriend's safety, is there a reason to be concerned? Like, is the guy someone she rarely knows? If so then it's completely understandable why you're worried and you can be open to her about this.If you're worried because you think she might cheat then I will take it as you don't trust your girlfriend, not as much as you should. If someone can cheat, they will do it, they don't need to have a sleep over to cheat.

My husband so called female friend?

weve been married since may 2000 been together since oct 1998 we have our problems like most marriages, hes american and im british, i trusted him untill last year i let him be him self like going out with freinds i dont smother him and im not one to nagg, but he made a female friend in dec last year and things started to change he didnt tell me about her he hid his phone from me and switched it off when he came home from work, i was going out of my mind with worry, so i got his phone while he was asleep and i found a womans pic and texts from her, seemed like there was something more between them. i confronted him about it and he went mad and hes now sleeping in the spare bed room, even though he still wants sex with me and wont leave, i wont leave either he says she is just a friend he wont stop seeing her i found he made 29 texts to her in feb and 7 to me his wife, i thought it had stopped but hes still texting her and he deletes her replys is he wanting or having an affair?