Do You Believe In Evaluation If So Why

Why do you believe in Evolution?

Evolution is as much of a fact as atoms or gravity. Nothing in science is ever proven, so the statement there is no proof of evolution, while true, is extremely misleading.

The idea of evolution is over 2000 years old. Casual observation of life led many Greek philosophers to ponder about the origin of species, but it took the Europeans traveling the world to piece it together.

The distribution of life on the planet was the clue that Darwin and Wallace needed to propose evolution by natural selection.

The fossil record has since vindicated their theory and provides a wealth of evidence.

The discovery of genetics and particularly the recent rise of genomics allows for the direct comparison of different organism's genomes. Once again, every scrap of data conforms to the predictions made by evolution and fully supports the theory.

One small example of the genetic evidence:
Humans cannot make vitamin C, while nearly every other organism can. We do not have the fourth enzyme needed to make it. We have the gene, but it is dead. Torn to shreds by a series of mutations.

All other primates (except lemurs, the most basal group) also cannot make vitamin C. They also lack a functional copy of the same gene due to the exact same mutations.

Why is this? Because we share a common ancestor who had this mutation.

Why do you believe in evolution?